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Season 1

Oct. 1957
Mosby's Rangers
Furious over Major Mosby's successful raids behind Union lines, General Stoughton orders Captain Morrow to locate the source of the Confederates' information. Morrow convinces pretty Ansonia Forde to provide false information to trap Mosby. Forde, however, is a friend of Mosby's and provides him with useful intelligence which leads to the capture of an army paymaster's wagon. Stoughton's men discover her deception and arrest her as a spy. In order to rescue Ansonia, Mosby stages a daring raid in hopes of capturing a suitable prisoner to exchange for the beautiful ...
The Humanitarian
One of Mosby's men is badly wounded, and the only way to save him is to use a Union doctor.
The Missing Colonel
Mosby is bringing captured Union troops to a meeting place for a prisoner exchange, when something goes wrong.
Point of Honor
A female spy uses a watch to secretly pass information along to Mosby.
Mosby crosses the lines to get much-needed medical supplies from a Union nurse.
An Eye for an Eye
Mosby comes up with a plan to distract nearby Union troops with the help of some fried chicken.
Horses for Stuart
Mosby has to round up horses for General Stuart, but he doesn't have a whole lot of time, as Union troops are closing in fast.
The Brothers
Major Mosby defends a young corporal who is being court martialed for desertion and the aiding of a wounded Unionist soldier.
A crooked sutler, angry at Major Mosby for taking his wagon-load of contraband gunpowder, works with a Union cavalry officer to lure the Confederate raider into a trap with a young orphan as the bait. The orphan, whose father was a Union soldier killed in the war, blames Mosby for his father's death.
Dec. 1957
Rebel Christmas
While being pursued by Union troops at Christmas, Mosby and his men take refuge n a barn and discover a pregnant woman hiding there, too.
Angel of Loudoun
Mosby suspects a union spy is reporting on his plans when his command is worsted in a series of battles. When a map found on the body of a Union officer shows his destination was the home of Nellie Smith, a woman known for her friendship to both Union and Confederate soldiers, he suspects he'll find the source of the military information flowing to the Northerners in her household.
Sealed Orders
Though an attack by Union forces is imminent, Mosby takes some time to help out a young lieutenant and his wife.
A Problem of Command
A lieutenant under Mosby's command re-encounters his childhood sweetheart who is now a Union sympathizer.
Russell of 'The Times'
Mosby decides to allow a reporter to accompany his outfit on a raid.]
The Long Way Home
Mosby takes it upon himself to help a civilian family after their father is wounded in the crossfire during a battle between Union and Confederate troops.
The Rivals
Mosby's men capture a Union naval officer, Captain Steven Craig, who was traveling with an army escort. Mosby knew the man before the war because the two men were rivals for the same pretty girl who is now Craig's fiancée. Mosby doesn't believe that Craig would risk traveling through territory the Rangers control just to visit his fiancée, as Craig claims, and tries to learn the real meaning behind his rival's clandestine visit.
The Master Spy
Mosby goes after a Northern spy who is attempting to set up a spy ring within the Confederacy.
Mosby finds himself being hunted by a man who believes that Mosby killed his son.
The Hero
A medical student in the unit is fed up with the war and is thinking about deserting.

 Season 1 

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