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Season 1

Hong Kong and Little Joe
A world-weary gambling woman in the far east is hoping that her sea captain boyfriend will marry her and take her to a romantic island home, yet he always comes up short. When the reds kidnap him, she secures the ransom money by cheating at a high stakes poker game with her old employer.
19 Sep. 1960
The Mink Coat
While her husband was still alive, Syd Charing enjoyed her life as a well-to-do socialite. Since his death, she has fallen on hard times. Now all she has left to remind of her of her halcyon days is a mink coat.
3 Oct. 1960
Good Citizen
Celebrated pianist Margot LaChelle is asked to perform in a charitable concert which will benefit a struggling youth center. She declines the invitation, telling her manager that she has no desire to be involved with the children.
10 Oct. 1960
Discreet Deception
Amelia Lambert, a theatrical producer, finds herself growing increasingly attracted to Simon, her dead husband's brother. Just one thing stands in Amelia's way: Simon's wife Vivian.
19 Oct. 1960
The Seventh Miracle
Mary McShane is about to give birth to her seventh child, but her husband George has a broken leg and can't drive. It's up to their teenage son Joe to get his mother to the hospital safely.
31 Oct. 1960
The Key to the Killer
Stella fills in for her sheriff husband with herself and deputy Homer transporting a killer Leroy. He gets the upper hand and escapes but with Stella handcuffed to him.
7 Nov. 1960
House in Order
Elizabeth Mowry is told by her doctor to prepare her family and arrange her affairs, as she needs an emergency heart operation. Her daughter Susan though is resentful and is prepared to elope with her beau Jed.
14 Nov. 1960
The Miraculous Journey of Tadpole Chan
Josephine Little stays busy with her business in post war Hong Kong but falls for the charms of a young boy Tadpole, who is homeless. She works to get him stateside clashing with government official Dobson in the process.
21 Nov. 1960
The Secret of Mrs. Randall
A conservative oil drilling company is run by a lady president, the widow of the man who started it. She upsets her board of executives by insisting that a former employee who was sent to prison for embezzling the company's payroll be paroled, but refuses to explain why.
28 Nov. 1960
Ironbark's Bride
Crusty old farmer and wealthiest man in town, Ironbank, sends for a bride and draws a middle aged woman and teen aged son. The boy gives him cool reception, and repeatedly displeases him. Soon his real father, a gunman, whom was assumed dead all along, shows up looking to blackmail his wife.
5 Dec. 1960
We Are the Women Who Wait
Three wives of Strategic Air Command pilots, all of different temperaments, come together to wait for their men to return from a dangerous flight. We see how one (Barbara) has had a difficult time arguing with her husband, trying to get him to quit and take a higher paying, far safer civilian job.
19 Dec. 1960
Out of the Shadows
A lady psychiatrist is assigned to evaluate a scruffy horn player with a violent streak. Though much younger than the doctor, he becomes obsessed with her and humiliating her. His psychotic fixation leads to stalking her to her apartment.Trouble is she can't get the other doctors to believe her.
26 Dec. 1960
No One
Summer stock producer Cara Lester is seeking financial backing to move a new play to Broadway. She finds a willing patron in Jack Harrison. There's just one hitch: Harrison wants an established star to take over the lead.
2 Jan. 1961
The Cornerstone
Sister Thomas Aquinas has finally acquired the funds to build a new high school. But just as the cornerstone is about to be laid, a detective shows up, investigating a recent jewel robbery.
9 Jan. 1961
Night Visitors
Through with her marriage to a doctor, a self-centered woman prepares to close up her beachfront home and fly off to Paris. She leaves the last details to her butler. A woman is let in who claims to be her husband's paramour, but turns out to be in cohoots with the butler, and plan to kill the woman and take her money and valuables.
16 Jan. 1961
Size 10
In the high-pressure world of the garment industry, one woman runs a successful company of her own, yet her best designs suddenly appear being produced by her competitors, as her boyfriend keeps trying to get her to leave the business and marry him.
23 Jan. 1961
Dear Charlie
Two wealthy old spinster sisters put an ad in the paper for a man to board with them, and it's answered by a grifter named Charlie. They fall for him, and soon are jealously vying for his attentions. He plays them off one another until both are ready to poison the other.
30 Jan. 1961
Dragon by the Tail
Josephine Little, an expatriate American importer-exporter of sometimes unscrupulous dealings, is recruited by Central Intellegence Agency operatives in Hong Kong to help recover an American born scientist away from the communists, holding him him in North Viet Nam.She goes through with the dangerous mission, in hopes of securing a scrap metal deal with the U.S. government.
6 Feb. 1961
The Sisters
when her sister's little boy becomes serious ill and must go into hospital for a dangerous operation, she visits the estranged father while pretending to be a wealthy eccentric.The hard part is that he has no idea he is a father, the fact kept from him by a spiteful spouse.
13 Feb. 1961
Big Career
Harriet Melvane is a successful business woman, choosing work over time with her husband. After his tragic death she has regrets until a discussion with her mother-in-law.
20 Feb. 1961
Her overbearing and jealous husband drives a woman to leave him and seek a divorce with a sleazy lawyer. They begin an affair and the plan grows into a plot to frame the husband for her murder as the illicit couple skip the country with valuable documents.
27 Feb. 1961
Along the Barbary Coast
In 1890's San Fransisco, saloon keeper Trixie is reunited with an old lover, a returning prisoner of war. She finds his ardor cooled when he finds her partners with a notorious hijacker. After shooting a detective, the crook hides in Trixie's house-but will she protect him?
6 Mar. 1961
After the sudden death of her little girl, a nervous woman goes into a trance-like catatonic state. Her friends and family debate what to do with her.After friends and doctors are stumped, the solution is found in the form of a Hawaiian doll.
13 Mar. 1961
The Golden Acres
In a small Midwestern town in 1905, a scheming woman dominates her two weak- willed brothers. She has her deceased father's will forged to give her control over the family fortune and risks it all on a plot of land she believes will be needed for a factory that will be built.
20 Mar. 1961
Adventure on Happiness Street
As countless old and sick people are forced to leave Red China, they seek medical help from a small free clinic run by an American in Hong Kong. He's running out of needed medicine, but a wealthy friend secures some through her black market contact, but he double crosses them when the bottles are switched.
27 Mar. 1961
High Tension
Escaping a cruel husband, socialite Fran Elick and her deaf son take a bus in the rural countryside during a stormy night. An accident throws the boy out of the bus,and leaves a power line spitting a deadly electric current on it's metal frame, lethal if touched.
3 Apr. 1961
Sign of the Zodiac
After the death of her husband, Madge Terry goes to a psychic accompanied by her sister-in-law Helene. Pierre claims to be in touch with the deceased's spirit, which Madge fears will reveal something she wants kept secret.
10 Apr. 1961
Call Me Annie
When a well off family hires a nurse to care for a new baby, she discovers that the mother has no interest in it, and is in fact scared of being a mother. Her husband is a childish, hard to handle dolt, and the mother-in-law is mean and overbearing.
17 Apr. 1961
The Choice
Past closing time at an out of the way nightclub, the woman that runs it waits for the last customer to leave, then hears on the radio of an escaped killer mental patient is in the area. When another man shows up,she enlists his help-but then realizes HE might actually be the wanted man.
24 Apr. 1961
Frightened Doll
Hazel Wexley, a downcast woman, is befriended by a mobster who makes her happy. But after his unexpected death she is left with a mysterious briefcase.
1 May 1961
Yanqui Go Home
Just ahead of vicious revolutionaries, an American engineer and his wife escape from their home, a jungle oil field. Soon, they are hijacked by counter revolutionaries, and get caught in a gunfight and chase. They join one in his quest to keep religious items from falling into the wrong hands, and along the way the man reveals intimate secrets about his past to his wife.
8 May 1961
Little Big Mouth
Famous newspaper woman Nelly Bly goes to a far western Indian reservation looking for a story, and finds a doctor in charge, one that seems to start fights more than solve problems. She threatens to write a damning story on him, but has a change of heart after talking to his niece and accompanying him on an errand of mercy.
15 May 1961
The Assassin
After her boss dies, Louise Forest is accused of embezzlement by Mr. Carlisle, one of the partners. After admitting it, she leaves to think over her options, then meets Joe who has been sent to cause her harm.
29 May 1961
The Hitch-Hiker
A lady lawyer and her author husband encounter a starving young woman and her baby, and take them in. Soon they discover she's a Czech refugee that is hiding from a local rich woman she worked for as a maid, and who wants to take away the child.The lawyer takes up the case and discovers secrets about the vindictive matron.
5 Jun. 1961
Big Jake
A craggy old police detective and a young reporter investigate a safe cracking. They suspect an old ex-con offender, now living with his daughter's family. He turns himself in, confessing everything, though the detective smells a rat. Meanwhile, the actual perpetrators plan another job.
3 Jul. 1961
A Man's Game
In a semi-comedic tale of frontier times, a woman named "Chris Mathews" is sworn in as a pro tempore sheriff, but she decides she'll run for the office in an upcoming election. The men of the town decide to show her up with a fake robbery, but the robber double crosses them.

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