National Velvet Poster

(1960– )

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18 Sep. 1960
The Raffle
Velvet sets up a raffle to save a horse named The Pie from being slaughtered. So she rides the Pie in the junior steeplechase competition and wins riding bareback.
25 Sep. 1960
The Breaking
King is being broken to the saddle but Velvet wants to break him without using the whip like the professional trainer do.
2 Oct. 1960
Chip, a troubled kid from the city, has been mistreating King but Velvet want's to help him.
9 Oct. 1960
A Matter of Pride
Marilyn Winters' wants to buy King so her father tries purchase him from the Brown's but Herbert won't sell him. So Marilyn trick Velvet into showing King at the club knowing that because Velvet isn't a member she cannot ride him in the show, only Marilyn can.
16 Oct. 1960
Edwina's Escapade
Velvet sister Edwina has an army-bound boyfriend who she's sneaking out of the house to have a last visit with him.
23 Oct. 1960
The Drought
A drought causes the well to go dry, then the water well pump stops working from no rain. Velvet even offers to sell King.
30 Oct. 1960
The Canary
Velvet's sister Edwina canary dies while in Donald care and he's suffering from guilt.
6 Nov. 1960
Mi's Girl
Mrs. Sinclair's pretty niece comes over for visit where Mi becomes smitten with her and Velvet becomes very jealous.
13 Nov. 1960
Mr. Brown need's a new generator but he just can't afford it because he's already pledged the last $100 in his savings for getting his wife a new coat for their anniversary, so Velvet tries to raise the money.
20 Nov. 1960
Mr. Brown's truck breaks down so he hooks King up to pull a cart which Velvet blames' for King's subsequent injury.
27 Nov. 1960
The Brown Family is going to have a BBQ and Edwina invites Teddy and his father who is the principal of their High School. Edwina wants everything to be perfect so Mi gets Teddy's father to relax with Herbert's Elderberry Wine. Teddy even starts helping the Brown's with the milking.
4 Dec. 1960
The Milkman
Malcome Porter who drives the milk wagon with his horse Whitey gets laid off from the dairy and has to find a place to retire his old horse. Velvet volunteers to keep the horse on the farm but Whitey does not want to retire yet.
11 Dec. 1960
Donald's Friend
Donald has no one to play with so he creates an imaginary a friend and calls him Willy. Donald decides to leaves and takes King with him, then hides him. Soon a new boy who's named is Willy shows up.
18 Dec. 1960
The Big Shot
Edwina falls for a big-talking college boy, who seems to be good at everything. This really annoys' Velvet and Teddy.
25 Dec. 1960
The Quarrel
Edwina comes home and tells the family that her friend Holly Baker's Father is building a new Quarter Horse Ranch.

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