Fate of a Man (1959) Poster



Sokolov: [Snaps to attention] Prisoner Sokolov reporting as ordered.

Muller: So four cubic meters is too much to quarry, eh?

Sokolov: It is, Commandant, far too much.

Muller: And you need only one cubic meter for your grave, right?

Sokolov: Yes, that's quite enough for a grave. Even there'd be room to spare.

Muller: I'm going to do you a great honor. I'll shoot you with my own pistol.

[Gesturing with his gun]

Muller: Let's go into the yard.

Sokolov: Whatever you say.

[Turns sharply about face]

Muller: Have a drink before you die, Russian Ivan. To the triumphant armies of the fatherland.

[Officers around the table stand for the toast]

Sokolov: [Places his drink down on the table] I appreciate it, but I'm not much of a drinker.

Muller: You refuse to drink to our victory?

[Goes to the table, returns with a piece of bread]

Muller: Very well, then. I propose you drink to your death.

Sokolov: To my death and my release from this torment, I will drink.

[Drinks entire glass of vodka in one draught, places the glass on the table and the bread on the top of the glass]

Sokolov: I'm ready now, Herr Commandant, come on.

Muller: Have a bite to eat before you die.

Sokolov: I never feel like eating after only one glass.

Muller: [Pours another glass full, offers him the bread and glass] Don't be shy, go ahead.

Sokolov: [Drinks second glass dry, replaces the glass and bread] . Sorry, Herr Commandant, but I don't eat after two glasses, either.

Muller: [Officers at table, laughing and applauding: Bravo! It's incredible. He's had a whole bottle without eating anything!. Commandant returns to table, slowly pours a third drink, filling the glass to the brim]

Sokolov: [Takes third glass and bread from the Commandant. Pauses, then drinks entire glass while staring at Commandant. Takes a tiny bit of bread, leaves the rest with the glass on the table]

Muller: [Ordering his officers to be silent] Listen here, Sokolov. You're a good Russian soldier. A brave soldier. I'm a soldier also. And I respect a worthy enemy. I'm not going to shoot you. This morning our invincible armies reached the Volga and have taken complete possession of Stalingrad. And to this marvelous news you owe your life which I generously give back to you. Return to your barracks.

[Picks up a loaf of bread and butter from the table]

Muller: Take this with you, for your courage.

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