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Season 1

8 Feb. 1958
Episode #1.11
Polly and Jack read from his collection of on-air flubs,"Jack Paar's book of broadcasting boo-boos", then both sing and dance the rock and roll song "Short Shorts". Jack brings out three Bassett hounds purporting to be an act called "The Singing Dogs", but no matter how much he begs and pleads, he can't get them to utter a sound.
22 Mar. 1958
Episode #1.14
Johnny Carson does a few small magic tricks, showing his medal from a magician's club, then he joins Polly in a take off on the upcoming Academy awards,the "Carson-Bergen awards for old movies" that are already on television.Johnny does some impersonations, imagining what a pairing of feuding stars Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen might be like.

 Season 1 

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