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Season 1

2 May 1959
A Princely Sum
Upon hearing that Roy Markham's (Ray Milland's) good friend, Jim Donovan, has been shot and killed on the steps of U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Markham and his partner John Riggs (Simon Scott) fly to Washington to investigate. Markham believes Boris Vascou (Anthony Eustrel), the "Vanishing Assassin," murdered his friend over information Donovan planned to share with the U.S. government about the country where he had been working as an oil engineer: "Kaleda," a small, oil-rich kingdom on the Persian Gulf. Its ruler, Prince Hassan III, is due to arrive in Washington shortly ...
9 May 1959
Woman of Arles
A priceless painting by "van Goff" is stolen from a New York museum and a watchman is killed. The insurance company hires Markham to find it, and a mysterious letter lures him to a town called Santa Maria. Will he find the painting there?
23 May 1959
The Marble Face
A young woman contacts Markham after moving in with an elderly aunt she hadn't seen since childhood. The niece fears that the old lady is being robbed by an unscrupulous medium whose séances bring back the spirit of the woman's long-dead son. Markham attends one of the sittings and immediately pegs the spiritualist as a phony; he also finds the aunt to be a little too theatrical to be a sheltered old hermit.
30 May 1959
The Human Factor
A modest clerk working for an international mining company is stalked and beaten on the streets of Montreal. She accuses one of the executives in her office of doing it. Did he?
13 Jun. 1959
Three Steps to Murder
Markham must find out what connects three crank bombings?
4 Jul. 1959
The Last Bullet
Nicky Schueller, a supposedly successful financier, kills himself while hosting a party in his home the night before his wedding. His employer hires Markham to find the money he embezzled.
11 Jul. 1959
Forty-Two on a Rope
Markham is asked to protect a young girl.
17 Oct. 1959
An unknown disease infects the crew of a research ship.
7 Nov. 1959
Incident in Bel Air
A law school friend asks Roy Markham to quash rumors that his lady friend, the Bel-Air resident, killed her husband. The coroner ruled her husband's death a suicide. Roy is able to warn his friend that it was murder.
21 Nov. 1959
Strange Visitor
Markham comes home to find an unconscious, rich heiress and her three armed kidnappers. The crooks demand $500,000 for her return and know that her father will contact Markham for help since he'd worked for the family before. Knowing that they'll be killed after the ransom is paid, Roy schemes to overtake their captors with a well-timed explosion.
30 Jun. 1960
The Cruelest Thief
Eight-year-old Judy Frost hasn't spoken a word or walked a step since her father died in a car accident. A poodle named "Sampson" is coaxing her out of her state of shock. But, one night, Sampson runs off. Can Markham find him?
4 Aug. 1960
The Young Conspirator
Markham's newspaper boy, Jimmy Standish, wants to prevent his mother from marrying a man named Guy Franklin. But what's the best way? Introduce her to a more desirable man -- Roy Markham, of course.