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Season 3

5 Oct. 1959
Operation Spark
Faced with imminent defeat, several high ranking Wehrmacht officers plot to kill Hitler by luring him to a forward headquarters on the Russian front for a strategy meeting. There, they plan to blow him up with a bomb hidden in a bottle of rare wine, yet unforeseen complications get in the way.
2 Nov. 1959
Day the Devil Hid
J. Dunkin Wynn has a foster daughter, far away from San Francisco where he lives, in Korea actually. The Korean girl believes her American daddy is in the Navy. This is at least what he has kept telling her in his mail. The trouble is that in real fact he is a ... bookmaker. So just imagine how things turn out when she sets foot on American soil.
16 Nov. 1959
Small Bouquet
Reporter Joe Kane does a story on a recently deceased rock and roll singer, and finds a mysterious bouquet with a message in Japanese at his grave site. Investigating the source, he interviews people who knew him, including a studio executive and his agent, finally finding he had secretly married a Japanese girl in Tokyo.
26 Oct. 1959
Tom, Dick, and Harry
Working girl is proposed to by three different men and must make a choice.
13 Jun. 1960
333 Montgomery
Jake Brittin is a San Francisco defense attorney opposed to the death penalty. He agrees to defend a wrongly accused man.

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