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Brad Peyton Wants A More “Mature” Journey 3

On the eve of Warner Bros. unleashing his disaster epic San Andreas, director Brad Peyton is fielding questions on all sorts of topics. So, it’s only natural that when we sat down with him, the opportunity arose to ask Peyton about his other collaboration with San Andreas star Dwayne Johnson – 2012’s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. That pic, a sequel to 2008 Brendan Fraser starrer Journey to the Center of the Earth, seemed to cement Johnson as the franchise’s new leading man while also laying the groundwork for Journey 3 and even Journey 4.

According to Peyton, it’s still the plan to move ahead with two Johnson-led Journey sequels, and despite the lack of news about the projects, both films are very much in the works. The director revealed that Journey 3 (thought to take inspiration from Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon) has a finished script, but the fourth installment does not.
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How 'Terminator: Genisys' plans to time-travel: From the Nasa set

  • Hitfix
How 'Terminator: Genisys' plans to time-travel: From the Nasa set
New Orleans – It seems right that a facility once used to make components of the Saturn V rocket for Nasa now houses a film set being used to catapult the imagination far into the future. Jules Verne wrote "From the Earth to the Moon," as science fiction, but the Saturn V helped make traveling to the moon a reality. The tables are now turned as a wholly different, and quite fictional, sort of traveling is being contemplated inside, and it is more of the H.G. Wells variety than the sort Verne envisioned. On a huge sound stage inside that Nasa facility is machine constructed for traveling, not in time but in space. Referred to by those working on the production as a "Tdd," the machine on set is a Time Displacement Device, and it looks as though the entire thing can spin around creating something of a sphere around those in the device.
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Jayne Atkinson Moon-Bound In Jules Verne Musical Theater Project At Brooklyn Academy Of Music

Exclusive: The British thesp currently appearing as U.S. Secretary Of State in Netflix’s House Of Cards and alumna of 24 will play the wife of the prolific French sci-fi writer in Jules Verne: From the Earth To The Moon, a new music-and-drama mashup presented at Bam by multimedia group Ensemble Of The Romantic Century. The musico-dramatico project will blend the dramatic story of Verne’s meeting with American journalist Nellie Bly (played by Samantha Hill, Cossette in the…
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Classic 19th And 20th Century Sci-Fi Literature Up For Auction June 20th

Classic 19th And 20th Century Sci-Fi Literature Up For Auction June 20th
It’s time to put that extra cash to good use. Get a promotion? Inherit a small fortune? Looking to complete an esteemed collection, or start one? Or just care to dream about owning the first edition of The Time Machine? A bunch of classic science fiction works are going on auction this June 20th thanks to Swann Auction Galleries.

There’s a ton of awesome first editions from the mighty pens of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King and Mary Shelley. While a lot of it is pricey, it’s undeniably fun and awesome to at least check out the book art and these rare covers and books, which you can find in our gallery below, following the press release that goes into more detail about these enticing pieces. If I could have one? Probably the original Frankenstein.

The auction is taking place in New York, but
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’20000 Leagues’ Adrift without Brad Pitt

A true adaptation to Jules Verne’s “20000 League Under the Sea,” will be an arduous spectacle to keep afloat. Full of murky underwater worlds and fights against sea monsters, the difficulty is almost inherent. The same can be said a bout the talent as well.

Quashing prior reports, Brad Pitt will not be involved in the adaptation. Disney is not the only one involved in getting production started; so is Australia. The government has approved a 30 percent rebate in order to get the film done and scouts for Disney have been seeking locations for the project in the Queensland region. The movie is projected to be the biggest film made on Australian land.

It is projected to be a great boon for the economy from down-under as it is speculated that “20000 Leagues Under the Sea” will surpass 2,000 local jobs as well as $80 million.

Looks like the creative process has stalled,
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Short Film Showcase - A Trip to the Moon (1902)

A Trip to the Moon (French: Le Voyage dans la lune), 1902.

Produced and Directed by Georges Méliès.

Written by Georges Méliès and Gaston Méliès.

Starring Georges Méliès, Victor André, Bleuette Bernon, Jeanne d'Alcy and Henri Delannoy.

Written, produced and directed by film pioneer Georges Méliès and based upon Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon (1865) and H.G. Wells' The First Men in the Moon (1901), A Trip to the Moon has the distinction of being the first science fiction feature film and was one of the most technically accomplished productions of its time. Featuring innovative special effects techniques and animation, the film tells the story of a group of astronomers who embark on a daring mission to the moon, where they encounter hostile creatures known as Selenites.

A Trip to the Moon was released both in black-and-white and a hand-coloured version, while the original ending - featuring a
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Dwayne Johnson Packs His Bags For Third 'Journey'

Dwayne Johnson is going to see what else is out there besides giant electrical eels and super-advanced submarines.

The "Fast Five" star is in talks to continue replacing Brendan Fraser in the third installment of the incredibly successful "Journey" series of sci-fi adventure films, according to The Wrap.

Johnson appeared as Hank Parsons, a stepfather who's looking to connect with his brooding stepson, Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson), in "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island." Their bonding commences when Sean intercepts a distress signal from his grandfather (Michael Caine), who's been stranded on the very island that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write "Treasure Island," Jonathan Swift to write "Gulliver's Travels" and, of course, Jules Verne to write "The Mysterious Island."

No word on what the plot of the third "Journey" will involve, but "Journey 2" ended with the family mulling over a copy of Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon," so
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Pfister's First, Trank for 'Venom,' a 'Prometheus' Star Map and 'Black Swan' Behind the Scenes

Star map from Prometheus

Photo: 20th Century Fox Yesterday I had some Prometheus viral news and today comes more with the star map you see above unveiled on the Weyland Industries site. You can get a hi-res look at the image by clicking the source link. [source] Speaking of viral sites, there's one for Men in Black III, but my god, do you really care? By the way, is Will Smith coming up with a new rap for this one? [source] I know none of you are surprised to hear Warner Bros. has set director Brad Peyton and writers Brian and Mark Gunn to return for Journey 3 after Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has already managed to bring in over $270 million worldwide. Producer Beau Flynn tells EW both Sean (Josh Hutcherson) and Hank (Dwayne Johnson) are "absolutely" returning for the new film as are the actors playing them with a targeted 2014 release.
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'Journey 3' in the works with Josh Hutcherson and Dwayne Johnson's characters returning

'Journey 3' in the works with Josh Hutcherson and Dwayne Johnson's characters returning
New Line Cinema is moving full steam ahead on a new film in its highly lucrative Journey franchise, with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island writers Brian and Mark Gunn three weeks into work on a new script for Journey 2 director Brad Peyton, EW has confirmed.

Producer Beau Flynn, who’s marshaled all of the Journey films starting with 2008′s Journey to the Center of the Earth, tells EW that both Josh Hutcherson’s character Sean and Dwayne Johnson’s character Hank are “absolutely” returning for the new film, which is aiming for a 2014 release. The story will focus on the
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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island - Movie Review

Who knew Vernians existed? That there is a devoted literary circle of Jules Verne.s enthusiasts? There sure is and this delightful family film celebrates the man himself. Verne was a progressive thinker who created some of the best known and prescient works of science fiction of the 19th century. He.s credited with inventing the genre through his landmark books Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870), A Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864), and Around the World in Eighty Days (1873), Off on a Comet (1877) and From the Earth to the Moon (1865). Verne set his stories in space, in the depths of the ocean and up in the air. They are places were
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[Review] Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

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After making a boatload of money—that’s the equivalent to one hundred millions dollars if you didn’t know—Journey to the Center of the Earth was almost guaranteed a sequel. Proving they could bring the fictional worlds of Jules Verne to life and somehow make it relevant to a bunch of kids barely able to put down their Smartphones long enough to read a magazine let alone a dense volume of literature, nothing would stop the studio machine from taking the plunge to Atlantis in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

Losing the broad stylings of Brendan Fraser this time around, little Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) remains, four years older and now a full-fledged believer in the Vernean ways like his late old man. Still sullen with the first world problems today’s youth loves to bask in self-pity for, this straight-a student yearns to go on another adventure
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'Hugo' fans, watch Melies' fully restored 'Le Voyage Dans La Lune' with new Air soundtrack -- Video

'Hugo' fans, watch Melies' fully restored 'Le Voyage Dans La Lune' with new Air soundtrack -- Video
French illusionist-turned-filmmaker George Méliès, whom Ben Kingsley played in Martin Scorsese’s 11-time Oscar-nominated film Hugo, was a cinematic pioneer to say the least. Wildly prolific, he produced 531 short films between 1896 and 1913. The greatest of these was his 14-minute opus Le Voyage Dans la Lune. For the groundbreaking 1902 silent film, Méliès took inspiration from Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon and H.G. WellsThe First Men in the Moon. Many years later, Le Voyage inspired The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight,” which took home six VMAs in 1996.

Now, in a breathtaking fusion of music and moving image, Le
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Air: back on moon safari

The electronic duo are back in orbit with a brand new soundtrack to the first science-fiction film ever made

Last year, as Nasa retired its space programme and China announced its intention to put man back on the moon, the cosmic French electronic duo Air were holed up in their Parisian studio plotting their own lunar return. Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel first landed with the 1998 hit album Moon Safari, which went platinum in the UK and for a short while seemed to define the musical zeitgeist. Space and travel have been recurring themes in their stylish, sumptuous ambient electronica, from breakthrough single "Sexy Boy", whose video depicted a monkey flying to the moon, to 2004's "Surfing on a Rocket", both great slices of future-pop.

They've also composed elegant soundtracks for Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicides, although not all of their six albums have been as stellar.
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Why sci-fi can be more powerful than reality-based dramas

Aside from offering imaginative visions of alternate worlds, sci-fi can often provide more emotional resonance than realistic dramas, Ryan writes…

For some, science fiction offers little more than breezy escapism, a retreat from the real world and into an alternate dimension of rip-roaring space opera, such as Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon. It’s a function sci-fi served before the genre even acquired its name; Jules Verne’s Journey To The Centre Of The Earth and From The Earth To The Moon, for example, offered imaginative, humorous adventure to readers of the 19th century, and they're still widely read and adapted today.

It’s often the case, however, that the sci-fi genre can deal with weighty issues in a more powerful and intelligent manner than realistic drama.

Had Hg Wells written a realist novel dealing with the cruelty of the British Empire under the reign of Queen Victoria, it’s
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Not Available on DVD: Princess Of The Nile

Article by Dana Jung

In 1959 director Fritz Lang (Metropolis, M) released one of his last works, a two-part film known as The Indian Epic. The films (The Tiger Of Eschnapur and its sequel The Indian Tomb, both available on DVD but currently out of print) were part adventure and part travelogue. Today, these films are remembered (if at all) for two things: their incredible location photography, and the erotic dances of star Debra Paget. The scenes with a barely-clad Paget writhing seductively were considered so sexy at the time that the films received a write-up in Playboy magazine. But just five years earlier, as a 20th Century Fox contract player, Paget had played basically the same role (complete with dancing!) of an exotic beauty caught up in political turmoil. The film was the 1954 Fox B-picture Princess Of The Nile, which is sadly Not available on DVD.

The movie opens with
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Summer Scenes We Love: The War of the Worlds (1953)

Summer Scenes We Love: The War of the Worlds (1953)
H.G. Wells' 1898 classic alien invasion novel, The War of the Worlds, has been adapted several times for the big screen, most recently by Steven Spielberg five years ago (my first "Scenes We Love" entry for Cinematical), two low-budget entries, one set in Victorian times and the other in the present released to coincide with Spielberg's adaptation, and most memorably, fifty-seven years ago by producer George Pal (The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, The Time Machine, Conquest of Space, When Worlds Collide, Destination Moon) for Paramount Pictures. Pal's adaptation, directed by Byron Haskin (The Power, Robinson Crusoe on Mars, From the Earth to the Moon, Conquest of Space) from a screenplay by Barré Lyndon, created the template for every alien invasion film that followed. The War of the Worlds won an Academy Award for its groundbreaking visual effects. It was nominated, but surprisingly didn't win, the Academy Award for the equally innovative sound design.
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Medialog: Men First On The Moon!

  • Starlog
Established 1974! Our news column gazes up at the Moonlight.

Sci-fi TV

Forty years ago today, Man walked on the Moon, fulfilling the dreams of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and countless science fiction writers. Expect more celebratory TV and Internet news stories as well as a few documentaries. The crown jewel, however, is Moonshot, a British-made docudrama recounting preparations for the Apollo 11 mission as well as the actual lunar landing (premiering 9 p.m. tonight on the History Channel, with several rebroadcasts later this week). Daniel Lapaine is Neil Armstrong with Starlog favorite James Marsters (Spike on Buffy and Angel) as Buzz Aldrin and Andrew Lincoln as Michael Collins.

Of course, if you want to program your own Lunar Film Festival, via DVD and VHS, you might select from First Men In The Moon, Destination Moon, Moon Zero Two, Marooned, Countdown, APOLL0 13, The Right Stuff and the From The Earth To The Moon
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