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Duke Moore: Lieutenant Harper



  • Lieutenant John Harper : But one thing's sure. Inspector Clay is dead, murdered, and somebody's responsible.

  • Colonel Tom Edwards : You speak of Solaranite. But just what is it?

    Eros : Take a can of your gasoline. Say this can of gasoline is the sun. Now, you spread a thin line of it to a ball, representing the Earth. Now, the gasoline represents the sunlight, the sun particles. Here we saturate the ball with the gasoline, the sunlight. Then we put a flame to the ball. The flame will speedily travel around the Earth, back along the line of gasoline to the can, or the sun itself. It will explode this source and spread to every place that gasoline, our sunlight, touches. Explode the sunlight here, gentlemen, you explode the universe. Explode the sunlight here and a chain reaction will occur direct to the sun itself and to all the planets that sunlight touches, to every planet in the universe. This is why you must be stopped. This is why any means must be used to stop you. In a friendly manner - or as it seems - you want it.

    Lieutenant John Harper : He's mad.

    Tanna : Mad? Is it mad that you destroy other people to save yourselves? You have done this. Is it mad that one country must destroy another to save themselves? You have also done this. How then is it "mad" that one planet must destroy another who threatens the very existence...

    Eros : [shoves her roughly aside]  That's enough.

    [to the humans] 

    Eros : In my land, women are for advancing the race, not for fighting man's battles. Life is not so expansive on my planet. We don't cling to it like you do. Our entire aim is for the development of our planet.

  • Lieutenant John Harper : Well, let's go down there and find out whose grave it is.

    Patrolman Kelton : How?

    Lieutenant John Harper : By going down and finding out!

    Patrolman Kelton : Are you sure you mean that, Lieutenant?

    Lieutenant John Harper : If I didn't mean it, I wouldn't have said it!

    Patrolman Larry : Scared?

    Patrolman Kelton : Well, why do I always get hooked up with these spook details? Monsters! Graves! Bodies! Oh, alright.

  • Lieutenant John Harper : It was a saucer.

    Patrolman Larry : A flying saucer? What makes you say that?

    Lieutenant John Harper : You remember the noise we heard the other night?

    Patrolman Larry : We were knocked to the ground, how could I forget?

    Lieutenant John Harper : Exactly, but you're not remembering that sound.

    Patrolman Larry : There you're wrong, Lieutenant. I'm with a fact the sound is similar, but what about the blinding light?

    Lieutenant John Harper : Well haven't you heard? Many times a saucer hasn't had a glow, or a light of any kind for that matter.

    Patrolman Larry : That proves it! What next Lietenant?

  • Inspector Clay : [looking at the two dead gravediggers]  Who found 'em?

    Patrolman Kelton : The man and girl.

    Inspector Clay : Medical examiner been around yet?

    Patrolman Kelton : Just left. The morgue wagon ought to be around almost any time.

    Inspector Clay : You get their statement?

    Patrolman Kelton : Yeah, as much as we could. They're pretty scared.

    Inspector Clay : Finding a mess like this ought make anyone frighented.

    [to Lt. Harper] 

    Inspector Clay : Have one of the boys take the guy and the girl back to town. You take charge.

    Lieutenant John Harper : Okay, Inspector. What are you going to do?

    Inspector Clay : Look around a little.

    Lieutenant John Harper : It's pretty dark out there. Once you get beyond the range of those lights, you won't be able to see your hand in front of your face.

    Inspector Clay : I'll get a flashlight from one of the patrol cars.

    Lieutenant John Harper : Okay, you be careful, Clay.

    Inspector Clay : I'm a big boy now, Johnny.

  • Lieutenant John Harper : Modern women.

    Colonel Tom Edwards : They've been like that all down through the ages. Especially in a spot like this.

  • Patrolman Larry : Strange. If someone had broken in, the dirt should be piled up here somewhere. It looks like it's fallen in, into the grave.

    Lieutenant John Harper : [knowing that Larry wants to be promoted from a uniform patrolman to a plain-clothes lieutenant]  Larry, you'll be out of that uniform before you know it.

  • Eros : You do not need guns.

    Lieutenant John Harper : Maybe we think we do.

    Eros : They would be of no use to you now.

    Lieutenant John Harper : They've been mighty useful before on flesh and blood - and you two look like you've got a lot of both.

  • Lieutenant John Harper : I'll bet my bige right now, we haven't seen the last of those weirdies.

  • Lieutenant John Harper : She was frightened and in a state of shock. But, don't forget that torn nightgown and the scratched feet.

    Patrolman Larry : Yeah, I hadn't thought of that. Guess that's why you're a detective, Lieutenant and I'm still a uniformed cop.

    Lieutenant John Harper : Sometimes it's only the breaks, Larry.

  • Lieutenant John Harper : [Calling out to Kelton, who is standing guard, at about 53 min, 50 sec]  You see anything out there, Kelton?

    Patrolman Kelton : [standing by his patrol car, answering loudly]  Too dark, lieutenant.


    Patrolman Kelton : But something started stinking awful bad.

  • Colonel Tom Edwards : [Tom Mason has just been turned into a skeleton]  What do you make of that?

    Lieutenant John Harper : Huh, ya got me. Didn't look that way a minute ago.

  • Patrolman Larry : [in the cemetery, at night]  What do you suppose that noise was?

    Lieutenant John Harper : Whatever it was, it's no more strange than the other things happening around this cemetery.

    Patrolman Larry : Spirits - like old Farmer Calder talked about.

    Lieutenant John Harper : [chuckles]  Heh. Maybe.

    Patrolman Larry : The only "spirits" he saw tonight were those I smelled on his breath.

    Lieutenant John Harper : Well don't forget, Mrs. Trent claims to have seen them, too. She didn't have anything on her breath.

    Patrolman Larry : She was hysterical.

    Lieutenant John Harper : Well true, she was frightened, and in a state of shock. But don't forget that torn nightgown and the scratched feet.

  • Patrolman Larry : [talking about a flying saucer]  But what about the blinding light?

    Lieutenant John Harper : [matter-of-fact tone of voice, saying it like it's the most natural, obvious thing in the world]  Well, haven't you heard? Many times a saucer hasn't had a glow, or a light of any kind for that matter.

  • Lieutenant John Harper : Got your guns ready?

    Jeff Trent : I'll tell you one thing, if a little green man pops out at me, I'm shooting first and asking questions later.

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