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  • In 1901, a group of IRA members decides to rob the Bank of England in order to finance their movement and to embarrass the British government.

  • London at the turn of the century in 1901. Three men are on a mission from the IRA to steal all the gold in the vaults of the Bank of England. Norgate, their leader, discovers the bank's weak spot: an old forgotten sewer straight under the vaults. But they have to deal with captain Fitch, a young but suspicious bank guard.

  • Early in the last century. Irish rebels descend on London intent on emptying the gold vaults of the Bank of England. They are assisted by an American sympathizer, Charles Norgate, an engineer by profession who is tasked on finding a weak spot in the Bank's security. He befriends the Captain of the Guards unit that provide overnight security and gains access to the subterranean passages under the bank. He finds the fatal flaw in their security - an abandoned sewer line that runs very near the gold vaults - and it's a race against time to break in.


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  • This crime caper based on a legendary robbery stars Aldo Ray as Norgate, the ringleader of the thieves out to steal a bundle from the Bank of England. But it is a young Peter O'Toole as the guard Fitch who steals the show -- two years before Lawrence of Arabia would make him an internationally acclaimed star. The year is 1901 and Norgate is an avid supporter of Irish Home Rule, avid enough to plan this robbery to get the bullion needed to make his independence wishes come true. He gathers together the necessary crew of brains, brawn, and bravado, and the would-be thieves make their way through a sewer system that runs under the bank. What they do not count on is that Fitch may not be quite as dumb as he seems. (New York Times)

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