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ID of Anton Leader
albertayler113 July 2009
IMDb indicates Leader had a long career directing in TV and before that he was a prominent director of radio drama (Suspense, Murder at Midnight, etc.). While I have not seen any of the Bold Venture TV episodes, the radio version with Bogart and Bacall was superior radio. I suspect they were recycling some of the old radio scripts as the descriptions sound familiar. Perhaps someone could determine if there was anyone involved in the TV production that was also involved in the radio production which was owned by Bogart. Anyway it would be fun to see this. Wish someone would post it somewhere. I guess it is possible that I saw this as a child since I was an avid viewer of such programs and it was on film.
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Great series on radio & TV
inframan5 August 2013
I remember this series both on radio & TV as very superior fare full of existentialist romantic atmosphere. Morton Fine & David Friedkin were responsible for a lot of excellent radio programs including Broadway is My Beat (with lieutenant Danny Clover) & I Spy. Other shows the 2 created or worked on on TV included The Pawnbroker (which won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Written American Drama in 1965), The Nativity, The Greek Tycoon, I Spy, The Next Man, The Most Deadly Game,& several television Westerns including The Rifleman, The Big Valley, Maverick.

A friend in the business once told me many years ago that Bold Venture scripts were all written in blank verse. I don't know if he was pulling my leg but they sure sounded that way.
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