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The Heist is On in the Superb Second Trailer for Gary Ross' 'Ocean's 8'

"We will not be the prime suspects." Warner Bros has debuted the second official trailer for ensemble heist comedy Ocean's 8, the all-women follow-up to the Ocean's 11 series. This is produced by George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, and it has that Danny Ocean vibe anyway, with a big, complicated heist underway at the Met Gala. The stellar ensemble of women who pull off this haute couture heist in NYC includes: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Anne Hathaway, and Awkwafina. This looks like so much fun, I'm very excited to see it. I love the first Ocean's 11 and this seems to have the same kind of feel, and I can't wait to see if they pull it off. They will, of course. Here's the second official trailer for Gary Ross' Ocean's 8, direct from Warner Bros' YouTube: You can still
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'Ocean's 8' Trailer Puts Sandra Bullock at the Center of a Heist

'Ocean's 8' Trailer Puts Sandra Bullock at the Center of a Heist
Sandra Bullock has a plan — and she's executing it with style in the Ocean's 8 trailer.

Bullock plays Debbie Ocean in the Ocean's Eleven spinoff, with the film centering a heist at the Met Gala. The Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow film also stars Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson and Anne Hathaway as the group's target.

Heists run in Ocean's family, with Bullock playing the sister to George Clooney's Danny Ocean of Ocean's 11 fame. (Clooney is not known to be in this film.) Debbie has had a long time to plan this heist — five years, eight...
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Stephen Soderbergh Looking To Direct a Film Called Planet Kill

Stephen Soderbergh Looking To Direct a Film Called Planet Kill
Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's 11, Logan Lucky) is lining up the next film project that he will produce and possibly direct. The film is an action thriller called Planet Kill and it's an original story that comes from Scott Z. Burns (ContagionThe Bourne Ultimatum) and James Greer (UnsaneThe Spy Next Door).

There are no details on what the story for this film will entail, but judging by the title, it sounds like it could turn out to be a fun flick! It's the kind of title you would see for a grindhouse type film and I'm really curious to know what the story will entail. The title is similar to Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse film Planet Terror.

Soderbergh and Greer previously worked together on the upcoming psychological horror thriller Unsane, which was shot entirely on an iPhone. That movie looks great, and you can watch the trailer for it here.
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Will Ferrell and Jason Momoa Team for New Showbiz Heist Comedy

Will Ferrell and Jason Momoa Team for New Showbiz Heist Comedy
Paramount Pictures has acquired an untitled comedy pitch for Will Ferrell and Jason Momoa to star in, from writers Andy Mogel and Jarrad Paul (The Grinder). Nick Stoller and Will Ferrell's Gary Sanchez Productions will produce this comedy, that is said to be a cross between Galaxy Quest and Ocean's Eleven. The official logline is being kept under wraps, but the story will reportedly be set in the TV world.

Deadline reports that the movie will center on Will Ferrell's character, a washed up TV legend, who reunites with the actor who played his on-screen son (Jason Momoa), who himself is now a huge star. In real life, the 49-year-old Will Ferrell and 37-year-old Jason Momoa are just 12 years apart. While this story line hasn't been confirmed, sources claim that this was the story being pitched to the studio.

While Jason Momoa is best known for roles in Game of Thrones,
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80 Reasons Shirley MacLaine Is One-of-a-Kind, in Honor of Her 80th Birthday

Happy 80th birthday, Shirley MacLaine!

The legendary, award-winning actress, who was born April 24, 1934 in Richmond, Va, started out as a dancer and got her big break on Broadway. She made her first film with Alfred Hitchcock, became a Rat Pack regular, flirted briefly with politics but has never stopped acting as she enters her 7th decade in Hollywood.

She started off as a lovably kooky ingenue, but is known today for her cantankerous matriarch roles in "Downton Abbey," "Bernie," "Steel Magnolias," "Guarding Tess," and, of course, her Oscar-winning role as Aurora Greenway in "Terms of Endearment."

Her next gig is a singing and dancing role on "Glee," of course. Happy Birthday to one of the most talented, most colorful character actresses of all time.

1. She was named after Shirley Temple.

2. She's been performing since age 3, when she began doing ballet.

3. As a girl, she pretended she was Rita Hayworth, since
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Patrice Wymore obituary

Singer, dancer and actor whose Hollywood career was overshadowed by her marriage to Errol Flynn

The gifted singer, dancer and actor Patrice Wymore, who has died aged 87, had the misfortune to be typecast in secondary roles at Warner Bros studios in the 1950s, and to be known as the third wife of the Hollywood star Errol Flynn.

The 23-year-old Wymore and the 41-year-old Flynn got married after co-starring in Rocky Mountain (1950), a minor western in which he played an army officer who rescues her from marauding Indians, though they had no love scenes together on screen. It was Wymore's second film, while Flynn was a veteran of more than three dozen movies. It was the beginning of her film career, while his was on the slide. Both were under contract to Warner Bros.

At the time, MGM musicals reigned supreme, though Warner Bros had Doris Day, a top box-office singing star.
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Errol Flynn's Widow, Patrice Wymore, Dies in Jamaica

Errol Flynn's Widow, Patrice Wymore, Dies in Jamaica
Patrice Wymore Flynn, a Hollywood actress and cattle rancher who was the widow of swashbuckling screen legend Errol Flynn, has died at her seaside home in Jamaica. She was 87. On Monday, family spokesman Robb Callahan said Flynn died Saturday at her home in Jamaica's Portland parish after battling pulmonary disease. During her film career, she worked alongside actors such as Doris Day, Kirk Douglas and Randolph Scott. She played Frank Sinatra's girlfriend in the original "Ocean's 11" in 1960. The Kansas-born actress met her future husband when she was cast as the female lead in the 1950 western "Rocky Mountain." They
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Lego Movie edifice growing for third week, with Non-Stop static at No 2

Oscars buzz boosts UK box office and whether growling on a plane or voicing an animation, it's Liam Neeson's moment

• Review of The Lego Movie

• Review of Non-Stop

• More on the UK box office

The winner

Adding another £4.79m in the past seven days, The Lego Movie now stands at a sturdy £26.67m after three weeks of play. That puts it level with the lifetime tallies of blockbusters including Spider-Man 2 (£26.72m) and Ocean's Eleven (£26.47m), and ahead of fellow animations including Ratatouille (£24.80m) and Wall-e (£22.91m). The Lego Movie will pretty soon overtake the likes of Shrek (£29m) and A Bug's Life (£29.45m) and is clearly headed into the mid-30s (£m).

Although box office for The Lego Movie is certainly skewed to the weekend, its decent performance in the Monday-to-Thursday period suggests that it is picking up a true adult audience, rather than merely adult chaperones of children.
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Questions and Answers With 'Bling Ring' Stars Katie Chang and Israel Broussard

If you haven't already heard someone suggest, "Let's go to Paris'. I wanna rob," then, sorry, we don't know where you've been for the past few months. The Sofia Coppola-directed film "The Bling Ring" opens nationally this weekend, and the film's infinitely quotable, meme-ready lines are like catnip to the selfie-snapping, celebrity-obsessed zeitgeist. The film follows the titular ring, a teenage gang that allegedly walked casually into celebrities' homes — armed with TMZ-gleaned knowledge that the stars are out of town — and back out with armfuls of designer goods, jewelry and more. The real-life burglars even made off with Orlando Bloom's rug.

Katie Chang and Israel Broussard, both 18, may play the two alleged masterminds of the crew in "Bling Ring," snotty yet fashionable young people based on Rachel Lee and Nick Prugo, but in a chat with NextMovie in Manhattan the morning of the film's New York premiere, the
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10 Essential Vegas Movies In The Hungover Spirit Of 'The Hangover Part III'

Las Vegas is one of those distinctly American creations: it was designed and built by a gangster, in the middle of a deathly desert, as a utopian celebration for bad behavior, gilded excessive-ness, criminal activity and off-color kitsch. It's a place where you can stay in intricately themed hotel/casinos based upon the pyramids of Egypt, Arthurian castles, New York City, Paris, Amazonian rain forests, Roman coliseums and Robert Louis Stevenson's novel "Treasure Island," but you'd be hard-pressed to find a museum or library to whet your cultural appetite. And yet there's something hypnotically attractive about this place – we keep returning to it, again and again, both in real life and in the movies. This week's "Hangover, Part III" climaxes (as it were) in Vegas, high atop Caesar's Palace, and in keeping with this we decided to celebrate the bad taste and blinding neon lights of Vegas by showcasing
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Saul Bass: Google Doodle celebrates graphic designer through movie title sequences

  • Pop2it
Google is known for their creative "Doodles" on special days throughout the year. May 8 was no different as the company celebrated renowned graphic designer Saul Bass' 93rd birthday. Bass passed away in 1996, but his impact is long-lasting.

Bass created some of the world's most iconic brand logos, including At&T, Quaker Oats, Dixie and the Girl Scouts of America. He was also responsible for many legendary movie posters, including "The Shining," "Vertigo," "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and "Anatomy of a Murder."

However, the Google Doodle pays tribute to Saul through something else he was known for, movie title sequences. The video features the word "Google," as written in many of Bass' better-known title sequences. Movies like "Spartacus," "Ocean's 11," "Around the World in Eighty Days" and "Psycho" are represented in the video. Saul's last credited work is the 1998 shot-for-shot remake of "Psycho," which utilized a title
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Check This Out: A Brief Visual History of The Title Design of Saul Bass

Back in late 2009 we highlighted the exploits of the The Art of the Title Sequence, a fantastic website dedicated to stylish opening and ending credits sequences that bookend the films we all now and love. Earlier this year, the website crafted a video chronicling A Brief History of Title Design as an introduction for the SXSW Title Design Competition. Now this time, in honor of the new book, Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design, the site has put together A Brief History of the Title Design of Saul Bass which includes his work in North by Northwest, Spartacus, the original Ocean's 11, Goodfellas, and much more. Here's A Brief History of the Title Design of Saul Bass courtesy of The Art of the Title Sequence: In addition to the video, the site points out that The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) will also celebrate the life of Saul Bass
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Shirley MacLaine Movie Schedule: The Apartment, Some Came Running

Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine in Billy Wilder's The Apartment Shirley MacLaine on TCM: Ocean's Eleven, The Yellow Rolls Royce Schedule (Et) and synopses from the TCM website: 6:00 Am Two Loves (1961) A conservative teacher struggles with her values while teaching natives in New Zealand. Dir: Charles Walters. Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Laurence Harvey, Jack Hawkins. C-97 mins, Letterbox Format. 8:00 Am The Sheepman (1958) A tough sheep farmer battles the local cattle baron for land and a beautiful woman. Dir: George Marshall. Cast: Glenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine, Leslie Nielsen. C-86 mins, Letterbox Format. 9:45 Am Two For The Seesaw (1962) A conservative attorney considering a divorce gets involved with an emotionally fragile dancer in New York. Dir: Robert Wise. Cast: Robert Mitchum, Shirley MacLaine, Edmon Ryan. Bw-119 mins, Letterbox Format. 12:00 Pm The Children's Hour (1961) A malicious student tries to destroy the teachers at a girls' school. Dir: William Wyler. Cast: Audrey Hepburn,
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Dean Martin on TCM: Some Came Running, Ocean's Eleven

Dean Martin would have turned 94 on Tuesday, June 7. Generally a somnolent presence in low-brow comedies co-starring either Jerry Lewis or Frank Sinatra, Martin was at his most interesting in dramas, e.g., Vincente Minnelli's Some Came Running, Howard Hawks' Rio Bravo. Both the somnolent Dean Martin and the interesting Dean Martin can be seen Tuesday morning and afternoon on Turner Classic Movies. In addition to Some Came Running, co-starring Sinatra, and the Oscar-nominated trio of Shirley MacLaine, Arthur Kennedy, and Martha Hyer, TCM will be showing Marriage on the Rocks, Bells Are Ringing, Ocean's Eleven, 4 for Texas, and Robin and the Seven [...]
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New Pix of the Rat Pack Surface!

New Pix of the Rat Pack Surface!
"Forget the movie, let's pull the job!" Frank Sinatra once joked about the "Ocean's 11" plot.

On the 50th anniversary of the original Rat Pack flick, Life.com has put together a gallery of never-before-seen pics of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford.

Here are just a few. For the full gallery, click here at Life.com.

'When That Light Hits Him...'

"Sammy has that young-in-heart attitude, but
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50 years ago, a racially divided Hollywood

50 years ago, a racially divided Hollywood
Fifty years ago this week, Sammy Davis Jr. was roundly booed during the opening ceremony of the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. The incident was one of the saddest moments in the entertainer's life and pointed up the deep racial divide that was threatening to rip apart the Democratic Party and the country.

It was July 11, 1960, and in two days the convention would nominate John F. Kennedy as the Democrats' presidential nominee. It had been hot and smoggy that day as 7,000 delegates began pouring into the Sports Arena downtown.

The convention was called to order promptly at 5 p.m., and after the invocation, everyone stood as the color guard presented the flag -- the first with 50 stars presented at a national political convention as Hawaii had been admitted to the Union 11 months earlier.

Then came the introduction of the Hollywood celebrities who were packed into the crowded hall as guests of the convention.
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Votd: If Saul Bass Had Created The Openings of Lost and Tron

Votd: If Saul Bass Had Created The Openings of Lost and Tron
If you've ever seen a film by Alfred Hitchcock or Stanley Kubrick, then you're probably familiar with the title sequence designs of Saul Bass. Some of the title sequences he's more notable openings include The Man with the Golden Arm (1955), The Seven Year Itch (1955), Around the World in Eighty Days (1956), Vertigo (1958), Anatomy of a Murder (1958), North by Northwest (1959), Psycho (1960), Spartacus (1960), Exodus (1960), Ocean's Eleven (1960), West Side Story (1961), It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), Broadcast News (1987), Big (1988), Goodfellas (1990), Cape Fear (1991 )and Casino (1995). His minimalistic 1950's/1960's-style is very unique, and we often post movie posters imitating his style in our Cool Stuff columns. But what is Saul Bass designed the opening title sequence for every movie and television show? What might they look like. Hexagonall decided to try to recreate the opening of Tron and the ...
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Noah Baumbach steps in to rewrite and diversify Tower Heist

  • JoBlo
Tower Heist is that Brett Ratner film Dave reported on a couple of days ago that was being called a "black Ocean's Eleven". A wrench got thrown into that idea when it was announced that Ben Stiller would be stepping in to replace Eddie Murphy. But don't expect Stiller to become some sort of black Jew a la Sammy Davis Jr. It appears the once one-colored cast will now be diversifying itself via script rewrites that will now be conducted by writer/director/Wes Anderson...
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Bob Willoughby obituary

American photographer whose informal shots defined the youthful glamour of the 1950s and 1960s

With his artfully informal shots of Audrey Hepburn and Chet Baker, the American photographer Bob Willoughby, who has died of cancer aged 82, defined the youthful glamour of the 1950s. Hired by studios and record companies to make actors and musicians look good, Willoughby went beyond his brief to deliver portraits of an idealised elegance particular to its time. He captured the gamine, doe-eyed 24-year-old Hepburn reading letters on a hotel bed in 1953, and the impossibly cool Baker, the same age in the same year, seated on a folding chair in a recording studio, patiently awaiting his moment.

Much sought-after by Hollywood film studios, Willoughby developed new techniques to help him take still photographs on the set, using remote-controlled devices and brackets specially made to attach his apparatus to Panavision film cameras. The films he worked on
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Whistler 09: High Life Review

[Our thanks to Andrew David Long for the following review.]

Based on the play of the same name, High Life is a smart, smart caper flick featuring not-so-bright criminals.  In 1983, finding a weakness in the procedures around the newly prolific Automatic Teller Machines, a group of mostly-ex-con junkies plan a "victimless" heist in which they hope to score tens of thousands of dollars.  Of course, when planned and executed by guys whose grasp of reality is near-constantly waylaid by a chemical cornucopia, is any plan perfect?  Dick (Timothy Olyphant, ranging far from Deadwood territory) is the mastermind, at least when he's not trying to steal his ex-wife's car or scrounge for a little more morphine.  His ex-cellmate Bug (Stephen Eric McIntyre in a strangely sensitive portrayal of a hot-headed killer) is willing to go along with Dick's plan, though he doesn't exactly work well with... anyone else, really.  Round out the gang with considerate pickpocket Donnie (Joe Anderson) and charmer
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