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Season 2

18 Sep. 1960
The Land of Oz
Lord General Nikidik wants to take over Oz, so he goes to Mombi and asks her to transform the beloved Princess Ozma into a marble statue. Mombi instead changes her into a boy, Tip, to be her servant, with no memory of her former life.
30 Oct. 1960
The Prince and the Pauper
Penniless in 16th-century London, Tom Canty finds he has an exact double - the heir to the throne.
11 Dec. 1960
The House of the Seven Gables
See this adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's supernatural, romantic tale of a New England family and their life in the House of the Seven Gables, a two-hundred-year-old dwelling haunted by the ghosts of past generations.
8 Jan. 1961
Pippi Longstocking
High-spirited little girl Pippi lives every child's ultimate fantasy... escape from parental supervision in a world without rules!
29 Jan. 1961
The Terrible Clockman
Based on a story by Jules Verne, an evil alchemist moves to a small Swiss village and wishes to marry the local clockmaker's beautiful daughter. When his request is refused he casts a spell that alters time and turns a large man-shaped clock into a walking (and ticking) monster that terrorizes the village.
5 Mar. 1961
The Little Mermaid
From The Shirley Temple Show, a collection of timeless children's tales featuring legendary stars

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