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5 Jan. 1960
The Justice Tree
Convicted killer Calvin Gannis is being escorted to this place of execution but escapes after a road accident, finding himself in a ghost town, seemingly inhabited by only the widowed Sally and her young son Joey. However, an oak tree which has been dead for decades suddenly starts to grow again, spelling out justice for Gannis.
12 Jan. 1960
In 1906 San Francisco, many famous people gather at a hotel to hear renowned opera singer Enrico Caruso perform. However, a bellboy at the hotel suddenly has visions of impending mass destruction and death, but he can't get anyone to listen to him.
19 Jan. 1960
The Forests of the Night
Three friends on a hunting trip idling away a rainy day stumble upon a mysterious Chinese game that promises to make a man what he is not, such as a mouse a tiger. After playing the game, a mild-mannered member of the trio begins acting strangely.
26 Jan. 1960
Call from Tomorrow
A famous actress has a complete breakdown after the death of her young daughter. After she recovers she returns home, only to be convinced that she can hear her daughter calling to her from beyond the grave.
2 Feb. 1960
Who Are You?
In the 1900s, Laurie Warren, recovering from scarlet fever it was feared would kill her, travels to the home of a Mr and Mrs Mason, whose daughter has recently died and imagines that she is that daughter rejecting her parents when they come after her. However things change after Mrs Mason discovers that she is pregnant and Laurie recovers her old self.
9 Feb. 1960
The Day the World Wept-The Lincoln Story
In 1865 President Abraham Lincoln has a dream in which he foresees his own death. His wife Mary has a similarly fatalistic vision but other, ordinary Americans who have never met Lincoln, also experience psychic phenomena. The next evening the president goes to Ford's Theatre where his killer is waiting.
16 Feb. 1960
The Lovers
Evil spirits are determined to break up the romance between Otto, a patron at a Viennese tavern, and Elsa, a beautiful waitress there. But the connection between the two lovers seems to be stronger than the spirits counted on.
23 Feb. 1960
Vanishing Point
Quarrelsome couple Fred and Ruth Graham rent an old house but, following an argument, Ruth disappears. Fred is tried for her murder but released for lack of evidence. However, he discovers that several previous occupants of the house have also mysteriously vanished without trace.
1 Mar. 1960
The Mask
During World War II, Lt. Wilenski bails out of a crippled plane over the Sahara Desert, but the harsh and unrelenting conditions in the desert almost result in his death. After his rescue, however, he and his rescuers are stunned to discover that he not only has somehow acquired the memory of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, but also has the monarch's facial features!
8 Mar. 1960
The Haunting
Suspecting his friend Peter of having an affair with his bride-to-be, Colin Chandler allows him to die following a climbing accident. However ghostly happenings interrupt the wedding ceremony resulting in punishment for Colin and his eventual breakdown.
15 Mar. 1960
The Explorer
In Germany in 1911 Felix Borgner is visited by Dr Hansen, one of three explorers who got lost in the desert the previous year and were saved and guided back to safety by Borgner's son Eric. Of course Borgner is not amused as Eric was no longer alive by that time.
22 Mar. 1960
The Clown
A guilt-ridden murderer looks in a mirror and sees the image of a mute clown drawing near to throttle him.
5 Apr. 1960
I Saw You Tomorrow
As he arrives at a large mansion, a man suddenly has a vision of a woman being murdered. Later, he is stunned to see the woman he saw in the vision show up as a guest at the estate.
12 Apr. 1960
A small construction crew is set on edge when a pilot and his plane suddenly disappear, his last radio message frantically reporting a mountain descending from the clouds and coming right at him. While searching for their colleague, UFO skeptics and believers among the crew debate reported sightings and evidence.
19 Apr. 1960
The Peter Hurkos Story: Part 1
Peter Hurkos, a resistance fighter in Holland during World War II, awakens from a coma and discovers that he not only has psychic powers, but that he can see the good or evil in someone simply by touching them. Soon he is using his powers to help track down a crazed killer.
26 Apr. 1960
The Peter Hurkos Story: Part 2
Following his experiences Hurkos begins to work with parapsychologist Dr Lindsteom and the police and is credited with assisting in the capture of real-life serial killers. Hurkos himself finally appears on screen.
3 May 1960
A man disillusioned with life meets the woman of his dreams on a tropical island. When she suddenly disappears his life begins to spiral out of control, and in his desperation he begins to believe he is having encounters with the supernatural.
10 May 1960
The Visitor
Alcoholic Ellen Grayson summons her husband Harry to her isolated house to announce their marriage is over, after which he crashes his car. Helen is then visited by a man, the exact double of a much younger Harry, whose account of the love his has for his wife moves her to reconciliation and inadvertently saving her husband's life.
17 May 1960
A convict who has just escaped from prison meets up with a mysterious gypsy, who convinces him that it is best for him to return to the prison from which he has just escaped. The convict soon begins to realize that the there was quite a bit more to the gypsy than there at first appeared to be.
24 May 1960
Bill Dermott finds himself haunted by a determined voice in his mind plotting a heinous murder. Could this unsettling phenomenon possibly be linked to the antique pocket watch he received as a gift from his wife?
31 May 1960
The Lonely Room
Young Henri Lamont, shy and desperate for a girlfriend, is staggered to find that when he goes into a certain room and looks out of the window he sees himself walking down the street with a beautiful young girl and decides to investigate how this could have come about.
7 Jun. 1960
House of the Dead
British Lieutenant Fraser, stationed in Hong Kong, is returning home to England and wants to take with him his Chinese fiancée, but when she disappears hours before their departure, a frantic Lt. Fraser finds himself searching through Hong Kong's mysterious side streets and encountering even more mysterious people.
14 Jun. 1960
Goodbye Grandpa
A brother and sister are devastated by the death of their grandfather, to whom they were inordinately close. However, they soon begin to suspect that he may be trying to contact them from beyond the grave.
21 Jun. 1960
The Storm
Three years after the death of artist Pedro Castera, his painting The Storm is unveiled as being recently completed. His college contemporary Adelle Bernheim and her husband travel to Pedro's native village where, after meeting with initial hostility, they are told how the ghost of Pedro enabled one of the villagers to complete the work.
30 Aug. 1960
In 1960 a series of earthquakes activate a tsunami, which heads towards Honolulu. Wheelchair-bound Margaret North, stuck in her house, prays for help and finds it when stone deaf, elderly Thomas Powers, lost on the island, comes to her house as a result of which both are saved. She believes it was no coincidence but a psychic phenomenon.
27 Sep. 1960
Anniversary of a Murder
A married businessman is having a secret affair, and one night while he's driving home drunk from a rendezvous with his mistress, he runs over and kills a young boy. No one saw him so he believes he got away with it, but soon he is astonished to hear what he believes to be his victim's voice on his dictaphone.
4 Oct. 1960
The Death Waltz
At a cavalry outpost in 1860s New Mexico, flirtatious, heartless Lillie takes great delight in playing her two beaus, decent Eustace Fairchild and the sexier, more dashing Henry Buchanan off against each other. Eustace is killed by Apaches but Lillie still goes to the dance with Henry. However Eustace's ghost turns up for what will be the last waltz for both him and Lillie.
11 Oct. 1960
The Return
On patrol during the Korean war young corporal Fred Cossage gets separated from the rest of his unit who, after a fruitless search for him, give him up as dead and return behind their own lines. But Cossage is still alive and, despite being blinded and severely wounded, is able via psychic help to make a return.
18 Oct. 1960
If You See Sally
Pa Ellis blames his daughter Sally following the accidental death of her brother Paul and she moves to the city but Pa relents and asks her to come home. Sally sets out to hitch-hike and is caught up in a terrible storm and killed. However, over the following years many drivers on the road where Sally perished see her ghost thumbing lifts and some pick her up though she never makes it back home.
25 Oct. 1960
Moment of Hate
A successful but driven businesswoman, Karen Wadsworth, is convinced that she can make her thoughts become reality. She soon begins to believe that she can use the power of suggestion and turn it into the power to kill.
1 Nov. 1960
To Know the End
Emily MacDougall, a young woman living in England during World War II, begins to have strange hallucinations of death and destruction. What she doesn't realize is that her visions may threaten not only the man who is closest to her, but the entire country as well.
15 Nov. 1960
The Trap
Just before he falls asleep, a man is suddenly aware that there is another life that seems to be in direct conflict with his own. He is astounded to discover that he has stumbled upon what seems to be a parallel universe - one in which he also exists - but in not quite the same way he does in this one.
22 Nov. 1960
The Voice
Young reporter Jared Corning travels to a small New England town to cover the trial of several local people accused of setting fire to a barn owned by unpopular Tom Goss. Jared finds it hard to believe that their aim was to kill a pet raccoon owned by Goss's daughter, but even harder to withstand the small, disembodied voice that tells him to start another fire.
29 Nov. 1960
The Promise
Following the Second World War German ex-prisoner of war Carl Bremer remains in London, working on bomb disposal units. He marries a local woman and she is about to give birth to their child when Carl, against his wife's wishes, goes on one last, fatal mission - though he is still seen at the hospital gazing proudly at his new-born child.
6 Dec. 1960
Tonight at 12:17
Laura Perkins is expecting a baby, and the pregnancy is worrying her. She is soon shocked to discover, however, that her condition has resulted in her having extraordinary psychic powers. She determines to use these new powers to save the life of her unborn child.
13 Dec. 1960
Where Are They?
In 1922 the town of Chico, California was pelted by rocks falling from an empty sky. A writer who called himself The Ghost took credit for the phenomena, but was never identified. Similarly, in 1917 a stranger appeared to government officials in Washington, D. C. and demonstrated a new fuel made from water that could power an auto engine. After his successful exhibition, the stranger vanished as quickly as he had appeared. The FBI and Secret Service searched for months and could never find him.
20 Dec. 1960
Legacy of Love
Marianne Darelle finds that she is suddenly and forcefully drawn to a small seaside town that she has never been to before, and there she begins a strange relationship with a married man--and is shocked to discover that he, too, was pulled into the town by a force that he can't explain, either.
27 Dec. 1960
A wife is notified that her husband, a Marine, has been lost at sea. However, she refuses to believe that he is dead and knows that he will return to her. Soon afterwards she is walking alone through a park when a would-be mugger approaches her, but he is scared off by the sudden appearance of what looks to be some sort of spirit.

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