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Jacques Tourneur never planned to show the monster, but to leave it instead to the audience's imagination. However, the studio insisted that the monster be shown, and added it in post-production, allegedly without Tourneur's consent, approval or involvement.
Dana Andrews was so impressed with director Jacques Tourneur that when he returned to the United States he had Tourneur direct his next film, The Fearmakers (1958).
Ray Harryhausen was contacted to create the effect scenes with the demon, but he was already committed to his project The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) with producer Charles H. Schneer.
Joanna Harrington's license plate includes the numbers "666", the traditional "number of the Beast".
In the movie "The Burbs", Tom Hanks' character (Ray) is in his basement with the paranoid neighbor (Art) who is trying to convince him that the Klopeks next door are actually Satanists. When he shows Ray an old book to make his point, take a look at the title and especially the author. "The Theory and Practice of Demonolgy" is supposedly written by none other than Julian Karswell. Someone....perhaps a writer, the director or the props manager was apparently out to pay homage to Curse of the Demon.
Beginning in the 1980s, Columbia Pictures replaced their edited 83-minute U.S. version with the uncut original 95-minute version while retaining the U.S. title "Curse of the Demon." The various video releases, and pay-tv showings, have used this restored version. A DVD release contained both versions.
The line of dialogue "It's in the trees! It's coming!" was sampled and used by Kate Bush for the intro of her 1985 song "Hounds of Love".
The source story for this film, "Casting of the Runes", was also adapted into a radio play of that name for the anthology radio programme "Escape". The story was also adapted twice for British television, first as an episode of the anthology series "Mystery and Imagination" in 1968, and again as an episode of "ITV Playhouse" in 1979.
Jacques Tourneur chose Dana Andrews over Robert Taylor for the lead.
This film was mentioned in the opening song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) ("Science Fiction Double Feature"): "Dana Andrews said prunes gave him the runes, but passing them used lots of skills".
Released in the U.S. as the lower half of a double bill with Hammer's The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958).
Peggy Cummins's convertible sports car is a Sunbeam Alpine Mark I, manufactured by the Rootes Group in Ryton and Park Royal, London, England from 1953 to 1955, license plate NLJ 666.
The French title for the film "Rendez-vous Avec La Peur," translates as "A Date With Fear" in English.
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In interviews regarding this film, Dana Andrews credits the story to Oliver Onions. The story is actually based on "Casting the Runes" by M.R. James.

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