The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) Poster

Jack Nicholson: Wilbur Force



  • [Seymour is impersonating Dr. Farb to a new patient] 

    Wilbur Force : My name is Wilbur Force.

    Seymour : Wilbur Force what?

    Wilbur Force : Just Wilbur Force. My first name is Wilbur, my last name is Force. I don't have a middle name.

    Seymour : Well, do you have an appointment, maybe?

    Wilbur Force : No, but you were very highly recommended to me by one of your patients, a Mrs. S. Shiva. I do a lot of undertaking for her relatives.

    Seymour : Well, as you can see I have a customer now. And I'm all booked up for the rest of the day, so you'll have to come back tomorrow.

    Wilbur Force : Oh, I couldn't do that. I have three or four abscesses, I touch of pyorrhea, nine or ten cavities, I lost my pivot tooth, and I'm in terrible pain!

    Seymour : Well I can't help you today.

    Wilbur Force : Oh, that's all right. I'll just wait outside.

  • Wilbur Force : [reading an article from "Pain" magazine in the waiting room of the dentist; giggling]  The patient came to me with a large hole in his abdomen, caused by a fire poker used on him by his wife. He almost bled to death and gangrene had set in. I didn't give him much of a chance. There were other complications. The man had cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy, and a touch of the grippe. I decided to operate.

  • Wilbur Force : Now, no novocaine. It dulls the senses.

  • Wilbur Force : I'd almost rather go to the dentist than anywhere, wouldn't you?

    Seymour : Yeah.

    Wilbur Force : Now, no novocaine. It dulls the senses.

  • Seymour : This is gonna hurt you more than it is me.

    Wilbur Force : Oh, goody, goody. Here it comes.

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