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Season 1

7 Apr. 1959
Fortune's Folly
A man who can't stop gambling is about to lose his wife and son, however, he is tempted by one last bet.
14 Apr. 1959
Life Line
A man impersonates a fairground fortune-teller but finds a fake prediction coming true.
21 Apr. 1959
District Attorney Paul Nelson's Senate run seems a shoe-in after sending a punk to the gas chamber for murder. But then a man claiming he's the actual killer threatens to expose Nelson's blunder unless he's paid $20,000. Refusing to believe he sent an innocent man to his death, Nelson does some investigating on his own.
5 May 1959
The Promise
A ruthless tycoon puts a major deal on hold because he feels honor-bound to fulfill a promise to a woman back in his childhood town.
12 May 1959
The Twist of the Key
The attempts of a woman to meet her lover at a beach-hut are frustrated by her husband's plotting.
19 May 1959
A Day of Small Miracles
A professional stage pick-pocket has fallen on hard times, unable to get a booking since he developed arthritis in his hands. Desperate for money, he puts his skills to work on the general public, but his conscience won't let him actually keep their money. Then suddenly, good things start coming his way.
26 May 1959
The Lady from Winnetka
An American woman on a Mediterranean island finds herself threatened following the accidental death of her tour guide.
16 Jun. 1959
In post-war Germany two GIs outline two divergent interpretations of a portrait of a beautiful woman: one sees a charming but unscrupulous cafe entertainer, the other sees a chemist intent on avenging the Third Reich. The lady then appears.
23 Jun. 1959
Sticks and Stones
A series of anonymous letters affect a top baseball player both on the field and at home, but there is more behind them than at first appears.
30 Jun. 1959
The Vengeance
A small-town police officer acts as bait to recapture an escaped murderer he helped to convict several years ago.
7 Jul. 1959
Good Deed
A journalist acts as intermediary between the police and an escaped convict.

 Season 1 

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