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  • Sisters Jane and Penny are arrested for hitchhiking on their way to Los Angeles when they stop for a quick skinny-dip in a rural town. Local agricultural magnate Tropp is a sponsor for a local prison work program and the women are put in the cotton fields to work off their sentence. Tropp marries the middle-aged widowed judge in order to ensure a stable supply of cheap labor to undercut his competition. The prisoners suffer ill treatment, but the judge's son has signed on as a hired hand and begins to figure out the scam as he falls in love with Jane, and Penny dreams of making it big in showbiz.


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  • A boy running around in the deserted prairie like a chicken without a head. Two police cars appear and arrest him.

    Two girls are swimming in a river. They are skinny-dipping, and they tell Sheriff Mitch Bowers (Robert Foulk) to go away, but he laughs it off. A farmer appears and also laughs it off. Penny Lowe (Marnie Van Doren) says she's 22. She and her sister Jane Lowe (Lori Nelson), 22, are from Illinois and want to go to LA. As what they have done goes against the county code, they are put into the police car and arrested.

    Judge Cecilia Steele Tropp (Lurene Tuttle) says that they are vagrants, and that in some other cases, young people have even killed to support themselves or in hitch-hiking related matters. She sends them to jail for 30-day confinement. They have to choose where to serve their sentence: the county jail or agricultural farm. Theoretically, they are going to be paid for their work. Suddenly, Cecilia is too busy greeting Russ Tropp (John Russell). The girls choose the "healthy outdoors" position.

    They are sent to Tropp Farms, Inc. There is a sign saying COTTON & POTATO PICKERS WANTED. Many teenagers are in the same situation as the Lowe sisters. Teenagers won't get their full pay as they have to pay for their food and lodgings. Baby (Yvonne Fedderson) is 19 and wants to call her dad.

    Mr Tropp fires one of the guards who has lipstick on his face. It probably was Lillibet (Jeanne Carmen), who pretended to be vacuuming instead of dancing to music. She's lost all her privileges and comes back to sleep with the rest.

    Jane is singing Rolling Like a Rolling Stone when Lillibet returns. There's a fight because she's got no bed to sleep in.

    Bob Steele (Don Burnett) arrives. His mother phones Tropp to get him a job with the company. Tropp calls Jack Landis (Glenn Dixon) will do something else, and Bob will work with the machinery. Landis drinks while on the job. Mr Tropp has no shortage of working hands, which the radio newscaster (William Henry) says that it's such a great problem in the South of the USA. The only problem for the farmers is that they need 100 people picking up the harvest. Mr Tropp will find that number of people.

    The Lowes need more comfortable clothes. Lillibeth complains because she's broken another nail. Everybody gathers around, sings and dances in the middle of the cotton field. Penny faints because of the heat and Bob takes care of her.

    Cecilia is so in love with Tropp, that she'll do anything for him. They can't be openly together, so he tells her to wait some more. It's clear that Tropp doesn't really like her. Penny would like to have an office job. They all dance in the bedroom after work.

    The cook, nicknamed Pinky (Wally Brown), needs two people to handwash in his kitchen. Penny sings. Pinky suggests telling Tropp that Penny has talent. Lillibet tells her that all Tropp is going to do is to give her "the housekeeping job", which means becoming his lover; so Jane wants her to reject the offer, but Penny wants to take the opportunity. Jane asks Bob to check on Penny and Tropp with some excuse. Tropp's dogs chase Penny, who has to go up to the roof. She is sent back to jail.

    Russ tells Cecilia to frame Bob so that he has to stay working for them. She finally agrees. Bob has to take Baby to hospital, as she has fainted again. The doctor (Michael Emmet) is surprised when Bob happens not to be Baby's boyfriend. She's had a miscarriage.

    Bob complains to Cecilia, who happens to be his mother. She thought that every worker was medically-examined before starting work, at least that was part of their agreement. Cecilia says that Tropp happens to be very ambitious. Cecilia finally admits that she is in love and that she married Russ four months ago in secret. Bob will leave home and live independently.

    Bob tells Russ he wants to check out. He tells everybody that Baby's dead. Bob will stay to take care of Penny. Cecilia is told that Russ has kept lovers at his home.

    Bob sees Russ meeting with farmers Collingwood (Stanley Andrews) and more. They speak Spanish, so they call Margaritia (Lucita) to translate. They are going to smuggle Mexicans onto the land. Russ releases his dogs. They attack Margaritia and Bob. Duke (Wayne Taylor) and Ralph (Jered Barclay) are also on it. All the workers and the townspeople stop Russ and his accomplices. Cecilia makes the sheriff arrest Russ. She also cancels everybody's sentences, even if that's the last thing she orders as a judge. She makes police officers out of Bob and some of theex-prisoners.

    Finally, Penny works in the entertainment world and Cecilia, Jane and Bob watch her on TV.

    ---written by KrystelClaire

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