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Sex & Nudity

  • Great movie in all categories and very moral by today's standards particularly.
  • There is no explicit nudity and no sex scenes.
  • One of the rules of the saloon posted on the wall says "The girls in this saloon are ladies - treat them that way unless they say you don't have to."
  • The lead female character is very buxom. Her tight outfits, while not overly revealing, accentuate her figure. The dancing girls and entertainers often wear costumes that show their legs and cleavage.
  • A female character raises her skirt to show her garter belt.
  • Patrons of the saloon charge the stage at the end of each set to grab the dancing girls and have to be forcibly pushed back.
  • A male and female character become increasingly close, he seemingly intoxicated by her aroma, which leads to them kissing.

Violence & Gore

  • The main character is a gun manufacturer and the sale and use of guns is a large part of the plot.
  • One of the characters tells another about a "range war" that is being fought between two ranches and advises that if he gets caught up in it he will be "surely dead."
  • A man is shot and killed in a saloon. Many characters are shot but no blood is ever shown.
  • One character states that the cemetery has filled up since he last saw it.
  • The saloon owner threatens to break a chair over people's heads. Another character is warned that he may have "forty cowpunchers jamming their boots down yer throat." He is also advised of a previous lynching (" a necktie party") in the town.
  • The attitude towards females is aggressive, and women are often grabbed as they walk past, and dragged over to have a drink whether they choose to or not.
  • There is lots of talk of killing.


  • There is no blasphemous or obscene language. Great Scott is about as close as they get.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One of the characters on a stagecoach is a drunk and can be seen badly affected by alcohol and drinking from a bottle, while encouraging the other passengers to join him.
  • A character is warned of the behaviour of locals when they are "liquored up."
  • Many of the scenes take place in a saloon with lots of drinking and raucous behaviour. One character is heard to bet another that he can drink more than him. Both males and females drink frequently throughout the movie. Characters are seen affected by alcohol and firing their weapons while drunk. We see a patron badly hung over the morning after a night in the saloon.
  • A non-drinking character is advised that they sell whiskey only at the saloon.
  • Most of the patrons of the saloon smoke cigars and cigarettes regularly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Indians attack a stagecoach, firing arrows into the coach. A man on the coach shoots back at the Indians. One of the passengers on the stagecoach is worried for his safety. It is suggested that if the passengers had a gun they should save the last bullet for themselves. Some Indians are shot and presumably killed and one body is later seen on the ground. The film is a musical comedy and the scene is not overly intense or violent but played for laughs in part.
  • A gun is handed to an infant who holds it to his face and eventually shoots, the bullet almost striking his father.

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