The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) Poster

Mel Welles: Gravis Mushnick



  • Mushnick : Oh, here are your carnations. Wait, I'll wrap them for you.

    Fouch : No, that's all right, I'll eat 'em here.

  • Fouch : My name is Burson Fouch.

    Mushnick : Excellent. I am Gravis Mushnick.

    Fouch : Oh, that's a good one.

  • Mushnick : It's a finger of speech!

  • Mushnick : All right, explain me more.

    Fouch : Well, I remember one place that had a whole wall covered with poison ivy. Now, people came from miles around to look at that wall and they stayed to buy.

    Mushnick : The owner got rich?

    Fouch : No, he scratched himself to death in an insane asylum.

    Mrs. Shiva : [gasps]  That was my cousin Harry!

  • [shouting at Seymour, who has been singing off-camera] 

    Mushnick : Shut up from the back!

  • Seymour : You mean I'm fired?

    Mushnick : No, I'm electing you President of the United States! *Yes*, you are fired!

  • [answering phone] 

    Mushnick : Flowers, fresh as the springtime, Mushnick's.

  • Seymour : I didn't mean it.

    Mushnick : You didn't mean it. You never mean it. You didn't mean it the time when you put up the bouquet with the 'get well' card in the funeral parlor, and sent the black lilies to the old lady in the hospital, you didn't mean it. But this time, I, Gravis Mushnick, mean it!

    Fouch : [to Seymour]  He means it.

  • Mushnick : Bring me whisky, rum, wine, gin, bourbon...

    Waitress : What?

    Mushnick : ...scotch, rye, tequila, sake, Manischewitz...

    Waitress : Did you bring the money?

    Mushnick : Don't work me with the money. I've got to get drunk, now!

  • Sgt. Joe Fink : We just want to ask you a few questions.

    Mushnick : I didn't do it.

    Officer Frank Stoolie : Do what?

    Mushnick : Whatever.

  • Audrey : Why don't you give him a chance to resurrect himself?

    Mushnick : I give him chance to quit!

    Seymour : I ain't gonna quit!

    Mushnick : You're a brave boy, you're fired.

  • Audrey : I wish you'd break out and tell me.

    Mushnick : All right, I'll tell you tomorrow right after I am telling the police.

    Sgt. Joe Fink : [voice-over]  But Mushnick didn't come to the police. If he had, that might have been the finish of the unhappy story. It was not.

  • Mushnick : Who... I mean... what did it eat this time?

    Seymour : Uh... about a million Japanese beetles.

  • Mushnick : You have perhaps an explanation?

    Seymour : No, but if you give me a minute I'll think of one.

  • Mushnick : Now that is what I call a salad. What do you call that salad?

    Audrey : Caesarean.

  • Audrey : [excited about the overnight growth of Audrey Jr]  Isn't it empirical?

    Mushnick : It grows like a cold sore from the lip.

  • Seymour : Did you call me, Mr. Mushnick?

    Mushnick : No, I was calling John D. Rockefeller for to make a loan on my Rolls Royce!

    Seymour : Sorry I said it.

  • Mrs. Shiva : I thought possibly because I give you all my funeral business, that maybe you should possibly give to me a little cut rate.

    Mushnick : Look at me, Mrs. Shiva. What I, a philatelist?... To my throat I would be giving a cut.

  • Seymour : I gave it a name.

    Mushnick : What name?

    Seymour : Aw, gee...

    Mushnick : What? You gave it a dirty name that you can't even mention it?

  • Mushnick : Look, Audrey. Isn't he beautiful? Isn't he delicious? Isn't he got a $2 raise? What happened to your fingers?

    Seymour : Bee stings. Oh, so how come I am all of a sudden so wonderful?

    Mushnick : Five bees, one for each finger?

    Seymour : [hold up both hands]  Ten bees.

  • Shirley's Friend : Doesn't it have a scientific name?

    Mushnick : Yes, of course. But who could denounce it?

  • Mushnick : Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls. Please don't damage the horticulturist.

  • Mushnick : Oh, fine. In this fancy shmancy restaurant, you are holding hostages, right?

    Waitress : Right.

    Mushnick : Excellent. You eat up Audrey. I'll be back in a flash with the cash.

  • Mushnick : Are you hungry?

    Audrey : Sure am. I could eat a hearse.

  • Mushnick : Good morning, Mrs. Shiva. How are we today?

    Mrs. Shiva : Oh, the same, Mr. Mushnick. My sister's nephew Henry died yesterday in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Mushnick : Oh, what happened?

    Mrs. Shiva : He got blown up. Who knows how?

    Mushnick : That's nice. You may want some flowers for the funeral?

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