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Season 4

19 Sep. 1963
Ann-Margrock Presents
Brought by happenstance to Fred's house and unrecognized by the boys, star Ann-Margrock helps them prepare for an appearance at the Bedrock Bowl.
26 Sep. 1963
Gloom Groom
Fred dreams he's getting obnoxious Arnold the newsboy as a son-in-law.
3 Oct. 1963
Little Bamm-Bamm
After the childless Rubbles wish upon a star for a baby of their own, Barney finds a basket containing the world's strongest foundling. However, someone else wants to adopt little Bamm-Bamm, and he's rich.
10 Oct. 1963
Dino Disappears
When Fred mistakenly accuses Dino of trying to hurt Pebbles, the family's beloved pet runs away.
17 Oct. 1963
Fred's Monkeyshines
Glasses with the wrong prescription cause Fred to mistake a monkey for his Pebbles.
24 Oct. 1963
The Flintstone Canaries
The barbershop quartet Fred organizes to advertise "Soft Soap" is a bathtub quartet, because Barney can carry a tune only when he's in the tub.
31 Oct. 1963
Glue for Two
Fred and Barney both get glued to Barney's new bowling ball.
7 Nov. 1963
Big League Freddie
Major-league scouts witness a star-quality outing at a company baseball game and want to sign Fred, not realizing that only the uniform was Flintstone's.
14 Nov. 1963
Old Lady Betty
Betty gets a little job to buy Barney a gift, and her work is simple and puzzling: use big bills to make small purchases.
21 Nov. 1963
Sleep On, Sweet Fred
Wilma and Betty use a sleep teaching technique on Fred and Barney to get anything they want.
28 Nov. 1963
Kleptomaniac Pebbles
Fred takes Pebbles to the supermarket and discovers she puts a lot of things in the basket. Fred is afraid his daughter might be a budding kleptomaniac. While Fred's at the jeweler's to purchase a gift for Wilma, a thief plants an expensive diamond collar in Pebbles's crib. Back home, Wilma is delighted with the "gift," but Fred suspects that Pebbles snatched it. He goes back at night with Barney to the jewelry store to sneak the collar back, but the thief is waiting there to recover his loot.
5 Dec. 1963
Daddy's Little Beauty
When Fred hears of a "most beautiful baby" contest, he of course enters Pebbles.
12 Dec. 1963
Daddies Anonymous
Fred's beginning to think that taking Pebbles for walks in her stroller is bad for his image. Then he hears of a club in which fathers can park their babies' carriages while they go attend to other things.
19 Dec. 1963
Peek-a-Boo Camera
The Flintstones and the Rubbles are fans of "Peek-a-boo Camera," a show that catches people off their guard as they go about daily life. Fred and Barney are invited to a bachelor party thrown by the Water Buffaloes. The boys lie to their wives that they are going to visit a brother Buffalo in the hospital, then attend the party instead--and are filmed there by the crew of "Peek-a-boo Camera."
26 Dec. 1963
Once Upon a Coward
Fred complies with an armed robber's demand that he offer no resistance, but sweats thereafter with the fear that he has been a coward.
2 Jan. 1964
Ten Little Flintstones
An alien spacecraft lands in Bedrock and creates ten clones of Fred who cause him trouble.
9 Jan. 1964
Fred el Terrifico
On vacation in Rockapulco, Fred hams it up as "El Terrifico," and some jewel smugglers decide to take advantage of his innocent pose for their own gain.
16 Jan. 1964
Flintstone Hillbillies
Fred inherits an estate, when he goes to claim it reignites a long time fued with a hillbilly family.
23 Jan. 1964
Flintstone and the Lion
Fred finds a cute kitten and brings it home. The little feline has an enormous appetite, and in time it becomes clear that this is no house cat, but a lion. Attached to his pet, Fred avoids facing the reality of what he's brought under his roof as long as he can.
30 Jan. 1964
Cave Scout Jamboree
The two families' vacation to a famous campground coincides with a huge, international scout jamboree.
6 Feb. 1964
Room for Two
The latest feud between Flintstone and Rubble erupts when Barney votes for Joe Rockhead instead of Fred to be the lodge's next Grand Poobah. Fred tells Barney they're through. Then Barney learns that the new room Fred built extends onto Barney's side of the property line. Now Fred must endure in his own house the presence of his new enemy.
13 Feb. 1964
Ladies' Night at the Lodge
Wilma and Betty seal into Fred and Barney's Water Buffalo Lodge disguised as men.
20 Feb. 1964
Reel Trouble
Fred annoys everybody by constantly showing home videos he made of Pebbles.
27 Feb. 1964
Son of Rockzilla
To promote their new movie, "Son of Rockzilla," the producers hire Fred to wear Rockzilla's costume. However, Fred is unable to remove the creature's frightful mask. Now he is being pursued by both cops and an infatuated female Rockzilla-like creature who's broken out of the zoo to follow her new love.
5 Mar. 1964
Bachelor Daze
Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty reminisce about the first time they met.
12 Mar. 1964
Operation Switchover
Fred and Wilma wager whose job is harder by swapping jobs for a day.

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