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Season 1

8 Sep. 1959
Getaway Day
After receiving a tip from a dying police officer, Nick joins a gang of thugs planning to rob a racetrack.
15 Sep. 1959
The Casino
The local mob is killing off the small operators who are horning in on their gambling business. Nick flashes some cash and gets invited to one of the mob's casinos where he plays like he's a tough guy. This catches the boss' eye because he's always looking for new thugs.
22 Sep. 1959
The Frame
Undercover agent Nick Stone infiltrates a gang of jewel thieves to find evidence that a man convicted of murder during a jewel robbery is actually innocent.
29 Sep. 1959
Stand on Velvet
Nick goes undercover in the organization of a numbers racket boss, ultimately hoping to bring him down. Doing so, however, involves a very risky double-cross.
6 Oct. 1959
The Cracking Point
Nick infiltrates a bank robbery gang which uses blackmail to accomplish its ends, and which employs a particularly sadistic henchman who often kills in spite of his boss's orders.
13 Oct. 1959
Thousand Dollar Bill
Nick works undercover on a bank robbery. After the thieves are apprehended, the $100,000 they stole is nowhere to be found, and the police lieutenant who apprehended them is accused of taking the money. Now Nick works to prove the lieutenant innocent.
20 Oct. 1959
Music and Mink
Nick wants to get hired by a gang planning on cleaning out the vault at a jewelry store. He makes sure he's seen as a flashy thug who needs work after a dame (who works for them) slips him a mickey and cleans him out.
3 Nov. 1959
Man in the Middle
A mobster just released from prison finds that his former protege now controls half of his old territory. Nick goes undercover to infiltrate the ranks of both men in order to get the evidence against them and prevent a major gang war from erupting.
10 Nov. 1959
The Patsy
To learn the identity of the head of a gambling syndicate and bring him down, Nick plays a dangerous game, holding up and eventually kidnapping the syndicate's underlings and setting up a robbery.
17 Nov. 1959
The Money Fight
After a boxer is killed for not throwing a fight as ordered, Nick goes undercover by taking over as manager for another young prizefighter, planning eventually to get him to turn evidence against the crooked promoter who ordered the killing.
1 Dec. 1959
The Perfect Circle
A police detective vanishes after he is accused of robbing a train and killing two employees. Nick is sent undercover to determine if the officer is really guilty, or if he is even alive, and bring whoever is guilty to justice.
8 Dec. 1959
The Lady
After a polished blackmailer drives one woman to suicide, Nick goes undercover to stop the man from his next target, actress Laura Crane. The blackmail scheme involves the suspicious death of Laura's first husband.
15 Dec. 1959
Cold Kill
A shoe shop owner witnesses a mob murder, and Nick assumes the identity of the hit man who's been sent for to kill him. But the witness goes into hiding, and so the mob decides to smoke out the old man by using his wife and brother. Nick must act carefully to protect all three.
22 Dec. 1959
The Neon Wheel
Posing as a businessman representing an electronic firm, Nick gets in with a mayoral candidate who's part of the mob. He offers Nick some free city land if he'll help frame the current mayor with a phony bribery set-up.
29 Dec. 1959
Two Private Eyes
Nick's assignment is to bring down two crooked private detectives whose latest plan is to shake down a doctor whose wife is missing.
5 Jan. 1960
Night of the Gun
One of two witnesses to a mob killing is murdered. Though Nick has had all he can take of undercover work and requests being taken off of it, he is assigned to infiltrate the mob to protect the other witness, who has now gone into hiding.
12 Jan. 1960
Broken Rope
While undercover on a payroll robbery in which a cashier is killed, Nick is shot by a policeman. Though suspicious of him, the robbery gang takes him to their secret hideout, where he must continue walking the tightrope to avoid giving away his identity and yet stop other innocent people from being killed.
19 Jan. 1960
Cold Ice
A diamond cutter is robbed of a prize stone, but refuses to cooperate with police in identifying the thieves, because he recognized one as someone close to him. He is thus suspected of involvement with the thieves. Nick goes undercover to learn the truth.
26 Jan. 1960
Appointment in Jericho
Nick is sent undercover to protect Paul Keel, a witness against a mobster who has now been released and is trying to kill him. But the assignment is complicated by the fact that Nick was once in love with Keel's wife, and she still has feelings for him, not knowing that he is an undercover man.
2 Feb. 1960
Three to Make Ready
Frank Teal, a criminal operator who hides behind legit businesses, has someone on his hit list. The cops' informant is gunned down before they can find out the identity of the marked man . Nick gets himself hired by Teal, hoping to learn the name of the man to be murdered.
9 Feb. 1960
The Model and the Mobster
Mobster Sid Zero is a man who gets what he wants in business and women by using muscle, threats, and, if necessary, murder. Nick goes undercover to bring him down, and tries to get the help of the latest young model Zero has forced into becoming his mistress.
16 Feb. 1960
The Long Odds
After an undercover officer is murdered while investigating illegal betting, Nick goes undercover to find the murderer. He soon settles on two bookies, and puts himself on the line by placing opposing bets with each of them.
23 Feb. 1960
The Brave Pigeon
Family man Fred Anderson identifies a hired killer, who is then killed by police. To send a message to all potential witnesses, gang boss Max Romney orders Anderson killed. To protect him, Nick goes undercover as a man who wants to kill Anderson himself.
1 Mar. 1960
First Time Out
Nick sets out to get hired by master criminal Pierre Renay whose heists are so well planned and executed that there's never any evidence to link him to the robberies.
8 Mar. 1960
Park Avenue Story
A wealthy man is murdered on the street at night in an apparent holdup. But it's actually part of a scheme to cheat the man's niece, who has been gambling in a house run by a crooked casino owner. Nick is sent in undercover to put a stop to the operation.
15 Mar. 1960
Big Business
Nick goes undercover to put an end to a racketeer who takes over businesses by threatening the owners and their families.
29 Mar. 1960
The Chinese Pendant
Nick goes undercover as a jewel thief to bring down mob boss Ben Verlaine, not knowing of an even greater danger in the same town---an old associate from two years earlier who has figured out that Nick was the one who sent him to prison, and now wants revenge.
5 Apr. 1960
Achilles and His Heels
Nick's plan is to infiltrate Joe Achilles' gang to bring him to justice. But the son of a man Achilles had killed complicates the plan as he seeks revenge.
12 Apr. 1960
Gangster's Daughter
The first step for Nick in infiltrating Vince Baron's gang is foiling the attempted kidnapping of Baron's daughter. He must also contend with a young upstart who wants to push Baron out as leader. What Nick was not expecting was to fall for the daughter.
19 Apr. 1960
The Penthouse Story
A restaurant owner and his wife both witness a murder, but are too afraid to tell the police. Nick goes undercover to bring down the mobster responsible.
26 Apr. 1960
The Shark
Nick goes undercover to bring down an organization of loan sharks. To do this, he raises their attention by taking out five different loans from five different underlings.
3 May 1960
The Horse Runs High
Nick is assigned to bring down a gang that has been increasing the odds on the horses it bets on by drugging them, an act which has resulted in death for both a horse and its jockey.
10 May 1960
The Hired Guns
A witness to a murder committed by a man posing as a cop is so scared, and distrusting of the police, that he decides to hire his own gunman to act as his bodyguard. Nick sets things up to get the job and find the killer as well as protect the witness.
17 May 1960
Undercover to expose a narcotics ring operating across the Mexican border, Nick finds that a one-time high-class socialite, now fallen on hard times, is involved with the group.
24 May 1960
A Matter of Money
Nick goes undercover as a key shop assistant to bring down a gang that extorts money from small store owners, and resorts to violence if they hold out.
31 May 1960
Bullets and Ballet
Stone ends up joining a pair of gangsters who take over a seaside mansion.

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