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Season 5

17 Sep. 1964
Hop Happy
The Rubbles' new kangaroo-like pet is annoying to Fred until the animal proves its worth at a picnic.
24 Sep. 1964
Monster Fred
A bowling ball falls on Fred's head and Barney takes him to a doctor. However, this Dr. Frankenstone has a machine that can switch personalities and he's looking for a human guinea pig.
1 Oct. 1964
Itty Biddy Freddy
Fred invented a fat-reducing drink. That is, he thinks he did, but after he drinks it, he shrinks and ends up being about a foot high.
8 Oct. 1964
Pebbles' Birthday Party
Fred has to organize two parties and one hour apart. Pebbles' first birthday party, he already planned. Plus, he and Barney were picked by the Grand Poobah to create a Water Buffalo Stag party, because they arrived late.
15 Oct. 1964
Bedrock Rodeo Round-Up
With Wilma's old boyfriend impressing her and Pebbles with his rodeo tricks, Fred decides to enter the rodeo himself.
22 Oct. 1964
Fred is stung by the slight of being the only employee not invited to Mr. Slate's party. But it seems he may get a chance to attend after all, in the guise of a mysterious, suave, exotic stranger.
29 Oct. 1964
A Haunted House Is Not a Home
Fred stands to inherit a mansion, if he can pass a night there--and survive multiple attempts on his life.
5 Nov. 1964
Dr. Sinister
Fred and Barney are caught up in a swirl of spies' intrigue, with exotic and menacing strangers and multiple threats on their lives, all while Wilma and Betty are waiting for them to return with the burgers and buns.
12 Nov. 1964
The Gruesomes
A very sinister-looking but affable couple and their child move into a mansion next door to the Flintstones.
19 Nov. 1964
The Most Beautiful Baby in Bedrock
While their parents argue about which couple has the more beautiful child, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm take to their knees and crawl away.
26 Nov. 1964
Dino and Juliet
While Fred and his obnoxious new neighbor argue, Dino and the neighbor's lady dinosaurus fall in love.
3 Dec. 1964
King for a Night
Fred is hired to impersonate a look alike king for one evening, while the real king flees.
10 Dec. 1964
Indianrockolis 500
Fred hopes to win an auto race to pay for the kids' higher education, but he's having all sorts of problems with the racing car that Barney built.
17 Dec. 1964
Adobe Dick
On a fishing trip, Fred and Barney find themselves in the belly of a whale.
25 Dec. 1964
Christmas Flintstone
Fred is such a natural as a department store's Santa that news of him reaches the North Pole, where Kris Kringle has him in mind for much more important work on Christmas Eve.
1 Jan. 1965
Fred's Flying Lesson
A free flying lesson from a sexy lady instructor persuades Fred to go for his pilot's license.
8 Jan. 1965
Fred's Second Car
Fred buys a used car at a police auction and pursued by gangsters who want the car.
15 Jan. 1965
Time Machine
Not everyone a caveman encounters in the future will be helpful, sympathetic, or even patient. Some will be downright menacing.
22 Jan. 1965
The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes
The Flintstones need to get rid of their house guests, the hillbilly Hatrocks, and hope that their sinister neighbors, the Gruesomes, can be of help.
29 Jan. 1965
Moonlight and Maintenance
Fred and the family move into an apartment where Fred takes a second job as a superintendent.
5 Feb. 1965
Sheriff for a Day
The sheriff of an untamed western town offers visiting Fred his badge for a day, but doesn't tell him that three outlaws are on their way to the town to eliminate the sheriff, no matter who he is.
12 Feb. 1965
Deep in the Heart of Texarock
On vacation on a ranch in Texarock, the Flintstones and the Rubbles are menaced by cattle rustlers.
19 Feb. 1965
The Rolls Rock Caper
Fred and Barney are recruited on the street by a private detective.
26 Feb. 1965
A TV superhero quits without notice, and Fred is drafted from the audience to take his place.
5 Mar. 1965
Fred Meets Hercurock
Fred is cast as "Hercurock" in a new film; he finds the life of a star, and Wilma the life of a star's wife, not to be all that they thought.
12 Mar. 1965
Surfin' Fred
On vacation at the beach, Fred is a hit with the surfing teenagers, but not with the lifeguard, who must repeatedly rescue him.

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