The Nights of Cabiria (1957) Poster

Giulietta Masina: Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli



  • Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian] 

    [to Oscar] 

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : Guess there's some justice in the world. You suffer, you go through hell. Then happiness comes along or everyone.

  • Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian, praying]  Madonna, Madonna, help me to change my life. Bestow your grace on me too. Make me change my life.

  • Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  What do you want from me?

    Oscar D'Onofrio : [in Italian]  If you like, I'll marry you. I wanted to ask you before but I didn't have the courage. I've wanted to since the first time I saw you.

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  What are you saying? Marry me? What are you saying? Marry someone you've seen ten times. That's not how it's done. Really! Thank God I'm an honest woman.That's not how it's done. Excuse-me!

  • Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  Mambo!

    Boy : [in Italian]  You're in luck Cabiria. I'm the best dancer in Rome.

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  Come on!

  • Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian] 

    [to Alberto] 

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : There's another girl, my friend Wanda, she lives there too, but I don't bother with the others. The others all sleep under the arches in Caracalla. Mind you, I have my own house with water, electricity, bottled gas, I've got everything, even a thermometer. See this one here? She never ever slept under an arch. Well, maybe once... or twice. Of course, my house is nothing like this. But I like it.

  • Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian] 

    [to Alberto holding up boiled lobster] 

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : And what's this? I saw it in a movie once.

  • Giorgio : [in Italian] 

    [first lines] 

    Giorgio : Go over there.

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  It's beautiful. Come on.

  • Wanda : [in Italian]  Go inside and dry yourself off.

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  I don't have the keys.

    Wanda : [in Italian]  Where did you put them?

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  In my purse.

    Wanda : [in Italian]  And where's your purse?

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  Giorgio's got it. We took a walk by the river and I fell in. Giorgio got scared and ran off.

  • Passer-by : [in Italian]  Cabiria, Alberto Lazzari's waiting for you.

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  I'm not even talking to you.

    Wanda : [in Italian]  Don't listen to her.

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  Who's listening?

    Wanda : [in Italian]  Hey Cabiria, there's Limpy.

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  There's a winner.

    Wanda : [in Italian]  Hey, you old lecher. Home sick for jail? Come on, Cabiria, let's have a good laugh.

  • Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  I'm getting married! He asked me to marry him! We're buying a store in Grotta Ferrata. He's already signed the contract. Without me knowing he arranged it all: a store, a house! I'm selling everything... I'll sell the house... the house. We're getting married in two weeks. Wanda, I'm leaving!

    Wanda : [in Italian]  Does he know that you...

    Maria 'Cabiria' Ceccarelli : [in Italian]  Of course he knows! I've told him everything. I didn't hide anything from him. He's a saint, an angel! He didn't want to know anything. He didn't care. He loves me! He loves me! Wanda! He loves me! Wanda!

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