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  • [first verse] Six Texas Rangers (hi-yo, hi-yo) rode in the sun (hi-yo, hi-yo).

    Six men of justice rode into an ambush, and slain were all but one.

    One lone survivor (hi-yo, hi-yo) lay on the trail (hi-yo, hi-yo).

    Found there by Tonto, the brave Injun Tonto, he lived to tell the tale.

    [chorus] Hi-Yo Silver; Hi-Yo Silver, Away! Hi-Yo Silver; Hi-Yo SIlver, Away!

    [second verse] His wounds quickly mended (hi-yo, hi-yo). And then in the night (hi-yo, hi-yo),

    Six graves were put there to hide from the outlaws that one had lived to fight.

    He chose silver bullets (hi-yo, hi-yo), the sign of his game (hi-yo, hi-yo).

    A mask to disguise him, a great silver stallion, and thus began his fame.

    [repeat chorus]

    The Lone Ranger is his name! Edit (Coming Soon)


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