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1 Jan. 1962
The Haunted House
Everyone says there is a "witch" living in the old haunted house so while out riding Velvet meets the occupant Ann Roberts a former rider. Velvet wants to help Ann because she cannot ride anymore.
8 Jan. 1962
Stable Mates
King won't race or eat because he's lonely for Tiny, Donald's Shetland pony. Velvet is upset because King cannot race without Tiny but Donald tells Velvet she can't have him.
22 Jan. 1962
Martha's Beau
Herbert is jealous because of Edgar Torrance, a former Beau of Martha who went to the same school growing up together. Edgar now works for the town newspaper.
29 Jan. 1962
The Scandal
$25.00 is stolen from the Class Memorial Fund and it's by Betty a classmate and friend of Edwina who asks' her for help in replacing the money. They go back to the school to replace it and Velvet goes looking for Edwina when she does not come home.
5 Feb. 1962
The Star
Edwina gets to play Juliet in the school's upcoming play "Romeo and Juliet" and her Drama Teacher asks Velvet to teach King to pull a cart for the show.
The Test
Alvie shows up while Mi is given John a riding lesson on Green Devil, a retired steeplechaser and challenges him to a race. Velvet lets John ride King in the race.
19 Feb. 1962
The Feud
One of Herbert's cows is shot by hunters on his property which starts a feud between him and Homer over land usage.
26 Feb. 1962
Edwina is trying to do all the work around the house while Martha is in town taking care of Donald accidentally gives King to Hr.Herly the owner of the packing house who decides to keep him.
5 Mar. 1962
Rogue Horse
While Velvet is out riding King she's sees a wild horse that looks like King. Velvet gets a closer look at the horse and sees that it has been beaten so she wants to save him from all the people trying to catch it.
12 Mar. 1962
Mi's Citizenship
Mi want's to pass his citizenship test but he is accused of stealing in England which is a felony that may get him deported. .
19 Mar. 1962
The Rumor
A rumor is spreading around town which says that Sam Watkins, the local Farrier, has injured King. Velvet and Mi decide to start another rumor to correct this one.
26 Mar. 1962
Ede's Bombshell
Martha's very lazy nephew Morton comes to the Brown Farm for a visit claiming he has bad leg so that he can't work. King finally scares Morton so bad that he starts running, proving his leg is fine.
2 Apr. 1962
The Clown
Donald meets Flynn the Magic Clown in an old Railroad Car who wants to live there but Herbert and the Rail Road Man get into a fight over the land.

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