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24 Oct. 1959
The Magnificent Bribe
Mr. Lucky and Andamo are comfortably running a Gambling Casino in a South American Banana Republic thanks to a bribeable President.Unknown to Lucky,Andamo decides to aid an anti government revolutionary group.Feeling the heat,Lucky and Andamo will attempt to leave-if possible!
31 Oct. 1959
They Shall Not Pass
Honest gamblers Joe Adams (alias Mr. Lucky) and Andamo arrive in the Port of Los Angeles on a freighter as crewmen-broke but cheerful.They meet up with a notorious conman,help save his life and end up owning the yacht Fortuna II.This they convert into a gambling ship and which leads to many adventures.
7 Nov. 1959
A man that a Mob Boss is looking for hides out on the Fortuna II. Mr. Lucky and Andamo, initially unaware of this fact, later help the man.
14 Nov. 1959
The Money Game
New "regulars" at the Fortuna II's roulette wheel include a beautiful, wealthy divorcée and a studious, eccentric professor. This could somehow coincide with a recent rash of counterfeit money entering the Port of Los Angeles.
21 Nov. 1959
That Stands for Pool
Mr. Lucky and Andamo find that betting on the outcome of a pool (billiards) game involves more than money-it also involves their life or death.
28 Nov. 1959
My Little Gray Home
An old friend of Mr. Lucky comes to the Fortuna II to ask an unusual favor.He has just been released from prison-and wants Lucky's help in going back!
5 Dec. 1959
The Gordon Caper
A well known multimillionaire visits the Fortuna II for an evening of fun and gambling. Mr. Lucky,Andamo and Maggie are all in danger when the man's past catches up with him.
12 Dec. 1959
Little Miss Wow
Mr. Lucky plays Good Samaritan and rescues a girl about to commit suicide-he thinks.She's really a wealthy,wild runaway who wants the "three dollar tour of Hipville".A couple of the Hipsters have other plans once they know who she really is.
19 Dec. 1959
A Business Measure
The Fortuna II's anchorage is used by gem smugglers as a drop off point.When Mr. Lucky and Andamo find this out and notify the police,the smugglers will stop at nothing to recover their booty.
26 Dec. 1959
An armed robbery of the Fortuna II curiously includes the taking of personal checks which were used to pay off gambling losses. This oddity leads Mr. Lucky and Andamo to the true reason for the crime - and very nearly to Davy Jones' Locker.
2 Jan. 1960
Aces Back to Back
Mr. Lucky receives a "Birthday Present" from an old WWII Navy pal-an atrocious oil painting.When the friend is murdered and an aggressive buyer for the painting pops up on the Fortuna II,Mr. Lucky,Andamo and Maggie find themselves in a hot spot.
9 Jan. 1960
Maggie the Witness
Maggie witnesses a Mob assassination and Mr. Lucky wants her to go into hiding until the hitmen are caught. At the same time an Estate Lawyer is looking for her and Andamo unintentionally helps the killers.
16 Jan. 1960
The Two Million Dollar Window
A horse racetrack is robbed and some of the money with known serial numbers ends up on the Fortuna II.When Mr. Lucky and Andamo are jailed for suspicion of being part of the heist team,the gang uses the ship as a drop to smuggle the money out of the country.
23 Jan. 1960
The Leadville Kid Gang
Turn-of-the-century train robbers become ship robbers when they visit the Fortuna II. Mr. Lucky and Andamo track them down despite the interference of present-day thieves.
30 Jan. 1960
The Sour Milk Fund
An attractive Society matron who is anti-gambling/pro-children's milk fund charity,visits the Fortuna II and stages a publicity stunt to make her point.Andamo is smitten and convinces Mr. Lucky to have a fund-raiser but there is more than one reason for Lucky being leery.
6 Feb. 1960
The Brain Picker
Without any discussion,Mr. Lucky tells Andamo the Fortuna II will cease being a gambling ship and will become a Private Member,ultra-fine dining,restaurant and night club.One of the new members,a wealthy young lady,has a problem-she has run out of money paying a blackmailer.Lucky and Andamo try to help.
13 Feb. 1960
The Last Laugh
The new comedian at Lucky's is still wanted by his previous boss, an old-time Prohibition Era mobster. Stopping at nothing,eventually the comic's wife and Maggie are kidnapped as part of a scheme to make the comic return and sign a contract.
20 Feb. 1960
The Parolee
A crooked businessman has convicts paroled to him and then threatens to have them sent back unless they do exactly as he says-including strong-arming and murder.Mr. Lucky and Andamo help one of the parolees,a Salad Chef on the Fortuna II,who wants to stay clean.
27 Feb. 1960
The Tax Man
A company which has scheduled a party on the Fortuna II is undergoing an IRS tax audit. The owner, knowing fraud will be eventually discovered, decides to buy time by "tipping" the Tax Agent into starting an investigation of Lucky's.
5 Mar. 1960
The Gladiators
Mr. Lucky and Andamo volunteer to be in charge of an up-and-coming,wealthy,Ivy League boxer until a charitable "Fight-Night" event is completed.The manager of the opponent does not want to take any chance of his fighter losing a title shot-Lucky's man must take a dive or else.
12 Mar. 1960
Big Squeeze
An old friend of Mr. Lucky's is planning a major heist and asks for help with the getaway by using the Fortuna II to leave for Cuba afterwards. Lucky turns him down but, after getting the blame for the crime, decides to track down the thieves with Andamo in danger and Lt. Rovacs hot on his heels.
19 Mar. 1960
Cold Deck
Mr. Lucky and Andamo are visited by an old friend who needs their help who is now the manager of a posh country club with a problem: A recently suicidal club member is only one of many who are being cheated out of large sums of money by a card shark. Lucky and Andamo go "undercover" to find out who it is.
26 Mar. 1960
His Maiden Voyage
A high powered attorney and three of his "associates" hijack the Fortuna II. The lawyer is attempting to reach a foreign shore with his daughter in order to avoid a custody fight. Mr. Lucky and Andamo have a different course in mind.
2 Apr. 1960
I Bet Your Life
Mr. Lucky narrowly escapes more than one murder attempt and suspects someone wants him dead.He finds out that he's part of a bet, the winner gets $1000 for each day he lives-until he's killed.
9 Apr. 1960
Hair of the Dog
A front man for the Mob wants to buy the Fortuna II and will not take "NO" for an answer. Staged fights in the Dining Room,use of an attack dog and a quarantine for a virus are some of the tactics used to force the sale.Lucky and Andamo will not be intimidated and,with Rovacs' help,fight back.
16 Apr. 1960
Vote the Bullet
A candidate for Councilman is assassinated and the man's brother asks Mr. Lucky for help in finding out who is responsible for the murder.Lucky makes himself a target by running for the office and dares the killers to come into the open to stop him.
23 Apr. 1960
Hit and Run
Mr. Lucky is the chief suspect in a hit-and-run death involving an old gambling friend. "Luckily" the man had visited with Lucky and Andamo on the Fortuna II before he died-and left a clue to the real killer.
30 Apr. 1960
Taking a Chance
Mr. Lucky's reputation for being able to deal with unsavory characters leads to a popular actress asking for his help. She is being blackmailed regarding an incident in her youth by a Mystery Man. Lucky, Andamo and Lt. Rovacs set out to find out who it is and put an end to the extortion.
14 May 1960
Last Journey
A man who has testified against the Syndicate attempts to use the Fortuna II as a means of smuggling his son into California from Mexico.A top Mobster is aware of what is going on and has his men following the boy-they will kill the father for revenge.Lucky,Andamo and Lt. Rovacs do what they can to help.
21 May 1960
Operation Fortuna
Armed juvenile delinquents rob the Fortuna II's Cash Room and Dining Room customers. Their efficient heist even included knocking out the Ship-to-Shore radio. Mr. Lucky and Andamo suspect an awkward young waiter may be involved.
28 May 1960
Stacked Deck
A modern day Jack-the-Ripper is loose in the Port of Los Angeles-murdering rich,young blondes. Unknown to Mr. Lucky and Andamo (but not to "Jack") a rich, young blonde is a stowaway on the Fortuna II.
4 Jun. 1960
Odyssey of Hate
A man and woman use "lookalikes" and the Fortuna II as a means to illegally enter the United States.Their reason for evading the immigration authorities has national security implications and involves a network of traitors.Mr. Lucky and Andamo are asked to help locate the couple in Los Angeles.
11 Jun. 1960
Dangerous Lady
A woman whose fugitive husband's stolen stash she has spent tries to extort the money from Lucky to replace the money so she will not be murdered by the husband or his unpaid accomplices.
18 Jun. 1960
Election Bet
When Lucky will not call-off a bet on an election with Toby on election eve which it seems Lucky will win, Toby hires a man to kill Lucky to avoid being killed himself by a syndicate which he owes a like amount of the bet.

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