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Season 4

10 Sep. 1960
The Fatalist
Rivka Shotness seeks the help of Paladin in the hopes he will protect her father who is about to testify against a local outlaw he saw kill a man. Usually witnesses don't make it to trial or suffer some other malady before they do.
17 Sep. 1960
Love's Young Dream
Pelt scavenger Monk returns to plague Paladin when Monk inherits 50% of the Barbary Coast's swankest nightclub. Paladin has to Pygmalion the odoriferous Monk just to stay the disco's bouncers from repeatedly flinging buckskin-clad Monk into a nice, cleansing gutter. To hyena-like Monk, the club's peacock-feathered co-owner Augusta is even more attractive than a freshly killed gazelle. Can even Paladin the sophisticate spruce up Monk enough to keep him atop Nob Hill?
24 Sep. 1960
A Head of Hair
A newspaper article reports that the Nez Perce Indians have kidnapped a white woman. Paladin rides to a nearby Army post hoping to get some help in finding her. His Sioux guide soon proves he has ulterior motives.
1 Oct. 1960
Out at the Old Ball Park
Paladin is summoned to ump when warring baseball clubs besiege Whiskey Slide. Almost everyone in the cattle town bets heavily on their local cowpokes versus a barnstorming pro 9, so gunshots outnumber home run shots. Paladin's resume includes serving under Gen. Abner Doubleday in the Civil War, and witnessing the first openly pro team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings play in 1869, so Mayor Whiteside, Sheriff Fix, and Chicago Bears manager Marcus Goodbaby ink the expensive free agent ump.
8 Oct. 1960
Saturday Night
Paladin is suspected of murder after taking the wrong road East in a gale, stranding him in a wild town under the gun of a corrupt sheriff. The lawman doesn't mind bar fights, as long as he can take advantage of the combatants, so weary, sodden Paladin is swept into jail with 4 surly locals: including a thief, a barnyard philosopher, and 2 romantic rivals.
15 Oct. 1960
The Calf
A fence has two sides. On one is a landowner who won't give up anything he finds on his side. On the other is an old man and his adopted son, content to keep to themselves. Paladin decides to help keep the landowner on his side, no matter the cost.
22 Oct. 1960
The Tender Gun
Paladin gets a letter from the sheriff of Arroyo asking him to come help remove a covey of gunslinging water moccasins. The sheriff's nephew referred him and says he is just the man. His reward will be pretty interesting too.
29 Oct. 1960
The Shooting of Jessie May
After reading an article in a local newspaper, Paladin rides to Wyoming to see Joe Ergo. Seems that Jessie May Turnbow is seeking revenge against the jury that convicted his father ten years earlier. What he's using is a handmade automatic shotgun that cuts a wide and bloody path.
12 Nov. 1960
The Poker Fiend
Mrs. Neal will pay Paladin his biggest payday yet if he can return her husband before he loses all his money in a poker game he has been at for several months. Only two people and a sickness stand in his way.
19 Nov. 1960
Paladin is hired to find an old prospector who's looking for an Indian silver mine.
26 Nov. 1960
The Marshal's Boy
Marshal Lamport wires Paladin. His son, accused of killing Burt Gulley, is on the run. He needs his help making sure he is brought to trial instead of killed by Burt's father, a member of the posse.
3 Dec. 1960
Fogg Bound
Paladin meets Phileas Fogg, world traveler on a tight schedule, along with Passepartout and Princess Aouda. He agrees to escort them to Reno for transit to New York City, not realizing Fogg has offended someone who is out for revenge.
10 Dec. 1960
The Legacy
Paladin joins a posse determined to capture Sam Tarnitzer. When he finds and shoots him, Sam writes a deathbed will leaving his considerable holdings to him -- unless one of the posse should kill him first.
17 Dec. 1960
The Prisoner
Paladin is approached about a justified killing he was involved in over a decade ago. A then 13 year old is now to be hanged for his alleged involvement with one brother who was killed by Paladin and two others that were hung. The town seems ready to mete out their version of justice unless Paladin and a Boston judge can bring their own.
24 Dec. 1960
The Puppeteer
On the trail, Paladin has to kill his fallen horse. He is soon picked up by a mountebank heading for Fort Pawnee. He soon learns that his benefactor has ulterior motives for coming here and reveals them during a puppet show.
31 Dec. 1960
The Sanctuary
Paladin is on his way to Monterey. He stops for the night at a mission and finds it surrounded by gunmen who want someone inside who has been granted sanctuary. Now Paladin must decide to continue on his journey or how he can help.
7 Jan. 1961
A Quiet Night in Town: Part 1
Paladin reads a newspaper article describing a brutal killing. After capturing the fugitive he goes to a small Texas town to catch a train north with his prisoner. Paladin has his hands full as the townspeople are out to liven up what would have been just another quiet night.
14 Jan. 1961
A Quiet Night in Town: Part 2
After one of the townspeople shoot and kill his prisoner, Paladin vows they will all pay. Is he seeking revenge for losing a prisoner or trying to take those that did it into custody for the justice they felt they had already handed out?
21 Jan. 1961
The Princess and the Gunfighter
Paladin is hired to find and return a Princess who has run away. When he does he shows her how and why it would be best to return to her kingdom and responsibilities on her own.
28 Jan. 1961
Shadow of a Man
Paladin receives a desperate plea from an unidentified woman to meet in Patchwork Junction. With the note is his retainer - a diamond brooch with a purported appraised value of $2000 - that's made of paste! When he arrives he finds himself being drawn into some old prejudices between a cattle baron from the north and a cotton farmer from the south.
4 Feb. 1961
Long Way Home
Paladin receives a reply to a telegram he sent regarding a wanted man with a $5000 bounty on his head. When he catches up to him, he finds a man whose slave past is what really may have made him an outlaw.
11 Feb. 1961
The Tax Gatherer
Paladin's services are sought to collect cattle taxes in a small Oregon town. It's difficult going as most of the citizens have never voted or paid taxes before. One hitch - most of the cattle has been rustled from someone else.
25 Feb. 1961
The Fatal Flaw
A snow blizzard strands Paladin, a marshal and his prisoner at a cabin. Horseless and wounded they must try to get the prisoner to jail before he can talk his way out of his shackles. But what puzzles Paladin is why the prisoner was caught in the first place when he could have easily avoided capture.
4 Mar. 1961
Paladin reads of an old sheriff friend in Texas from a newspaper article of two escapees just convicted of murder they said they only meant as a fandango. The brother of the deceased is a known gunman and will kill these boys even if Paladin tries to get in the way.
11 Mar. 1961
The Last Judgment
Paladin rides into an Arkansas town where they are about to have a hanging. He finds a man, a doctor, whose crime is that he mended an outlaw's wounds and that outlaw then shot the deputy who was pursuing him. Standing in as the defendant's lawyer, Paladin decides to use a few methods of his own while he waits for the federal judge - prevarication, procrastination, and chicanery.
18 Mar. 1961
The Gold Bar
Paladin is hired to retrieve a stolen gold bar taken from a bank before the state examiner comes Monday. When he catches up to the clerk who took it, complications ensue and Paladin instead helps him put the bar back.
25 Mar. 1961
In Temple City, Danceman prohibits guns, killing any gunmen he encounters. When Paladin visits his pal Cus Mincus, the beefy Danceman doesn't exempt the Man in Black, informing him that 'nobody owns life, we just rent it'. Fortune teller Madmoiselle Destin warns Paladin to leave.
1 Apr. 1961
The Siege
The Water Bugs gang poison water unless settlers pay protection. One gang member lolls in the new jail the town is proud of, but unfortunately, the door hasn't been delivered yet. Paladin plans to earn the reward offered by local citizens. But does besieged Apache Junction want justice or vengeance ?
8 Apr. 1961
Long Weekend
Paladin is hired to stop a silver miner, short of killing him, from getting drunk and tearing up the town. Paladin is willing to try, but it must be his way with no interference from the town.
15 Apr. 1961
El Paso Stage
Responding to a newspaper item, Paladin takes the overland stage to Bracketville to see a man named DeWitt about his supposedly unruly son. For his fee, he is to kidnap the boy and take him to another town, where some friends will sit on him until he cools down. He discovers that DeWitt's son is the new attorney who rode with him on the stage into town. When the son is killed, Paladin must shoot it out with the marshal or be killed himself.
22 Apr. 1961
Duke of Texas
Paladin is hired by an Austrian prince (wishing to remain anonymous), to escort him to the Mexican border. When he thinks better of taking the job and is beaten up, he changes his mind for no other reason than to protect the young prince.
29 Apr. 1961
Broken Image
Paladin responds to a note he receives that says a man who single-handedly captured the Stoner gang has refused to go after the Bradley gang after they shot up and robbed the Big Oak bank. Little does anyone know the true reasons that man won't do as expected may get Paladin killed.
6 May 1961
Brother's Keeper
On his way from Santa Fe after collecting a $2500 reward, Paladin is attacked and nearly killed by a puma. Nearly unconscious, two men walk up and deciding that he won't make it, take his horse, guns and money and ride off. He staggers to the nearest town only to discover that the information he gathered about these men could apply to most of the town. Now how will get back his property.
13 May 1961
In taking a commission, Paladin travels to Deerfield. There he immediately falls afoul of a young, abusive ranch hand. After being put in his place, he recruits two coworkers to help him do likewise to Paladin.
20 May 1961
The Cure
Martha Jane Conroy aka Calamity Jane is at rock bottom. With the help of an old friend, Paladin, she tries to recoup some losses from her former business partner.
27 May 1961
The Road
Men scavenge for whatever they can along the trail that may or may not lead to gold. When Paladin finds himself on the same path, he has to be careful lest he fall prey to those same men. When his gun and all other goods are stolen, he makes an atlatl to defend himself, regain some his possessions, and save his life.
3 Jun. 1961
The Uneasy Grave
A friend asks Paladin to inspect his vineyards in Sonoma, to see what is happening to the taste of his wine. Outside Johnsonville, a woman is digging a grave. When he stops, she asks for his help to avenge the deceased.
10 Jun. 1961
Soledad Crossing
Paladin responds to an ad offering a $2000 reward for the twins who killed two deputies and wounded four bystanders. He captures one; the other is already dead "of natural causes." But he has difficulty returning him when the town is quarantined due to possible diphtheria outbreak, and he as well as his prisoner may be infected.

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