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6 Jan. 1966
My Son, the Councilman
Jeff's friends try to get him nominated for city council.
15 Jan. 1966
Do It Yourself Donna
Donna and Alex attempt to assemble a "do it yourself" stereo kit.
22 Jan. 1966
When I Was Your Age
Donna snd Alex believe Jeff is eloping with Bebe when they misread several conversations and events. Believing they are too young to marry they frantically try to stop the wedding from happening.
29 Jan. 1966
Calling Willie Mays
Being baseball fans the Stone family are excited when Willie Mays leaves four tickets to one of his games. The problem arises when Alex, Jeff, and Donna all invite a guest to join them.
12 Feb. 1966
The Return of Mark
A former boyfriend of Donna's arrives back in Hilldale, wealthy and accomplished, which leads Alex to wonder how well he has provided for his family.
19 Feb. 1966
Is There a Small Hotel?
Donna and Alex's attempts to narrow down their plans for a vacation are complicated by too many well-wishers with too many ideas as to where they should go.
26 Feb. 1966
No More Parties - Almost
Donna and Alex have attended many parties; they decide to spend some time at home, enjoying their children and each other. Alex asks Donna to make an excuse for an invitation on Friday. Donna calls to state they can not attend. Later that day Midge asks to go with the Stones to an Anniversary party, however, they were not invited. Donna tries, to find out why they were not invited.
12 Mar. 1966
What Price Home?
A former resident of the Stones' house visits and wants to buy the house. Alex sets an unreasonably high price thinking they won't want to buy. The husband accepts the price and complications ensue.
19 Mar. 1966
By-Line--Jeff Stone
Jeff and Smitty have written a song that could be a big break for them if only someone big in the music business would sing it. Enter Leslie Gore, playing herself.

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