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The tailor Wibbel,
silesius-14 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
played by Heinz Rühmann, tries to make life for him and his wife as good as it is possible during the time of Allied occupation in post-war Germany. He makes friends with a Scots soldier, Walter Giller, and is caught wearing his friend's uniform, which earns him some 30 days of jail. Of course now, he has not the slightest intention to go there ...

"Das Sonntagskind" is a comedy that represents the "small man"- not, like more "sophisticated" movies would do, as a mean-spirited "Mitläufer", but as someone, who has just survived the war- and is now eager, to get likewise through "peace". This is not a film, which advocates of "Vergangenheitsbewältigung" will like. But it is a film for people who whistle "Lust for Life" under the shower ... and who want to hear, how Wibbel demonstrates his American-ness: "Well, well ... mehr so ... Bierbrauer."
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