Something of Value (1957) Poster

Rock Hudson: Henry's Son - Peter



  • Henry's Son - Peter : Kimani's guilty of only one thing, Captain. Guilty of being born black.

  • A White Settler - Henry McKenzie : What in the name of Almighty God are we trying to do to these people?

    Crown Consul : Preserve the law, Henry, that's all.

    A White Settler - Henry McKenzie : Law? Whose law? Not theirs, surely.

    Crown Consul : All men are equal before the law.

    A White Settler - Henry McKenzie : Except some are more equal than others.

    Crown Consul : That man is an accomplice to murder. H's admitted that.

    A White Settler - Henry McKenzie : But can we make him understand it? We take away their customs, their habits, their religion. We stop their tribal dances, we stop them circumcising their women. Then we offer them our way of life, something they can't grasp. We say, "Look how clean and rich and clever we are." For the Africans... different wages, different life. We mock their wise men. Take away the authority from their fathers. What are the children going to do? They'll lose respect for their elders and fathers... and when they do, look out. maybe they'll lose respect for our white Jesus too. Turn to something else for help... It won't be to us.

    Crown Consul : You understand , don't you Peter? If we don't make the African respect the Law... well, the next thing you know, he'll be wanting to rule this country.

    Henry's Son - Peter : Imagine that, now.

    [sarcastically says] 

    Henry's Son - Peter : Whatever could give him that idea?

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