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Season 1

13 Aug. 1957
The Cheat
In Las Vegas, a supposed Baron has been on a very suspiciously long winning streak at the dice tables, so the manager calls in McGraw to figure out how he's doing it.
8 Oct. 1957
The Fighter
McGraw interrupts a camping vacation to help out a fight manager friend with a fighter who's up for an important match, but whose sullen attitude indicates he's ready to take a dive.
22 Oct. 1957
Bad luck for McGraw. Not only does he break down in the desert and finds himself stranded in the small town of Calidad but, to his dismay, he also finds out his hotel there is the sheriff's office jail. McGraw is indeed accused of murdering a café waitress.
14 Jan. 1958
In Havana, McGraw meets a strange English girl who was a survivor of the sinking of an ocean liner, but now has lost her memory. She's also mixed up with some local thugs and a mysterious stalker.
21 Jan. 1958
Time for Dying
A manicurist sees an Albert Anastasia-type murder and goes into hiding. McGraw links the case to another killing, figuring both were revenge for being in death sentence case jurors. The witness must be used as bait to lure the murderer out.
18 Mar. 1958
The Long Aloha
In Hawaii, a friend of McGraw's is murdered by a poison dart in the middle of a barbecue party. Partners in his import/export company are suspected.
1 Apr. 1958
The Lie That Came True
McGraw is asked to investigate a stick up man that confesses to the police about robbing a business man, trouble is, the crime never took place and to complicate things, a woman who might hold the answers is murdered.

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