North West Frontier (1959) Poster

Lauren Bacall: Catherine Wyatt



  • Captain Scott : You're the first American woman I've met. Are they all like you?

    Catherine Wyatt : Why? How do I seem?

    Captain Scott : Well, shall we say a little bit more independent than most?

    Catherine Wyatt : Is that the tactful English way of saying you think I'm pig-headed?

  • Catherine Wyatt : The British never seem to do anthing until they've had a cup of tea, By which time it's too late,

  • Catherine Wyatt : Are you sure about Mr. Van Layden? I mean, won't you get into a lot of trouble if you're wrong?

    Captain Scott : Wouldn't you like to see me drummed out of my regiment? Paraded before the troops? Medals torn off my manly bosom? I used to think that would be just your cup of tea.

    Catherine Wyatt : They don't really do all that, do they?

    Captain Scott : Well, of course they do! And my best friend calls on me in my quarters, hands me a loaded revolver and says, "Carruthers, its the only way out for a gentleman."

  • Captain Scott : "Be thankful you're living and trust your luck, march to your front like a soldier."

    Catherine Wyatt : Who said that?

    Captain Scott : Man called Kipling. Another tea-drinker.

  • Bridie : It seems a bit extreme to me locking him up like that, after all what can he do?

    Catherine Wyatt : The idea of locking him up is so that we don't have to find out what he can do, Mr. Bridie.

    Bridie : I don't suppose he's even got anything to read.

  • Catherine Wyatt : You'll have to forgive me for speaking my mind. I happen to believe that's what it's for.

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