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5 Jan. 1962
The Gambler
Fed's old gambling habit has been reawakened.
12 Jan. 1962
A Star Is Almost Born
Wilma meets a TV producer who wants to use her in his next commercial.
19 Jan. 1962
The Entertainer
Fred needs to entertain a comely client for work, but decides to skip the explanation to Wilma.
26 Jan. 1962
Wilma's Vanishing Money
Wilma has hidden cash to purchase a gift for Fred: a bowling ball. Fred finds the cash and, believing the money itself to be his gift, takes it and goes to buy the bowling ball. However, back at home, Wilma believes she has been robbed and reports the disappearance of the money to the police. Feeling guilty, Fred wants to return the bowling ball and re-stash the money. Meanwhile, Arnold the newsboy smells something fishy.
2 Feb. 1962
Feudin' and Fussin'
Fred and Barney's latest spat results in Barney's decision to sell his house. A rich Texan is very interested in the property, and Fred must come up with a scheme to keep his old buddy as his neighbor.
9 Feb. 1962
Impractical Joker
Barney's plan to put a stop to Fred's practical jokes may backfire.
16 Feb. 1962
Operation Barney
Fred and Barney call in sick to their bosses in order to see a baseball game on a work day.
23 Feb. 1962
The Happy Household
Wilma's new cooking show on television is a hit with everyone except Fred, who's anything but a "happy pappy" as he's forced to go without Wilma's home-cooked meals.
2 Mar. 1962
Fred Strikes Out
There is a championship tournament at Bedrock Bowl and Fred must compete in it, but Wilma wants him to take her out that night. So Fred takes Wilma to a drive-in movie next door to the bowling alley. He manages to sneak in a bowl and return to her quickly. However, Wilma accidentally hurts Fred's thumb and Barney sticks the bowling ball atop Fred's swelling digit, which Fred then can't get out of the ball. Will he be able to get out of his lie to Wilma?
9 Mar. 1962
This Is Your Lifesaver
Fred and Barney save a guy named J. Montague Gypsum from throwing himself off the George Washingstone Bridge. In return, Gypsum offers to be their servant for life. But Gypsum is a con man who tries to take over the Flintstone household. Fred tries to come up with a plan whereby Gypsum can save Fred's life so that they can then be even and Gypsum can be sent on his way.
16 Mar. 1962
Fred finds a suitor for his live-in mother-in-law who may be a notorious con man.
23 Mar. 1962
The Mailman Cometh
Fred regrets sending Mr. Slate a nasty letter.
30 Mar. 1962
The Rock Vegas Story
A trip to Rock Vegas reawakens Fred's itch to gamble.
6 Apr. 1962
Divided We Sail
Barney goes on a tv game show on Fred's ticket and wins a house boat.
13 Apr. 1962
Kleptomaniac Caper
Wilma intends to donate Fred's old clothes to a rummage sale, but puts the box in Barney's car, leading Fred to believe that Barney stole his clothes and is a kleptomaniac.
20 Apr. 1962
Latin Lover
Annoyed that Wilma has a crush on Italian actor Roberto Rockellini, Fred tries to win her back by growing a mustache, wearing an ascot, and being charming--and it may be working; now Wilma's getting jealous.
30 Apr. 1962
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Fred becomes a Little League umpire, but is unprepared for the intensity of the competition among the kids' parents.
14 Sep. 1962
Dino Goes Hollyrock
A crush on a lady dinosaurus who's the star of her own television show may lead to TV stardom for Dino--and to the loss of their pet for the Flintstones.
21 Sep. 1962
Fred's New Boss
When Barney loses his job, he prevails upon Fred to try to get him hired on at the gravel pit. The introduction of Fred's neighbor to his boss results in the startling discovery that Barney and Mr. Slate are relatives--and to an instant executive suite for Barney. All at once, Fred's old buddy is his new boss.
28 Sep. 1962
Barney the Invisible
Fred's latest "get-rich-quick" scheme is to invent a new soft drink. His concoction may not have what it takes to displace the beverages dominating the market, but it makes Barney invisible.
5 Oct. 1962
Bowling Ballet
Fred enrols in ballet school to help him get his bowling form back for a big bowling tournament.
12 Oct. 1962
The Twitch
Against the odds, Fred lands a star attraction for Wilma's fund-raiser, but an allergic reaction to pickled dodo eggs may prevent him from appearing.
19 Oct. 1962
Here's Snow in Your Eyes
During a lodge convention at a ski resort, jewel thieves mistake Barney for their chief conspirator.
26 Oct. 1962
The Buffalo Convention
Fred's birthday gift to Wilma is a bird that talks--and may spill the beans about the boys' planned trip to Frantic City for a Water Buffalo convention.
9 Nov. 1962
The Little Stranger
Fred gets excited when he overhears Wilma talking about a new addition to the family.
9 Nov. 1962
Baby Barney
Fred's rich uncle has no heir, so Fred drafts Barney into posing as his son so that his uncle will leave his estate to Fred.
16 Nov. 1962
Hawaiian Escapade
In order to win a trip to visit her idol on the set of his show, Wilma submits a contest entry that depicts Fred as a superhero of sorts.
23 Nov. 1962
Ladies' Day
Fred wants to go to the big game, and if it means dressing up as a woman to get in, so be it.
30 Nov. 1962
Nuttin' But the Tooth
Barney has a severe aching tooth that needs to be extracted. But Fred wants to avoid the dental bill by trying to pull the tooth loose himself. Then, Fred took Barney to a veterinarian office for ill pets (like Dino). Just as the veterinarian starts to inject gas into Barney, he is interrupted leaving Barney alone. Barney falls into a deep sleep from the additional gas and became airborne. Fortunately, Fred saw Barney float by and away. Fred quickly found Barney outside and floating in the air. After Fred lassos Barney and pulls him to the ground. Fred's quick jerk ...
7 Dec. 1962
High School Fred
Fred's embarrassed that he lacks a high-school diploma and has returned to classes with teenagers in order to keep his job.
14 Dec. 1962
Dial S for Suspicion
Fred suspects dear Wilma of having designs on his life for the insurance money.
21 Dec. 1962
Flash Gun Freddie
Fred's new "Polarock" camera is an occasion for all kinds of misadventure for him and Barney.

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