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6 Jan. 1960
The Lita Foladaire Story
Never having met Lita Foladaire, Major Adams learned a lot about her past, the town she grew up in, the people who loved her and most importantly what happened to her surrounded by those same people.
13 Jan. 1960
The Colonel Harris Story
Flint goes to Fort Young to see the Harris family and Bowman Lewis who were friends from his youth. He finds Mrs. Harris dead and her husband swearing to wipe out all Indians including Lewis who leads the Comanche and his mother, Princess.
20 Jan. 1960
The Marie Brandt Story
Trying to give her son a chance, Maidie Brant is found by the wagon train. Needing fresh horses after a cougar attack, she is reluctant to say why she won't go back to town and buy some but would rather pay top dollar for the Major's.
27 Jan. 1960
The Larry Hanify Story
On his deathbed, Joe asks Flint to look after his 17-year old son Larry Hanify and get him to California. There was one catch. His latest escapade put him in jail awaiting trial for armed robbery.
10 Feb. 1960
The Clayton Tucker Story
Taking a dangerous route through the desert to join up with the wagon train, a small band of settlers take a turn for the worse when they lose the one man leading them, their scout, and now differ on where they need to go now.
17 Feb. 1960
The Benjamin Burns Story
One dry water hole is normal but when the wagon train has two, Flint and Ben Burns lead a party to find a legend that only the Indians speak of, Shining Water. Troubles await them but the worst may be a too green city boy.
24 Feb. 1960
The Ricky and Laurie Bell Story
Laurie and Ricky Bell uproot and go West, leaving their comforts in Baltimore. When she announces she is pregnant, he is less than happy as he feels she has just made their lives more complicated especially where it concerns his needs.
2 Mar. 1960
The Tom Tuckett Story
Ever since he was young, Tom Tuckett has been sent to good schools and looked after by an unknown benefactor. When he joins the wagon train he feels he's about to find out who that is but it isn't who he imagined.
9 Mar. 1960
The Tracy Sadler Story
David Forest always believed his father to be as he claimed. When Tracy Sadler joins the wagon train his beliefs are altered when he slowly and painfully learns the truth about his past.
16 Mar. 1960
The Alexander Portlass Story
Kidnapped, Flint is forced to scout and find a lost Aztec treasure. As some of the men were previously thrown off the wagon train, their unfriendliness is certain unless he can help them find the lost treasure of Montezuma.
23 Mar. 1960
The Christine Elliott Story
Her father on his deathbed, Christine Elliot decides to fulfill his dream of a boys school and joins the wagon train. A good start: the eleven boys he already has. One man is determined to stop her unless he collects his pound of flesh.
30 Mar. 1960
The Joshua Gilliam Story
Bill and the Major find a man lying hurt, a meal for the buzzards. When he meets an innocent woman on the wagon train who has an inheritance waiting for her, he shows other skills besides being just a schoolteacher and her mother is wary.
6 Apr. 1960
The Maggie Hamilton Story
When their daughter runs away from the wagon train, the Hamiltons hire Flint to bring her back. With renegades in the area, he soon discovers how spoiled Maggie really is and they still manage to make it back in one piece.
13 Apr. 1960
The Jonas Murdock Story
Out of meat and low on food, the wagon train must not kill any wildlife or all will face the wrath of the local Indians. The one holdout is Jonas Murdoch who has always lived outside the rules and doesn't consider a rabbit an issue.
20 Apr. 1960
The Amos Gibbon Story
After an argument with Major Adams, Flint leaves the wagon train and cozies up to a bar at a nearby town. What he doesn't know is the locals are shanghaiing strangers for slave labor in the mine and no one on the train knows where he went.
27 Apr. 1960
Trial for Murder: Part 1
When a well thought of member of the wagon train is found dead, Adams needs to prevent mob rule and make sure a lawful trial takes place. The accused who was not well liked is found passed out with the rifle used in the murder.
4 May 1960
Trial for Murder: Part 2
When the deceased's wife arrives, the people on the wagon train learn that the murdered man has a dark past, and this could be a case of Cain & Abel - or perhaps something or someone in the dead-man's past came home-to-roost.
11 May 1960
The Countess Baranof Story
Countess Baranof is desperate to get to Alaska to claim her family fortune, and with no horses she applies her considerable charms on Flint. But she's not the one Flint should worry about, as her bodyguard has a more sinister agenda.
18 May 1960
The Dick Jarvis Story
A boy hurt in a crippling accident and a domineering mother meet a runaway boy who she feels is making him do things outside his capabilities. Another accident reveals something unexpected since it may pit two friends against each other.
25 May 1960
Dr. Swift Cloud
Thinking he is not welcome by the white man or his people, an educated Chiracua Indian returns to find prejudices among both of them and must find a way to overcome all of them before it is too late.
1 Jun. 1960
The Luke Grant Story
Luke Grant is found wandering the desert with one wish on his mind - kill me! Turned over to the wagon train by some friendly Chiracawa Indians, they slowly discover his identity and that there are Apaches on the war path and nearby.
8 Jun. 1960
The Charlene Brenton Story
A baby girl sure has a rough start when she arrives on the stage with her dead mother. Plague is what people think killed her and then Charlie Wooster steps in to try to help - and well, you can imagine where it went from there.
15 Jun. 1960
The Sam Livingston Story
Abigail has lost her driver to the better paying mines. Her new driver says he owns a bank and a pig. The ride West reveals another side of him that takes at least the pig to change both heart and mind.
22 Jun. 1960
The Shadrack Bennington Story
Shadrack Bennington has been a cavalier of the open road, not wanting to be tied down until he joins the wagon train, heading for San Francisco and a future even he couldn't anticipate.
28 Sep. 1960
Wagons Ho!
While preparing to return to St. Joseph, the men read the story "Wagon Ho" written and printed by Samuel T. Evans about his trip as a naive young Irishman headed west and his experiences and adventure on the trail.
5 Oct. 1960
The Horace Best Story
Adams' "distant" cousin Horace arrives hoping to be a wagon master. His trading skills allow him to steal the crew and vendors from Adams but when Adams confronts him with the decisions he must make on the trail, there are second thoughts.
12 Oct. 1960
The Albert Farnsworth Story
Arrogant British Colonel Albert Farnsworth causes an uproar in camp and puts the wagon train in danger of Indian attack, resulting in the capture of a young girl by the Cheyenne and the mortal wounding of his long time aide.
19 Oct. 1960
The Allison Justis Story
When someone yells horse thief, Flint shoots a man only to find he is the husband of a childhood friend. Flint learns the man is mayor and highly respected. The question of whether he killed an innocent man bothers him and the man's son.
26 Oct. 1960
The Jose Morales Story
Bill Hawkes is leading 3 wagons through Indian territory. They run into trouble with Mexician bandits lead by Lee Marvin. When the 2 groups must band together to fight off an Indian attack, certain biases & assumptions are thrown away.
2 Nov. 1960
Princess of a Lost Tribe
Ordered by Major Adams to guide three passengers to a campsite up a haunted mountain, Flint does so but with caution: rumors that an escaped group of Aztecs now live there, almost 400 years after Cortez wiped them all out.
9 Nov. 1960
The Cathy Eckhart Story
One murder begets a second murder while a treacherous journey awaits the wagon train. An unknown scout and Kiowa Indians threaten the pass. Now there may be a renegade and murderer in their midst which Adams must resolve before continuing.
16 Nov. 1960
The Bleymier Story
Heed the signs! Or so says Samuel Bleymier. When the rains won't stop a splintered group of the wagon train has to travel through a Sioux Indian burial ground. That may have consequences all its own but what of the signs?
23 Nov. 1960
The Colter Craven Story
Dr. Craven feels he can't perform surgery any longer. When he joins the wagon train and his services are desperately needed, he realizes he may be wrong after Major Adams gives him a history lesson.
30 Nov. 1960
The Jane Hawkins Story
Flint discovers a badly wounded waitress on the range and takes her to a doctor, where he finds the evil town's owner wants to hang her without trial, because he suspects she murdered his son.
7 Dec. 1960
The Candy O'Hara Story
Gabe Henry and his son have been sorely missing the female touch over five years now. Finding a wife during a stopover is his top priority but his choice is known to Major Adams and he does not approve.
14 Dec. 1960
The River Crossing
A green Army Colonel wipes out a village of Comanche women and children thinking he is getting revenge. The wagon train must face on the one side a swollen river they must cross or a Comanche chief on the other who seeks justice.
21 Dec. 1960
The Roger Bigelow Story
Roger Bigelow turns to the ministry with his father's help when he realizes what he might become without it. He gets the chance to help someone else on the wrong path but Major Adams is not sure the reverend is helping the right person.
28 Dec. 1960
The Jeremy Dow Story
When the wagon train passes through town, habitually drunk Jeremy Dow finds that his past has caught up with him. His choices: continue running, or face the demons from his past when he is confronted with this wife and son on the train.

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