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Watch Threshold for Free on FilmOn

Watch Threshold for Free on FilmOn
Threshold is available for free viewing at The channel presents its viewers, as its tagline suggests, “[t]he ultimate Sci-Fi channel for films and TV shows.” Some of the entertainment you’ll be able to see include “Terror in the Midnight Sun,” which follows a geologist who has to save the world from a monster: “After a herd of reindeer are mysteriously found dead following a meteor crash in a remote part of Sweden, soldiers and a geologist are called out to investigate. Just as they discover that the meteor is actually a spaceship, a hideous monster destroys their plane and kills the soldier guarding it. As the geologist (along with [ Read More ]

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The Empire Strikes Back as a 50s Sci-Fi Movie

Ivan Guerrero has done something very cool. He’s taken loads of classic sci-fi movie clips and spliced them together to make a 50s-style movie trailer for The Empire Strikes Back. Guerrero has more of these “Premakes”, but this one is a must-see. I just can’t help but marvel at how he was able to find the right old clips to make a reasonable comparison to the iconic imagery of Star Wars. But he did and it’s damn impressive.

Hit the jump to check it out along with a list of all the films he used to put it together.

Here’s Guerrero’s list of films he took footage from (and obviously he did some text and small special effects). Also, if you’d like to see more of his Premakes, click here [via The Awesomer]:

Flash Gordon (“Deadline at Noon”, “Conquers the Universe”), The Phantom Planet, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,
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