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A near miss!
JohnHowardReid25 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie could accurately be described as a whimsical conceit that tends to out-stay its welcome. Admittedly, a hard-working cast, including Jean-Pierre Cassel and the lovely Anouk Aimée, does make a good impression. And there is also a delightful music score by Georges Delerue.

The movie's main problems lie in the script by Daniel Boulanger and Philippe de Broca. De Broca also directs, and perhaps at least one of these chores was a mistake. There are just too many dull patches in the script and certainly not enough inventiveness to carry it for ninety minutes. Half an hour shorter, the movie would be a delight, but as it stands, it just misses the bus. French title: Le Farceur.
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Don't you think the joker laughs at you!
dbdumonteil5 December 2006
...and however the first scene promised great things:the first line is "Ciel mon Mari" (= good heavens ,my hubby!) a line we often find in the FRench "Theatre de Boulevard" .A lover (Cassel) is escaping from his lover's bedroom on the roofs of Paris,near la Tour Eiffel,when the husband his cursing him! But what follows is downright boring.Cassel's family and their lifestyles are a real turnoff:uncle Theodose(sic),sister Pilou and brother Guillaume are really the pain in the neck.Not to mention his natural sons.Cassel is cast as "the joker" (check the title)but he is a heavy one .Anouk Aimée is totally wasted as his -at last- true love !"you must have had thirty women before me" is supposed to be a funny line.

The joke is on the viewer.
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