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John Wayne: Ethan Edwards



  • Martin : I hope you die!

    Ethan : That'll be the day.

  • Ethan : What you saw wasn't Lucy.

    Brad : But it was, I tell you!

    Ethan : What you saw was a buck wearin' Lucy's dress. I found Lucy back in the canyon. Wrapped her in my coat, buried her with my own hands. I thought it best to keep it from ya.

    Brad : Did they...? Was she...?

    Ethan : What do you want me to do? Draw you a picture? Spell it out? Don't ever ask me! Long as you live, don't ever ask me more.

  • Reverend Clayton : You wanna quit, Ethan?

    Ethan : That'll be the day.

  • Ethan : Let's go home, Debbie.

  • Ethan : Our turnin' back don't mean nothin', not in the long run. She's alive, she's safe... for a while. They'll keep her to raise her as one of their own till, until she's of an age to...

    Martin : Don't you think there's a chance we still might find her?

    Ethan : Injun will chase a thing till he thinks he's chased it enough. Then he quits. Same way when he runs. Seems like he never learns there's such a thing as a critter that'll just keep comin' on. So we'll find 'em in the end, I promise you. We'll find 'em. Just as sure as the turnin' of the earth.

  • [Brad Jorgenson takes a small boulder and attempts to crush the skull of a dead Comanche warrior] 

    Reverend Clayton : Jorgenson!

    Ethan : Why don't you finish the job?

    [shoots out the eyes of the Comanche warrior] 

    Reverend Clayton : What good did that do ya?

    Ethan : By what you preach, none. But what that Comanche believes, ain't got no eyes, he can't enter the spirit-land. Has to wander forever between the winds.You get it, Reverend.

    Ethan : [to Martin]  Come on, blanket-head!

  • Ethan : Figure a man's only good for one oath at a time; I took mine to the Confederate States of America.

  • Ethan : We did all right.

    Martin : We? Why you just staked me out there like a piece of bait. You built up the fire. You fixed it so I could get my brains blowed out! What if you'd missed?

    Ethan : It never occurred to me.

  • Reverend Clayton : Well, the prodigal brother. When did you get back? Ain't seen you since the surrender. Come to think of it, I didn't see you at the surrender.

    Ethan : I don't believe in surrenders. Nope, I've still got my saber, Reverend. Didn't beat it into no plowshare, neither.

  • [Reverend Clayton delivers a prayer at the Edwards' funeral for Aaron, Martha, and Ben] 

    Ethan : Put an amen to it!

    Reverend Clayton : I ain't finished yet.

    Ethan : There's no more time for praying! AMEN!

  • Martin : Well, why don't you say it? We're beat, and you know it.

    Ethan : Nope. Our turnin' back don't mean nothin'. Not in the long run. If she's alive, she's safe. For a while, they'll keep her to raise as one of their own until... she's of an age to...

    Martin : Do you think maybe there's a chance we still might find her?

    Ethan : An Indian will chase a thing till he thinks he's chased it enough. Then he quits. Same way when he runs. Seems like he never learns there's such a thing as a critter who'll just keep coming on. So we'll find 'em in the end I promise you. We'll find 'em. Just as sure as the... turnin' of the earth.

  • Reverend Clayton : [Runs out of bullets]  Dang! Blast it!

    Ethan : [Tosses him his gun]  Watch it, it's loaded.

  • Ethan Edwards : You remember that scalp string on Scar's lance? Long and wavy?

    Martin Pawley : Yeah, I saw it, and don't try to tell me it was Aunt Martha's or Lucy's.

    Ethan Edwards : It was your mother's.

  • Ethan : Well Reverend, looks like you've got yourself surrounded.

    Reverend Clayton : Yeah and I figure on getting myself unsurrounded.

  • Reverend Clayton : I say we do it my way. That's an order!

    Ethan : Yessir. But if you're wrong don't ever give me another.

  • [after a double-take, Ethan and Martin recognize Debbie as the captive who shows them a lance of human scalps in Chief Scar's tent] 

    Ethan : We've seen scalps before.

    Chief Scar : [shows them the gold locket that Ethan gave Debbie]  This before?

    Ethan : [to Figuroa]  I came to trade, not to admire his collection. Tell him we'll pitch camp the other side of the creek. Talk tomorrow.

  • Ethan : A fella could mistake you for a half-breed.

    Martin : Not quite, I'm eighth Cherokee, the rest is Welsh and English. Least that's what they tell me.

  • Brad : They gotta stop sometime. If they're human men at all, they gotta stop.

    Ethan : No, a human rides a horse until it dies, then he goes on afoot. A Comanche comes along, gets that horse up, rides him 20 more miles... and then he eats him.

  • Ethan : Well, Reverend, that tears it! From now on, you stay out of this. All of ya. I don't want you with me. I don't need ya for what I got to do.

  • Ethan : [tucking Martin in]  Comfortable?

    Martin : Ethan, are you all right?

    Ethan : Well, I'm just saying goodnight to you.

    Martin : Well, goodnight!

  • Ben Edwards : Uncle Ethan, will you tell us about the war?

    Ethan : Oh, the war ended three years ago, boy.

    Ben Edwards : It has? Then why didn't you come home before now?

  • Ethan Edwards : Livin' with Comanches ain't bein' alive.

  • Martin Pawley : What do you mean you don't have any blood kin? Debbie's your blood kin.

    Ethan Edwards : Not any more she ain't.

  • Reverend Clayton : Ethan, I gotta ask you and Martin to take a ride to State Capital.

    Ethan : Is this an invite to a necktie party, Reverend?

  • Brad : There's only one way you can stop me from looking for Lucy, mister, and that's kill me!

    Martin : That's the way I feel, Uncle Ethan

    [Edwards glares at him] 

    Martin : Ethan... Sir.

    Ethan : Alright, but I'm giving the orders here. I'm giving the orders and you'll follow 'em, or we're splitting up right here and now!

    Martin : Well, sure, Ethan. Just one reason were here, ain't it, is to find Debbie and Lucy?

    Ethan : If they're still alive.

  • Ethan Edwards : What's she followin' us for?

    Martin Pawley : Oh, you go on back now. Go on. Look, I changed my mind. You can keep your blanket. Look, you don't understand. I don't want it.

    Ethan Edwards : You don't understand, you chunkhead. You didn't buy any blanket, you bought her. You got yourself a wife, sonny.


  • Martin Pawley : If we go chargin' in there, they'll kill her and you know it.

    Ethan Edwards : That's what I'm countin' on.

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