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Another Closet Canadian Production
animal_8_523 April 2006
Minerva Urecal played a tough, but lovable Annie in this cheap, but well-made show. The last episodes I saw were so ripped up, its a wonder you could make sense of the story. Would've presented better with a better quality print, so will probably never see light on DVD. So generic was this series, most viewers never knew it was filmed entirely in Canada.

Made during a busy time for syndicated Canadian TV series' such as "Last Of The Mohicans," "Cannonball," "The Littlest Hobo" (1st series, not the version made in the 1970s) and "B" films "Flaming Frontiers" and "Wolf Dog." I heard from a child extra in "Annie" that Walter Sande was a great practical joker and talented at sleight-of-hand, which entertained cast and crew alike during downtime.

The reason the series was filmed in Canada was that labor and resources were cheaper and marketing possibilities wider. Inexplicably, the bonanza ended by 1960. It took decades for the Canadian film industry to recover, but recover it did, thanks largely to productions like "Tugboat Annie."
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Smoke and steam on the water...
herzogvon20 June 2005
It's been so many decades since I last saw this show that it all seems a bit dim. Still, I remember it as being just one more of those wonderfully watchable comedy / adventures from the 50s. The rather frightening visage of Minerva Urecal in the title role has never faded from memory, though it once took three hours of TOT ( tip of tongue ) phenomena to finally recall her name.

This was no knock off of the 30s movies. Minerva was a lot tougher than Marie Dressler - she could probably have chewed up and spat out the latter - and Walter Sande was hardly Wallace Beery. Still, this was an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable program that had a peculiarly endearing quality. [ OK, the story involved the salty captain of the Narcissus ( Annie ) and her constant battles to keep the scheming Capt. Horatio Bullwinkle and his Salamander from stealing jobs from her and her crew. That was pretty much the extent of it. ] Hopefully, it will pop up again one of these days...assuming it already hasn't.
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Lets encourage a remake for Canadian TV.
drysdale-230 January 2007
I would like to see a modern remake of this series. For some reason, I never forgot the original, and that is saying something!!I would like to see some of the original episodes and rediscover why I have never forgotten this short lived series. I remember Annie and some of the other characters very vaguely, but recall that I had a lot of great belly laughs watching this show as a young boy. Maybe I enjoyed it because it made my dad laugh too, which seemed quite rare back then. We had a 15 inch black and white Spartan TV and the signal was not the greatest, but the lure of the waterfront and the antics of Annie and the shows cast opened my imagination on a greater level of focus.
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Unforgettable series but where is it now?
aravinda019 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
During the opening scenes every week, Annie yells over to Bullwinkle, "Ahoy Bullwinkle, you old baboon!" prompting Bullwinkle to reply, "Annie, I'll get even with you if it takes me the rest of my natural life!"

This series was filmed in Toronto which was the stand-in for the fictional locale of "Secoma." I watched it religiously every week when I was a kid in the late 50's and the reruns in the early 60's.

As a prime example of early Canadian television comedy, why has no station picked it up for reruns? Why is the series not available to purchase for home use?

I agree an update could be made but it should be possible to re-master the original series. Somebody must know where it is archived.
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