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It Came From The Tube: Satan’S Triangle (1975)

No, this title doesn’t refer to being the last one to arrive in music class and getting stuck with the lamest of instruments to play. Satan’s Triangle (1975) is a creepy, seafaring TV tale of supernatural mystery with an ending that absolutely kills. You may think the title tells all, and the journey can’t quite supplant the destination, but oh boy, what a destination. You’re going to need your sea legs for this finale.

For those not familiar with The Bermuda Triangle, aka The Devil’s Triangle, it is an area of water loosely configured between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida that was privy to many disappearances – boats, planes, and people. And back in the ‘70s, long before the internet, the only information to go on about this and other phenomena (Hey Bigfoot!) was provided by speculative quasidocumentaries, scientific journals dispelling the myths, and TV fodder such as Satan’s Triangle.
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​'Gaslight': 7 Everlasting Legacies of the Ingrid Bergman Classic

1. The term "gaslight." The Ingrid Bergman thriller "Gaslight" -- released 70 years ago this week, on May 4, 1944, wasn't the original use of the title. There was Patrick Hamilton's 1938 play "Gas Light," retitled "Angel Street" when it came to Broadway a couple years later. And there was a British film version in 1939, starring Anton Walbrook (later the cruel impresario in "The Red Shoes") and Diana Wynyard.

Still, the glossy 1944 MGM version remains the best-known telling of the tale, with the title an apparent reference to the flickering Victorian lamps that are part of Gregory's (Charles Boyer) scheme to make wife Paula (Bergman) think she's seeing things that aren't there, thus deliberately undermining her sanity in order to have her institutionalized so that he'll be free to ransack the ancestral home to find the missing family jewels.

This version of Hamilton's tale was so popular that it made the word "gaslight"into a verb,
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2014 TCM Classic Film Festival to Open with Gala Screening of Newly Restored Oklahoma!

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will open the 2014 edition of the TCM Classic Film Festival with the world premiere of a brand new restoration of the beloved Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Oklahoma! (1955). TCM’s own Robert Osborne, who serves as official host for the festival, will introduce Oklahoma!, with the film’s star, Academy Award®-winner Shirley Jones, in attendance. Vanity Fair will also return for the fifth year as a festival partner and co-presenter of the opening night after-party. Marking its fifth year, the TCM Classic Film Festival will take place April 10-13, 2014, in Hollywood. The gathering will coincide withTCM’s 20th anniversary as a leading authority in classic film.

In addition, the festival has added several high-profile guests to this year’s lineup, including Oscar®-winning director William Friedkin, who will attend for the screening of the U.S. premiere restoration of his suspenseful cult classic Sorcerer (1977); Kim Novak, who
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TCM Classic Film Festival to Open with New Restoration of 'Oklahoma!'

TCM Classic Film Festival to Open with New Restoration of 'Oklahoma!'
Classic musical fans, take note. The 2014 edition of the TCM Classic Film Festival will open with the world premiere of a brand new restoration of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” TCM's go-to host Robert Osborne will introduce the film, with Oscar-winning star Shirley Jones in person. Other recently announced highlights from the upcoming festival include director William Friedkin, who will attend with the U.S. premiere restoration of his now revered cult classic “Sorcerer” (1977); Kim Novak, with “Bell Book and Candle” (1958); actor Ryan O'Neal, who will introduce “Paper Moon” (1973); documentarian Albert Maysles, returning to the fest with “Grey Gardens” (1975); and three-time Oscar-winning film editor Thelma Schoonmaker (“Raging Bull,” “The Aviator,” “The Departed”), who will participate in a special conversation.And there’s a lot more happening at this year’s fest; full lineup here.Now in its fifth year, the TCM fest runs April 10-13, 2014, in...
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Coven: Bell Book And Candle

Team Experience is assembling our own coven of preferred witches for Halloween. Here's Anne Marie on Kim Novak and her kitty.


How does a studio follow up one of the most iconic thrillers ever made? With a supernatural rom-com, of course! Bell Book And Candle was released in 1958 a few months after Vertigo. Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak once again play a bewitched man and the woman who desperately loves him, but this time Kim Novak wields magic and doesn't die twice.

As Gillian Holroyd, Kim Novak is the sexiest sorceress to ever sling a spell. By day, Gil sells "primitive art" from her chic New York art gallery. By night, she weaves powerful enchantments to ensare her rival's fiance and exact her revenge. One thing that never changes is her sense of style: Gil pulls off this double life in some stunning (Academy Award nominated) ensembles.

Broom - Who
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Casablanca Hero Goes Villainous in Film Noir The Scar

Paul Henreid: Hollow Triumph aka The Scar tonight Turner Classic Movies’ Paul Henreid film series continues this Tuesday evening, July 16, 2013. Of tonight’s movies, the most interesting offering is Hollow Triumph / The Scar, a 1948 B thriller adapted by Daniel Fuchs (Panic in the Streets, Love Me or Leave Me) from Murray Forbes’ novel, and in which the gentlemanly Henreid was cast against type: a crook who, in an attempt to escape from other (and more dangerous) crooks, impersonates a psychiatrist with a scar on his chin. Joan Bennett, mostly wasted in a non-role, is Henreid’s leading lady. (See also: “One Paul Henreid, Two Cigarettes, Four Bette Davis-es.”) The thriller’s director is Hungarian import Steve Sekely, whose Hollywood career consisted chiefly of minor B fare. In fact, though hardly a great effort, Hollow Triumph was probably the apex of Sekely’s cinematic output in terms of prestige
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Cannes 2013: Kim Novak is Guest of Honour at the Festival

Good news for all Alfred Hitchcock fans out there – his 1958 masterpiece Vertigo will be shown in its restored form as part of Cannes Classics! But another great news is that Vertigo star, legendary Kim Novak (who you probably also remember from titles like “Kiss Me, Stupid” and “Bell Book and Candle”), will be the Cannes Film Festival‘s guest of honor next month. Novak first attended the Festival in 1959 for the presentation of Middle of the Night by Delbert Mann, and this year – she’ll take part in the closing ceremony for the 66th Festival de Cannes where she will award one of...

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This & That (And A Bit More On *That*)

Woodcutting Fool David Lynch carved

Go Fug Yourself on Reese Witherspoon (and child) in France

Mubi's Notebook lists favorite Cannes films of 2012 (the winner being way down the list)

Film School Rejects Why blockbusters need to get their third act together. Heartily agree with much of this.

TV|Line Smash will lose two of its major male characters in Season 2. Does this mean Dennis & Bobby get more screen time? (I know it doesn't but my wishful thinking can be noisy and demand sentences all its own.)

Av Club wins the Best Snarky Headline of the Week (*not a real award) with this beauty... "Malin Akerman is playing Debbie Harry, who is also blonde."

Pajiba Most Versatile Bruce Willis

No Film School Most Fascinating Michael Haneke

Coming Soon new Les Miserables photos. Apparently the trailer arrives today as well. We'll hear the people sing tonight in a Yes No Maybe So post.
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Clip joint: hat throwing

You could leave your hat on but we don't want you to, as Clip joint moves up a headgear to find the best hat action scenes

Sometimes, as Freud pointed out, a cigar is just a cigar. But a hat is rarely just that – at least not in the movies. The artistic use of everyday objects as signifiers goes back at least as far as Homer, and probably to cave paintings. And the humble hat, due to its inevitable association with the human head, comes with immense symbolic potency. Classic Hollywood was brim-full of them – Humphrey Bogart was presumably born in a fedora – but let's not forget the more recent fashions. Arguably the most headgear-centric film of all time is Miller's Crossing: a movie with more metaphorically significant hats than you could shake a schtick at.

The hat can be used as a shorthand for good or evil. It
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Movies This Week: Attack the Crazy Cowboys and Smurfs

I'm pleased that one of the movies I've enjoyed most this summer is opening this weekend -- the one with the aliens. No, not the one with the cowboys and aliens, the one with teenage London hoodlums and aliens. In addition to your choice of movies featuring outer-space creatures, you can also enjoy Smurfs and Steve Carell (not in the same movie), and some good indie films.

Of course, as usual Austin has plenty of special screenings going on. On Sunday night, Alamo Drafthouse's Cinema Club brings Bell Book and Candle back to the big screen, followed by a discussion with Austin Chronicle film critic Marc Savlov.On Monday, you can head to the At&T Conference Center to hear horror writers Tom Holland and Austinite Alvaro Rodriguez take part in an Austin Film Festival Concersations in Film called "Words That Go Bump in the Night." Then on Tuesday, Holland
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Vertigo Star Novak Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

  • WENN
Vertigo Star Novak Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
Actress Kim Novak has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Novak, best known for her starring role in the 1958 classic Vertigo, is undergoing cancer treatment and is expected to make a full recovery, according to her manager, Sue Cameron.

Cameron tells The Hollywood Reporter: "It was caught early by a routine yearly mammogram and is undergoing treatment. All her doctors say she is in fantastic physical shape and should recover very well."

Novak, 77, has also featured in notable films including Picnic, Pal Joey and Bell, Book and Candle.

This Week In Movies – ‘Dinner For Schmucks,’ ‘Get Low’

By Pete Hammond Although boxoffice was up compared to this week a year ago and Christopher Nolan’s remarkable “Inception” remains the number one movie for the third week in a row with an estimated $27 million and only a 36% drop week to week, it does seem like the dog days of August are upon us already even though the last month of the summer moviegoing season just officially started on Sunday. “Dinner For Schmucks”, a so-so remake of a so-so French comedy fortunately stars likeable Steve Carell and likeable Paul Rudd so it was able to almost reach $24 million this weekend becoming the only good news among wide openers. People are starved for comedy so it performed better than it had any right to. Zac Efron who was described by some panting middle-aged female reviewers on Friday anywhere from “dreamy” to “swoony” managed to open his new drama,
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Catty Kim Novak

Press play. It magically provides your soundtrack for this post*

A happy 77th birthday to one of the screen's most famous sirens, Kim Novak. I always picture her with/as feline since I fell for her as a kid watching Bell Book and Candle on the telly.

And there's still more! This 50s sex kitten was always surrounding herself with feline friends.


If I were a sexy actress, I'd also surround myself with cats for photoshoots. and then I'd become a crazy old cat lady. Which I desperately hope Kim Novak now is. It's a perfectly natural beautiful progression. We haven't seen Kim in decades so I feel it's a safe guess.

If you were a famous actor, which animal would you accessorize with?

*I've been stuck in a Prince loop lately after a recent spin of Purple Rain which to my astonishment doesn't seem to have aged even a day in its 26 years.
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