The Hidden Fortress (1958) Poster

Toshirô Mifune: General Rokurota Makabe



  • General Rokurota Makabe : Hide a stone among stones and a man among men.

  • General Rokurota Makabe : [sees Tahei and Matashichi scrambling down the rocks, trying to escape]  Hey! where are you going?

    Tahei : Boss, run! The Yamana soldiers found us! There were horses by the spring!

    General Rokurota Makabe : Idiots! I stole those.

    Tahei , Matakishi : Huh?

  • Tahei : Uh...

    [He realizes Matashichi is about to speak, and tries to let him speak, but Matashichi wordlessly urges, 'No, you first!'] 

    Tahei : What... are you doing here in the mountains?

    General Rokurota Makabe : What about you?

    Tahei : [stunned]  Us? We intend to cross... the border.

    General Rokurota Makabe : The border?

    [Matashichi nods] 

    Matakishi : We want to go to Hayakawa.

    General Rokurota Makabe : Hayakawa? But beyond the mountains it's Yamana.

    [Tahei and Matashichi briefly exchange glances and both stand up] 

    Tahei : [nervously]  Yes... but you see...

    [Tahei crouches, and begins to draw in the dirt with a stick] 

    Tahei : t-to go to H-Hayakawa... this is Hayakawa... and this is...

    [He continues to draw on his diagram] 

    Tahei : Akizuki where we are now.

    [He draws another picture of a plot of land] 

    Tahei : This is Yamana. Yamana, see? We want to go from, uh, Akizuki to Hayakawa. But the border is guarded by Yamana soldiers. So, uh, we'll cross first into Yamana right there, and then slip into Hayakawa. See...

    [He glances at Matashichi] 

    Matakishi : See... there's no way that the survivors of the Akizuki clan would go to Yamana, the enemy territory. So, uh, the border between Akizuki and Yamana... should be open.

    [Tahei laughs nervously] 

    Tahei : That's right, that's right. Th-the Hayakawa-Yamana border, uh, should be easy to cross, than the, uh, Akizuki-Hayakawa border.

    [He and Matashichi nod in agreement] 

    Tahei : Anyway, we're just peasants. Even if anything happened we'd still make it.

    [Rokurota bursts out laughing] 

    General Rokurota Makabe : All right, I've made up my mind. Going through Yamana is a good idea.

  • [General Makabe emerges from the fortress on a misty morning, clutching Tahei by the collar of his rags] 

    General Rokurota Makabe : Where's Matashichi?

    Tahei : I don't know!

    [Makabe drags the shifty peasant down the steps into the courtyard] 

    Tahei : Ow, ow, ow...

    General Rokurota Makabe : What are you up to?

    Tahei : H-he-he's gone to the town...

    General Rokurota Makabe : The town? What for?

    Tahei : To- to tell the soldiers...

    General Rokurota Makabe : Tell them what?

    Tahei : A-about the Princess, of course!

    General Rokurota Makabe : The Princess?

    [Makabe let's go of Tahei in surprise. Tahei scrambles away, wailing and screaming. He's now standing on the other side of the trench that Makabe forced him and Matashichi to dig] 

    Tahei : We ain't... as stupid as you think! You thought you'd fooled us! We know you... that ten ryo you had... it's from the war funds you stole! On top of that, you intend to get a reward for the Princess! We ain't gonna let you!

    General Rokurota Makabe : I was wrong to trust such scum.

    Tahei : Look who's talking- you're the scum!

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