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Kirk Douglas: Einar



  • Einar : [to Morgana]  If I can't have your love, I'll take your hate.

  • Ragnar : [introducing Lord Egbert to his son]  This is Einar, my only son in wedlock. He's so vain of his beauty, he won't let a man's beard hide it. He scrapes his face like an Englishman.

    Einar : Hail Ragnar! And hail Ragnar's beard!

    [laughs and grabs Ragnars beard] 

  • Einar : [to Father Godwin]  Take your magic elsewhere, holy man!

  • Einar : [to Ragnar]  Oh, stop shouting. You sound like a moose giving birth to a hedgehog.

  • Einar : [about Eric]  The sun will cross the sky a thousand times before he dies, and you'll wish a thousand times that you were dead.

  • Einar : [to Ragnar on his return]  I drink to your safe return in English ale. I wish that it were English blood.

  • Einar : All right, you can keep the slave... for as long as you live.

  • Einar : [to Lord Egbert]  You stay here and draw maps. I will go and kidnap the girl.

  • Einar : I want this slave alive. The sun will cross the sky a thousand times before he dies.

    [to Eric] 

    Einar : And you'll wish a thousand times that you were dead.

  • Morgana : If you touch me, I'll kill myself.

    Einar : There's a sword to do it with; because, I'm going to touch you. Scratch. Come on. Bite!

    Morgana : I wouldn't care to fight a man.

    Einar : You wench! Kick! Bite! Scratch! Now, come on. Fight me.

    Morgana : I will not lift one finger to resist you. Whatever you do, will be on your conscience.

    Einar : Well, let it be on my conscience.

  • Einar : She said she would kill herself if I touched her.

    Ragnar : Ah they all say that. What they mean is they'll kill themselves if you don't.

  • Einar : Look at him how he hasten's to his death.

    Einar : He can't wait to die.

  • Ragnar : I want you to teach Lord Egbert our customs.

    Einar : I'll teach him.

    Egbert : Remember, I live by brains, not brawn.

  • Einar : She'll make a fine Viking Queen!

    Morgana : Get away from me!

    Einar : First, a kiss of welcome.

    Morgana : Get away!

    Einar : Little kiss of welcome.

    Morgana : No!

    Einar : Yes!

  • Einar : [referring to Morgana]  Pretty bird. Pretty feathers. Build her a nest so she can hide. Too many hawks around here!

  • Ragnar : Aw, a little skinny perhaps, but not bad. Not bad, at all.

    Egbert : Restrain yourself, my Lord. If she is dishonored, she'll be worthless as a Queen and Aella won't pay ransom for her.

    Morgana : I don't need traitors to plead my cause.

    Egbert : My quarrel's with Aella, Lady, not with you. We were all agreed you would be unharmed while you remain with us.

    Ragnar : Now, remember that Einar. Leave her alone.

    Einar : I haven't touched her. Yet.

    Morgana : And you never will! I'd kill myself first.

    Ragnar : Ah, she doesn't seem to like you.

    Einar : She likes me well enough.

  • Einar : You like the scars on my face, don't you? Hmm? Suuuure. My beauty stirs her little heart.

    [Morgana bites Einar's caressing arm] 

    Ragnar : You have better luck with falcons. She'll never call you dainty face!


  • Ragnar : Let's go ashore and take her along.

    Einar : She stays here.

    Ragnar : We'll talk about her again, when you're more drunk or more sober.

  • Ragnar : Come. You'll soon forget the wench! She's too skinny anyhow.

    Einar : Beautiful.

    Ragnar : Aw! And all the bones stickin' out; why, she's an old crow with all the feathers pulled out.

  • Einar : I've never had one spit on me. And bite!

    Ragnar : They'll bite all the more now that you're Einar One-Eye.

  • Pigtails : [serving a pitcher of ale]  I wanted to thank you for proving me innocent.

    Einar : [laughs and slaps her on the behind]  Go back to your husband!

  • Einar : Tell me, did my mother fight you?

    Ragnar : Did she fight me? I have the scars of her scratches and bites all over me. What a woman!

  • Einar : Look at me. Do you think with this face, I want the kind of wife who would let me touch her? I want her to fight me! Tooth and nail! The first time I take her and the last.

  • Ragnar : Now, you really want her? Skinny as she is, I give her to you.

    Einar : What do you mean you - You mean we won't ransom her?

    Ragnar : No! You can have her.

    Einar : [laughs]  Oh, I'll give this little wench from Wales a reason to bite and scratch!

  • Einar : I'm Einar! Son of Ragnar! I'll show her what forging can be done when fire fights fire! I'll make her howl till they hear her in Wales!

  • Einar : Morgana! My pretty little bird. Sharpen your claws. I'm Einar!

  • Einar : If I have to cross the poisoned sea, I'll find him. I swear it! By the sacred blood of Odin.

  • Einar : Are you afraid, Bjorn?

    Bjorn : Do not confuse fear for caution. Odin has sent no sign!

    Einar : Then you can stay here.

  • Einar : We go to avenge Ragnar's death! Who sails with me?

  • [last lines] 

    Einar : Odin!

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