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Season 1

The Spots Off a Leopard/Invasion of Earth by Robots/Cecil Meets the Singing Dinasor
Beany and Cecil hunt for Old Spot the Leopard. Cecil confronts a pair of Venusian robots - a mother robot and her baby. The gang sets out to capture a singing dinosaur.
The 7th Voyage of Singood/Cecil Meets Cecilia/The Capture of Thunderbolt the Wondercolt
Dishonest John, as Singood the Sailor, enlists the help of Greeny the Seasick Genie. Cecil pines for a girlfriend. Captain Huffenpuff and crew attempt to capture Thunderbolt the Wondercolt.
Hero by Trade/The Illegal Eagle Egg/Cecil Gets Careless
Cecil and Dishonest John battle for the treasure on Treasure Island. A bald eagle becomes an egg thief. Careless the Mexican hairless outwits Dishonest John, the dogcatcher.
The Mad Isle of Madhattan/The Hammy Awards/Harecules at the Golden Fleecing
In the "Mad Isle of Madhattan" Beany and Cecil attempt to sell a TV package to attract The Dodo. Dishonest John gets there first.

 Season 1 

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