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1 May 1960
The Flagstones
The plot of this very brief pilot would be used and expanded upon in one of the early Flintstones episodes, "The Swimming Pool." Fred Flagstone floats in his pool on a tube and his wife Wilma brings his lunch. Barney startles her with his weird scuba-diving gear, which includes a bow and arrow. Barney accidentally shoots Fred's tube with his arrow, Fred sinks into the pool, and Barney rescues Fred's lunch.
30 Sep. 1960
The Flintstone Flyer
Barney has invented something that looks to Fred like a giant egg beater, but it's a flying machine. Fred feigns illness so that he and Barney can get out of "opera night" with the girls and use the Flyer to go bowling instead.
7 Oct. 1960
Hot Lips Hannigan
It's Fred's responsibility this time around to assemble an act for Amateur Night at his and Barney's club.
14 Oct. 1960
The Swimming Pool
Fred is mad at Barney for calling him stupid. Then Barney decides to build a swimming pool, and Fred talks his neighbor into sharing the pool with the Flintstones.
21 Oct. 1960
No Help Wanted
After causing Barney to get fired, Fred gets his friend a job as a "repo man." But Barney's first repossession case is at the Flintstones' house.
28 Oct. 1960
The Split Personality
Fred gets hit on the head with a bottle, changing his personality into a sophisticated gentleman.
4 Nov. 1960
The Monster from the Tar Pits
When movie-makers come to Bedrock, the girls are all excited, but it's Fred who lands a role in the film.
11 Nov. 1960
The Babysitters
Fred and Barney reluctantly agree to babysit a neighbor's baby.
18 Nov. 1960
At the Races
Fred wants to buy his friend's pool hall. He intends to finance the purchase by betting a week's paycheck at the dinosaur races.
25 Nov. 1960
The Engagement Ring
In order to get BACK the money, Fred has Barney do boxing.
2 Dec. 1960
Hollyrock, Here I Come
Wilma and Betty win an all-expenses-paid trip to Hollyrock, which gets even better when Wilma is offered a part in a show.
9 Dec. 1960
The Golf Champion
When Barney, in his official capacity, cites Fred for violation of the rules and strips Fred of a club championship he won, Fred declares war on his old friend.
16 Dec. 1960
The Sweepstakes Ticket
Fred buys a sweepstakes ticket and decides to share it with Barney and give it to him for safekeeping; then Fred decides he can't trust his old pal.
23 Dec. 1960
The Drive - In
Fred and Barney buy a drive-in without telling Wilma and Betty.
30 Dec. 1960
The Prowler
A burglar is on the loose in Bedrock. Betty and Wilma take judo classes from Mr Hashimoto, and Fred decides to play a trick on Wilma by disguising himself as a prowler.

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