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Season 2

14 Sep. 1959
No Way Out
Bill stops at an inn, where he meets an old lawman friend, who is holding two convicted killers. The lawman knows that friends of his two prisoners are in the area and planning to free them. When the lawman is wounded, Bill must take the responsibility of keeping the prisoners in custody himself, helped only by the meek owner of the inn, his domineering wife, and a gambler unwilling to take unnecessary risks.
21 Sep. 1959
Image of Guilt
While Bill is participating in a draw and shoot contest in a town rodeo, the local bank is robbed, and a photographer friend of Bill's is shot and killed. The photographer's young son, however, sees the picture his father took of the robbers just before they shot him.
5 Oct. 1959
The Dishonest Posse
Riding with a posse, Bill captures the bank robber they were after, as well as the money he had stolen. But the others in the posse decide to split the loot among themselves. When Bill is the only one who refuses to go along with the idea, they decide they'll have to kill him as well as the robber. But a band of Comancheros interrupts their plans.
12 Oct. 1959
Blue Norther
Bill is ambushed and his horse is stolen. Having to take a stagecoach, he finds that one of the other passengers is wanted outlaw Pony Sloan. But after stopping at a way station, he meets another man from whom he finds there is another side to Sloan's story.
19 Oct. 1959
After killing one of the outlaw Kiley brothers, the citizens of Calico have buried him as an exhibit in the middle of the main street. The veteran lawman who they've hired as their new sheriff objects to this provocative act, causing the citizens to ask for his resignation. Then Bill comes to warn the citizens after he learns that the Kiley gang is planning to ride in and wipe out the entire town in revenge.
26 Oct. 1959
The Telegraph Story
Bill is working with a telegraph company installing lines, but an outlaw gang camped in the area wants to get the crew to leave.
2 Nov. 1959
Bill is hired as trail boss driving a cattle herd to Abilene. But he has to contend with two big problems. One is a hostile trail hand, whose anger over Bill getting the ramrod job over him is aggravated by his jealousy over the ranch owner's daughter. The other is a rival drive who's leader will stop at nothing to insure that his herd gets to Abilene first. First of a two part story, concluding with "Showdown At Abilene".
9 Nov. 1959
Showdown at Abilene
After failing in an attempt to ambush Bill, Bishop pays a band of Indians to attack the Akins herd, hoping to scatter the cattle and thus prevent them from reaching Abilene first. Conclusion of a two-part story, the first part being "Stampede".
23 Nov. 1959
Trouble on the Trail
Still leading the cattle drive, Bill is allowed to take his herd across a powerful rancher's land. On the way across, he finds a woman who claims she is fleeing from the rancher's advances. But he soon learns that she has not told the whole truth.
30 Nov. 1959
Cowards Don't Die
A former lawman, now a storekeeper, has lost his nerve after a shooting incident, and is now being harassed by a gang of outlaws led by the brother of a man he once killed. The ex-lawman's daughter refuses to let him put on a gun again or try to fight back.
7 Dec. 1959
Border Incident
Bill travels to Ciudad Juarez to accept a job working for a cattleman and his fiancée, only to soon find out he has been set up as the scapegoat in a counterfeiting scheme.
14 Dec. 1959
Dangerous Ground
A rancher warns Bill and the railroad workers not to put track down through the land his cattle graze on, even though it is government land. Later he shoots and seriously wounds one of the workers as they are riding in a wagon. But Bill picks up the rancher's son instead, and the workers are in lynching mood.
21 Dec. 1959
End of the Track
Bill tries to find out who's been supplying whiskey to railroad workers during their working hours, thus slowing down their progress. He first suspects a lady saloon owner, but it soon becomes apparent she's not the one, and whoever it is is determined to stop the railroad from going through.
4 Jan. 1960
Friend of the Family
Bill's former Civil War commander asks him to take his oldest son with him on the trail to make a better man out of him. Bill agrees to this, but he detects that the son has an intense bitterness toward his father---until another man who served under his father in the war makes a claim the boy can't allow to go unchallenged.
11 Jan. 1960
The Taming of Rio Nada
Longley has been a special marshal to the Texas town of Rio Nada. The area has been plagued by Mexican bandits who have used to the cross the border into the United States and raid the countryside. The gang is led by a mysterious leader known only as "El Sombro". When Longley captures an agent for El Sombro, he hopes to use the threat of hanging for the attempted murder of a deputy sheriff to force him to identify the illusive bandit chief. (Note to viewers: Best to first view "The Terrified Town", then "Sixgun Street", then "The Taming Of Rio Nada", as this is the ...
18 Jan. 1960
Sixgun Street
After acting marshal Bill orders no guns to be worn on the streets of Rio Nada, a local casino owner sends for two notorious gunmen to kill him.
25 Jan. 1960
The Terrified Town
Bill is brought by two bounty hunters to the Governor, who hires him as a marshal to clean up a border area which is being run by an outlaw known as El Sombro. Bill also learns that the sheriff of the main town in the area, his old mentor, has become a drunk and is totally ineffective in handling the situation.
1 Feb. 1960
Thirty Hours to Kill
Bill is forced to kill one of the Dawson brothers after a fight when the man draws on him, and then he must contend with three other brothers who vow to kill him.
8 Feb. 1960
After Bill, again working with the railroad, turns down a bribe from a landowner to detour the track through his town, the man then forces a doctor to quarantine the railroad workers, falsely claiming a case of cholera.
15 Feb. 1960
Buried Treasure
Bill finds an old prospector almost dead from thirst, and brings him in to the railroad workers camp. But men from a rival outfit talk the old man into spreading a story about finding gold, hoping to lure the workers away from their job.
22 Feb. 1960
Captive Crew
A group of convicts take over the work train, killing their guards, and hold the entire crew at the construction site hostage. Bill, who they think they also killed on the train, makes it back to the site and must figure out a way to stop them.
29 Feb. 1960
With his job about done, Bill is planning to leave the railroad workers camp and move on, until a former crewman once fired by MacMorris shows up to make trouble, and Bill learns the man is working as field agent for the company that the workers hoped to get a new contract from.
14 Mar. 1960
The Governor's Lady
Bill saves a government agent from ambush. The agent is carrying a list of landowners who are refusing to pay their taxes, and the daughter of one of those landowners---the one who the attempted killers are working for---is engaged to the governor.
21 Mar. 1960
Town Divided
Bill finds a town engulfed by a feud between two ranchers. He also learns that his former commanding officer, now a doctor, has turned to drinking, and that a young man blames him for crippling his arm. Bill tries to talk the doctor into staying and not running from the challenges.
28 Mar. 1960
The Guilty and the Innocent
A lynch mob wants to hang a young man convicted of killing a family of homesteaders. Bill rides in with a stay of execution from the governor just as the mob is about to break into the jail and the desperate prisoner escapes.
4 Apr. 1960
Presentation Gun
Bill stops to visit his friend, a well-respected sheriff, only to find that the man has been jailed for killing an unarmed youth, and the whole town has turned against him, including his own son. Bill seeks to find the real truth even though the sheriff himself tries to discourage him.
18 Apr. 1960
The Nomad
Bill comes to the defense of an unassuming man who is being bullied and tries to encourage him to stand up for himself. Soon the man asks Bill to teach him how to use a gun.
25 Apr. 1960
Killer's Road
Bill takes the job of escorting a convicted killer to his hanging, knowing that the man's sons and gang members are in the area planning to free him.
9 May 1960
Lady Tenderfoot
An Easterner and his daughter hire Bill to guide them in the search for a wild stallion whom they hope to breed. But an old enemy plans to follow them on the search and rob the horse breeder and get revenge on Bill.
16 May 1960
The Invisible Noose
Bill goes after three men who forced him to accompany them on a bank robbery and framed him for it.
30 May 1960
Johnny Tuvo
Bill befriends an overeager young man named Johnny Tuvo who plans to challenge him in the upcoming horse race. But two other men at the event have more sinister plans for how to take advantage of it.
6 Jun. 1960
The Accuser
Bill is captured by a posse and accused of being one of the men who robbed the bank and shot the banker. Unfortunately, the victim claims Bill was the robber who shot him. Only the sheriff, whom the banker hates for being in love with his daughter, is inclined to believe Bill.
13 Jun. 1960
Mission to Monterey
Bill is sent into Mexico to investigate and put an end to a counterfeiting ring that's been operating there making phony American currency. The lawman he was to contact is ambushed and killed, leaving Bill to handle the situation alone, dealing with Mexican authorities who don't trust him.
20 Jun. 1960
Bill escorts a prisoner to Pueblo for trial. He is also to deliver money to the prisoner's mother for his daughter, whom she has custody of. On the way the two men encounter a dust storm, which forces them to take refuge in a ghost town. Three outlaw associates of the prisoner are also coming there.
5 Sep. 1960
24 Hours to Live
Bill hopes to prove that his friend Steve Murrow is innocent of killing the man who married the girl he was hoping to marry. But he only has 24 hours to do it before Steve is hung, and the town sheriff has threatened to kill Bill if he tries to break Steve out.

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