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Season 2

17 Oct. 1960
After solving a cattle rustling scheme, Slade collects his pay. As he is leaving the ranch, his former client is murdered. The man's widow and his best friend blame each other. Slade must find which one is telling the truth.
7 Nov. 1960
The Missing Dog
Slade is hired by a sheriff to solve a bank robbery. As he is on the job, he is hired by a boy to find his missing dog. Slade soon realizes the two jobs are linked.
12 Dec. 1960
Woman from Wyoming
Slade comes to town to meet Rebecca Howland - a woman coming from Wyoming on the train. She is an heiress to a fortune and desires protection from others who would try to take it away from her.
19 Dec. 1960
The Laughing Widow
A hard-bitten town taming sheriff is devastated when he's forced by law to hang his own son for theft of a gold shipment. Slade is convinced the man is innocent and sets out to prove it even as the hour of execution draws nigh.
Little Sister
Chelsey Blair owns the Ritz Casino in Riverpoint. When a man is found dead after winning big at the casino, Chelsey hires Slade to find the killer and clear the reputation of the casino.
Misplaced Genius
An employee interrupts a burglary at a bank and is killed. When nothing is found missing, it is assumed the burglars panicked and ran. Months later when a cashier notices two bills with the same serial number, Slade is called in.
Mother Sixgun
A bar is robbed. The Sheriff - who is a friend of Slade's - starts to investigate and then disappears. Slade arrives in town to visit his friend and is determined to find out what happened to him.
The Impatient Bullet
Slade catches up with a man he has been trailing. The man has been leading a five man gang through a string of bank robberies. Slade gets him to jail but must now convince the man's ex-girlfriend to testify against him.
The Silent Man
$50,000 in bank notes is stolen from the Tucson stage. Slade is hired by the insurance company to recover the notes. They have given him 30 days to get the job done. He stops at Martinsville looking for leads.
Widow of El Dorado
Slade is hired to stop a wedding. When he arrives he is too late. When the bridegroom is killed, guilt is cast on the woman who hired Slade. He believes she is innocent but he must find the true murderer to clear her.
Valley of the Shadow
Ethan Kellogg is receiving death threats to reverse his decision to close his mine. He asks Slade to find who is behind the threats. Before Slade decides whether or not to accept the job, Ethan is killed. Now, Slade wants the killer.
A Noose for Hurley
An old man with a fading memory gives an invoice to the Widow Rankin. He says it was borrowed by her husband. She is not sure if it is legitimate and hires Slade to determine if the money is really owed.
A Grave at San Gallo
Janet Milford is looking for her long lost husband and is offering a reward. She receives a letter from Frank Peeler saying he knows where he is. Janet hires Slade to accompany her on the trip to verify the claim.
Yankee Spy
Slade is hired by the US Government to find a missing agent in southern Louisiana.
Skinner's Rainbow
Hardluck Luke claims he has found a gold strike. He wants to sell to Ben Willard. Ben Willard wants Professor Simms to certify the claim before he buys the mine. Simms wants protection for the trip and Slade is hired for the job.
The Lost Herds
A rancher named Roberts sends for Slade. There has been a rash of cattle rustling and his ranch is the only ranch untouched. Slade goes undercover to discover if anyone on the ranch is involved.
The Search for Susan
Sam Emerson is one of the wealthiest people in the state. He is getting up in years and wants to find his long lost daughter. He hires Slade to track her down.
The Phantom Noose
Judge Beck is a hanging Judge. He has hung 27 men. He hires Slade to learn about 3 men that escaped judgment. Slade is asked to stay on after the job is done. He soon learns the Judge is haunted by the 27 men he has hung.
Madame Vengeance
Lillian Leclair is a bank president. She is grieving the loss of her husband and father at the hands of bank robbers. She doesn't know who the robber were, but wants to hire Slade to kill the bank robber and bring him to her.
Five Graves
Slade is hired vial mail to track down five men, give them $500 and tell them there is more if they go with him to a plantation. After Slade delivers the men, he finds there is no plantation and sets out to find out what is going on.
The Payrollers
There have been a series of payroll holdups in the area. When $60,000 in gold is stolen and a clerk is killed, Slade is called in to find the Payrollers and the gold.
A Gun and a Prayer
An old friend contacts Slade for a special favor. Slade owes him a favor and leaves immediately and soon finds that the friend needs a different kind of help.
The Ranch Ghost
Slade is offered $500 to marry a woman. She has inherited a ranch but there is a condition: she must be married before she turns 27. Slade turns it down and is then hired to be her body guard.
Something to Die For
Emil Cosca operated a foundry. Everyone in town believed he kept a treasure hidden in the foundry. A man from his past shows up for the treasure. They are both killed in a shootout. Mrs. Cosca hires Slade to find out if the treasure exists.

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