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The Invasion (2007)

Remade as 

The Invasion (2007)

Edited into 

Referenced in 

Alphaville (1965)
Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space: Episode 1 (1970) (TV Episode)
elements from film
Equinox (1970)
saucer sound effects used in scene transitions
WKRP in Cincinnati: The Contest Nobody Could Win (1979) (TV Episode)
Les says, "It's just like the body snatchers!"
Mork & Mindy: It's a Wonderful Mork (1979) (TV Episode)
Mork: "Invasion of the Scalp Snatchers"
The Omega Factor: Double Vision (1979) (TV Episode)
Anne refers to the film.
Mork & Mindy: Invasion of the Mork Snatchers (1980) (TV Episode)
Mr. Bickley watches "the original" version of "Invasion of the Body Grabbers."
Off the Minnesota Strip (1980) (TV Movie)
Alice: The New Improved Mel (1980) (TV Episode)
Vera thinks that what made Mel change is the same thing that happened to people in the movie.
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo: The Girls with the Stolen Bodies (1981) (TV Episode)
Perkins wonders if his paranoia is a result of seeing this Kevin McCarthy classic too many times.
Dead & Buried (1981)
It is referenced.
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
several references; Santa Mira is the same name of the town in the orginal Body Snatchers movie.
The Boys in Blue (1982)
Bobby's afraid body snatchers have landed nearby.
St. Elsewhere: Release (1983) (TV Episode)
"It's like Invastion of the Body Snatchers"
The Steam Video Company: Creature from the Black Forest Gateau (1984) (TV Episode)
Body snatchers mentioned when alien plants take over human beings
Saturday Night Live: Jamie Lee Curtis/The Fixx (1984) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned in Jake's Video Hut
Night Court: Quadrangle of Love (1984) (TV Episode)
"Remember that movie about the pods in the basement?"
Impulse (1984)
Unlike the original, the characters are raging maniacs instead of emotionless pod people.
Morons from Outer Space (1985)
Dialogue: "Has no one seen 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'?"
Remington Steele: Steele Searching: Part 1 (1985) (TV Episode)
Mildred tells Laura that she watched this movie on television and thought of Mr. Steele.
Dead End (1985)
parody of pod growing in garden
Troll (1986)
The Twilight Zone: A Day in Beaumont/The Last Defender of Camelot (1986) (TV Episode)
Faith has an uncle named Ira who is assimilated by an alien. The aliens remove pods from their flying saucer. Kevin refers to the Santa Mira Mountains.
DuckTales: Send in the Clones (1987) (TV Episode)
Huey, Dewey, and Louie go to a movie titled "Invasion of the Quacker Snatchers."
Valerie: You've Got to Believe (1987) (TV Episode)
Willie compares David to the pod people
Family Ties: Invasion of the Psychologist Snatchers (1987) (TV Episode)
title reference
Muppet Babies: Invasion of the Muppet Snackers (1987) (TV Episode)
The title of the episode is a take on this movie.
Video Violence (1987) (Video)
Video case is shown in a video store.
Cheers: Yacht of Fools (1988) (TV Episode)
One of the movies Cliff brings to the bar
Vice Versa (1988)
Charlie refers to the body switching as "Invasion Of The Body Switchers".
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Conspiracy (1988) (TV Episode)
Aliens taking people's bodies to act in their place.
Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
Cotton candy-shaped cocoons allude to the giant pods from "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers".
Waxwork (1988)
A pod is seen
Perfect Strangers: Aliens (1988) (TV Episode)
Larry watches the movie and then has a nightmare that his friends are being snatched.
Muppet Babies: Plan 8 from Outer Space (1988) (TV Episode)
Invasion of the Nanny Snatchers
Knots Landing: A Weekend Getaway (1988) (TV Episode)
Greg says to Abby, "Blondie, you are going through some bizarre personality change. It's like you have been invaded by the Body Snatchers. I have to look over my shoulder for pods from outer space."
Cheers: I Kid You Not (1989) (TV Episode)
Carla implies that Lilith would give birth through a pod.
Designing Women: The Junies (1989) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by name.
In Country (1989)
Joan Allen's character mentions both this movie and its 1978 remake
Woof! (1989) (Video)
Roy compares Eric's dilemma to this.
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1989)
Poster in the director's editing room.
Palace Hill: Invasion of the Body-Scratchers (1990) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
The Golden Girls: Great Expectations (1990) (TV Episode)
Sophia tells the girls not to fall asleep because that's when the pods take over
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Untamed Youth (1990) (TV Episode)
Crow: "Hey, it's the body snatcher pod wagon."
Night Court: Wedding Bell Blues: Part 1 (1990) (TV Episode)
"I become one of the pod people."
A Shock to the System (1990)
Kevin McCarthy is in the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), but mainly as a reference to his *starring* role in the 1956 version.
Monsters: The Family Man (1990) (TV Episode)
The sister mentions the movie.
Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)
Doctor Catheter comes in carrying a seed pod.
Troll 2 (1990)
Certain ordinary people face a group of strange and dangerous creatures which hide their true appearance and intentions pretending to be humans.
Tiny Toon Adventures: Psychic Fun-omenon Day (1990) (TV Episode)
In "Rear Window Pain," Plucky suspects Elmer Fudd of being a "body snatcher."
Perfect Strangers: Hocus Pocus (1990) (TV Episode)
Larry: "Later on, they're showing 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers.'"
There's Nothing Out There (1991)
Poster is shown in a video store.
Fear in the Dark (1991) (TV Movie)
Kim Newman mentions this by title.
Eerie, Indiana: Reality Takes a Holiday (1992) (TV Episode)
Marshall says, "You're all a bunch of pod people!"
Seedpeople (1992)
Cheers: The King of Beers (1992) (TV Episode)
Since Norm is not acting like his normal self, Cliff accuses him of being an imposter coming from an alien pod.
Arcade (1993) (Video)
Alien pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers is mentioned.
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1993) (Video Game)
Some enemies are alien plants that create instant clones of the main characters
Saved by the Bell: The College Years: A Thanksgiving Story (1993) (TV Episode)
Alex says that she thinks "pod people" are roaming in the forest.
Ground Zero Texas (1993) (Video Game)
Seinfeld: The Pie (1994) (TV Episode)
Upon seeing the store mannequin that looks eerily like Elaine, Jerry quips "don't fall asleep, Elaine!"
Rebel Highway: Roadracers (1994) (TV Episode)
The film is discussed in a few scenes and the poster is seen hanging in the movie theater.
Roadracers (1994) (TV Movie)
The film is discussed in a few scenes and the poster is seen hanging in the movie theater.
The Arrival (1996)
Future Fantastic: Alien (1996) (TV Episode)
Film mentioned and still photos shown.
Everyone Says I Love You (1996)
Bob refers to pod people.
Space Jam (1996)
They Bite (1996)
The group of adult filmmakers discuss this movie in the hotel.
The Big One (1997)
Animaniacs: It/Dot: The Macadamia Nut/Bully for Skippy (1997) (TV Episode)
Slappy says, "You're not my nephew! You're one of those body-snatching people I'm always reading about in the checkout line."
Dharma & Greg: Invasion of the Buddy Snatcher (1998) (TV Episode)
title reference
Animorphs: My Name Is Jake: Part 2 (1998) (TV Episode)
Jeremy says to Marco, "They're going to be showing the original 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers.'"
Pleasantville (1998)
The Faculty (1998)
Sex Files: Alien Erotica (1998)
character mentions film
Splendor (1999)
Mentioned in dialogue
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal: The Observer Effect (1999) (TV Episode)
A resident sarcastically says that he hasn't seen any alien bodysnatchers.
ER: Getting to Know You (1999) (TV Episode)
A character refers to 'pod people'.
Bowfinger (1999)
Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels (1999)
When Sharon tells her mom that Yvonne is weird her mom ask if she is 'weird like Body Snatchers'.
Freaks and Geeks: Carded and Discarded (2000) (TV Episode)
Neal compares the popular crowd to the pod people.
Bob Came from Outer Space (2000) (Video)
Prop "pods" seen amongst shrubbery.
Freaks and Geeks: Smooching and Mooching (2000) (TV Episode)
Bill brings up the fact that Neal called Vicki and her friends pod people.
Even Stevens: Louis in the Middle (2000) (TV Episode)
Characters accuse Louis of becoming a pod person from this film.
Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Uchû kara Nerae! Shuttler!! (2000) (TV Episode)
Side Burn references a movie about aliens that take over people's minds.
The Zack Files: Total Rewind (2000) (TV Episode)
Spence believes that Floyd is one of the Zugottian Empire's "pod people."
Gilmore Girls: Kiss and Tell (2000) (TV Episode)
When discussing fall decorations, Taylor tells Luke "it's time you became one of us", to which Luke replies "guess my pod is defective"
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Beach Blanket Bizarro (2001) (TV Episode)
Miles at the beach says, "They're all pod people". Later he asks a beach couple, "Do any of you remember climbing out of a pod?"
The Making of 'Killer Klowns' (2001) (Video)
mentioned once
Alien Evolution (2001) (TV Movie)
Scrubs: My Day Off (2001) (TV Episode)
Dr. Cox calls Kelso a pod-person.
The Majestic (2001)
title appears on Majestic marquee is used to show passage of time
Gilmore Girls: The Bracebridge Dinner (2001) (TV Episode)
Lorelai calls Richard "Pod Grandpa" because he's in a good mood. This is the series second reference to the film.
Six Feet Under: The Last Time (2002) (TV Episode)
Pod People mentioned
Angel: Apocalypse, Nowish (2002) (TV Episode)
Pod People mentioned
Taken: Maintenance (2002) (TV Episode)
Chet Wakeman wonders whether the aliens intend to turn humans into pod people.
Making 'Signs' (2003) (Video)
Dreamcatcher (2003)
Angel: Players (2003) (TV Episode)
Body snatcher movies mentioned
Angel: The Magic Bullet (2003) (TV Episode)
Fred: Invasion of the bodysnatchers...
Angel: Sacrifice (2003) (TV Episode)
Lorne refers to Jasmine's followers as "pod people."
Tremors: The Key (2003) (TV Episode)
At around the 11" mark, Larry tells Rosalita he's "a man alone, like Kevin McCarthy in Invasion of the Body Snatchers".
The 100 Greatest Scary Moments (2003) (TV Movie)
Makes the countdown, is talked about.
Joan of Arcadia: Bringeth It On (2003) (TV Episode)
Grace asks Luke if Joan is a pod person.
John Carpenter: Fear Is Just the Beginning... The Man and His Movies (2004) (Video)
Mentioned in discussion of They Live
Knots (2004)
Dave: 'I come into the apartment, it's like something out of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Where are you hiding the pods? Where's my friend Cal?'
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004) (Video Game)
Para-Medic mentions this film in a radio conversation with Snake after you save.
Tripping the Rift: Creaturepalooza (2004) (TV Episode)
The crew is on a Planet and sees Bodysnatchers.
Guy X (2005)
The film is shown in the base a number of times
42nd Street Forever, Volume 1 (2005) (Video)
This film is referenced in the U.S. theatrical trailer for 'The Deadly Spawn'.
High Hopes: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (2005) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Invasion: The Dredge (2005) (TV Episode)
Dave repeatedly refers to the survivors group, as Pod People. This is a reference to "Invasion of the body snatchers" (1956) about people who were replaced by alien duplicates.
ER: I Do (2005) (TV Episode)
"body snatchers" mentioned
Ideal: The Christmas Special (2005) (TV Episode)
Jenny says being pregnant is like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".
Final Days of Planet Earth (2006) (TV Movie)
townspeople are being replaced by alien insects (instead of pod people) are grown from plantlike pods, disguise themselves in "human suits" then they look like perfect physical duplicates who kill and dispose of their human victims
Mammoth (2006) (TV Movie)
"body snatchers" mentioned
Halloween: 25 Years of Terror (2006) (Video)
P.J. Soles and Tommy Lee Wallace mention it.
Neighbours: Invasion of the Body's Catcher (2006) (TV Episode)
paraphrases the title, except the fifth word
Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'Fallout' (2006) (TV Episode)
Open reference by Claire.
Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Godsend' (2007) (TV Episode)
Zach says that Claire has "been body snatched."
Watching the Detectives (2007)
Mentioned in dialogue between Neil and a Media Giant clerk.
The Big Steal: Look Behind You (2007) (Video)
Mentioned by James Ursini in reference to Don Siegel's career.
Doc Martin: Nowt So Queer (2007) (TV Episode)
PC Penhale compares the film to the sudden outbreak of fungus-caused illnesses in the village.
The Gator Creator with Tobe Hooper (2007) (Video)
mentioned once
What Lies Beneath (2008) (Video)
The film is cited as an example of science fiction that commented on contemporary society.
The Hottie & the Nottie (2008)
Cristabel says, "So, now I'm a pod person."
Rock Monster (2008) (TV Movie)
Toni says, "Pod people - ten o'clock" when the silent villagers attack
Ben 10: Alien Force: Max Out (2008) (TV Episode)
trucks pull up ready to be loaded full of xenocite pods for destinations elsewhere as part of an alien takeover of Earth
The Happening (2008)
opening credits with clouds in the sky
Evilution (2008)
Mentioned by the manager.
The Big Bang Theory: The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem (2008) (TV Episode)
Again trying to get Leonard to help him, Sheldon then invokes "the Body Snatchers Clause" of their friendship.
Dead Like Me: Life After Death (2009) (Video)
George mentions it to Roxy at Camerons mansion.
Motherhood (2009)
"Invasion of the Block Snatchers"
Halloween II (2009)
A man jokes about a girl being replaced by a pod.
Fringe: Momentum Deferred (2009) (TV Episode)
mentioned in the dialogue
Saturday Night Live: Gerard Butler/Shakira (2009) (TV Episode)
Invation of the Booty Snatchers is mentioned in What's Up With That
Gossip Girl: How to Succeed in Bassness (2009) (TV Episode)
Eric's friend calls Jenny and her bees "the invasion of the Body Snatchers"
Planet 51 (2009)
The town growing paranoid about who is controlled by an alien and who isn't
The Middle: The Break-Up (2010) (TV Episode)
Sue and Brick watch "Revenge of the Pod Zombies"
Royal Pains: In Vino Veritas (2010) (TV Episode)
Divya says that when Evan was nice to her because he thought she was pregnant, it was like the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Bullseye (2010) (TV Episode)
Wong mentions this movie when describing a woman's mental condition that makes her believe her daughter's been replaced by a duplicate
The Foe from the Future (2010) (Video)
Robert Banks Stewart mentions this film
The Big Bang Theory: The Desperation Emanation (2010) (TV Episode)
Sheldon mentions the movie by name.
Take Me Home Tonight (2011)
Video case is shown in a video store.
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: The Big Story (2011) (TV Episode)
Same plot device used of an alien invastion and people being copied by the aliens.
Edición Especial Coleccionista: La colina de las botas (2011) (TV Episode)
Appears on the list of DVD/Blu-ray releases of March/April
Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong (2011)
Mentioned in dialogue
Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 4, Double Visions (2011) (Video Game)
The hints section refers to Jennifer as a "Citizen Plus pod person."
80's Dan: The McDLT (2011) (TV Episode)
"I think this is how Invasion of the Body Snatchers started."
Suburgatory: Pilot (2011) (TV Episode)
"body snatched"
Criminal Minds: Dorado Falls (2011) (TV Episode)
Morgan mentions the movie by name.
Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)
Body snatchers mentioned
Estrenos Críticos: La Cosa (2011) (TV Episode)
80's Dan: Halloween III: Season of the Witch (2011) (TV Episode)
Mentioned when discussing the fictional town of Santa Mira.
The Simpsons: The Book Job (2011) (TV Episode)
A book on Selma's bookshelf is titled "The Body Snatcher in the Rye."
General Hospital: Episode #1.12487 (2012) (TV Episode)
"She's a pod person. She's been body-snatched."
42nd Street Forever: Blu-ray Edition (2012) (Video)
Mentioned in "The Deadly Spawn" trailer.
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (2012)
main inspiration for the movie
Watchman Video Broadcast: The Ceremony: Part 1 (2012) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Mike.
Stand Alone: The Making of Halloween III (2012) (Video)
Cited as influence
Bones: The Bod in the Pod (2012) (TV Episode)
Pod People mentioned
Haven: Last Goodbyes (2012) (TV Episode)
Pod People mentioned
InAPPropriate Comedy (2013)
Mentioned in dialogue
The Menace with Five Arms (2013) (Video)
Takes place in the town of Santa Mira
At the Movies: Episode #10.24 (2013) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Jason in a review of The World's End as a heavy influence on the plot of alien imposters.
Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics (2013)
Starro is compared to the body snatchers.
Discussing the Pod (2013) (Video)
mentioned once
Supernatural: The Purge (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Bones: The Carrot in the Kudzu (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
The Vampire Diaries: Promised Land (2014) (TV Episode)
Damon Salvatore says, "it's the only idea unless your body snatched ex-boyfriend in the basement can help us," to Caroline Forbes.
Don't Blink (2014)
Referenced by Alex
Encounters (2014)
Storyline and essential elements.
iZombie: Brother, Can You Spare a Brain? (2015) (TV Episode)
Major: "Hey, Pod person who has taken over Liv's body."
Better Call Saul: Pimento (2015) (TV Episode)
Pod person mentioned
Infini (2015)
alien life form can replicate human body tissue
Orange Is the New Black: We Can Be Heroes (2015) (TV Episode)
Pod Person mentioned
The Angry Video Game Nerd: Seaman (2015) (TV Episode)
The Nerd yells "You're next" during a black and white frame, mimicking the classic science fiction movie.
Pop Culture Beast's Halloween Horror Picks: The Entity (2015) (TV Episode)
Ryan mentions film by name.
iZombie: Max Wager (2015) (TV Episode)
Blaine talks to his morning breakfast, when Peyton questions if it's The Body Snatchers?
Scream Queens: Dorkus (2015) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Grace.
Supergirl: Bizarro (2016) (TV Episode)
Kara refers to the film.
Face Off: Foreign Bodies (2016) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned
iZombie: Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind (2016) (TV Episode)
Cher tells Clive the body snatcher that replaced her mom, made her stupid for being loving.
Honest Game Trailers: Star Fox Zero (2016) (TV Episode)
Pod people mentioned
FantastiCozzi (2016)
Movie is mentioned; poster shown
NCIS: Los Angeles: High-Value Target (2016) (TV Episode)
Marty Deeks says "It's like 'The Invasion of the Brooks Brothers Bodysnatchers' in here".
Doktor Martin: Tajemný dum v Beskydech (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue.
The Blacklist: Redemption: Independence, U.S.A. (2017) (TV Episode)
Matias Solomon says: "We got a corpse here with no sign of the pod people."
Mike & Mike: Episode dated 14 September 2017 (2017) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Mike Greenberg in discussion of horror movies
Children of the Fungus (2017) (Video)
Both films deal with the overtaking of humanity by an unknown alien force.
Slay Bells Ring: The Story of Silent Night, Deadly Night (2017) (Video)
The film is discussed
Total Security: Evasion of the Body Snatchers (TV Episode)
Title reference.

Featured in 

E.T. and Friends: Magical Movie Visitors (1982) (TV Movie)
Clips from the film is showed during the show
Gremlins (1984)
Gizmo is seen watching the film in Billy's room.
Monsters, Madmen & Machines: 25 Years of Science Fiction (1984) (TV Movie)
McCarthy is shocked when Wynter is taken over
Invasion of the Body Snatchers... An Interview with Kevin McCarthy (1985) (TV Short)
a couple of clips are shown
Creepy Classics (1987) (Video)
Clip from movie
Pensavo fosse amore invece era un calesse (1991)
In a scene in which Tommaso (Massimo Troisi) is sad and alone in his bedroom, we can see about 60 seconds of one of the final scenes of the movie featured on TV.
Jack the Bear (1993)
on television
Rebel Highway: Roadracers (1994) (TV Episode)
Dude, Donna, and Nixer watch the film in a movie theater and clips are shown.
Roadracers (1994) (TV Movie)
Dude, Donna, and Nixer watch the film in a movie theater and clips are shown.
100 Years of Horror (1996) (TV Series)
Monsterama Sci-Fi Late Night Creature Feature Show Vol. 1 (1996) (Video)
This film's theatrical trailer is featured.
100 Years of Horror: Aliens (1996) (TV Episode)
Gun: The Shot (1997) (TV Episode)
On television as character plays with gun and remote.
The Fifties (1997) (TV Mini-Series)
Monster Mania (1997) (TV Movie)
Film clips included
The Fifties: The Fear & the Dream (1997) (TV Episode)
clip featured
It Came from Hollywood (1998)
Film clip.
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills: America's Most Heart-Pounding Movies (2001) (TV Special)
This film is #47 on the list.
Biography: Carolyn Jones: Morticia and More (2002) (TV Episode)
Clips shown
The 100 Greatest Scary Moments (2003) (TV Movie)
Clips are shown.
The 100 Scariest Movie Moments (2004) (TV Mini-Series)
Clips are shown.
The 100 Scariest Movie Moments: Part I: 100-81 (2004) (TV Episode)
Number 88 on the list
Guy X (2005)
watched at the base
Svengoolie: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (2006) (TV Episode)
Slipstream (2007)
Referred to repeatedly; several clips featured.
Practical Magic: A Special Effects Pod (2007) (Video)
AFI's 10 Top 10: America's 10 Greatest Films in 10 Classic Genres (2008) (TV Movie)
This film is #9 on the "Sci-Fi" list.
Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film (2009)
It is mentioned and discussed. Also, footage of this movie is shown.
Cinemassacre's Monster Madness: Robot Monster (2010) (TV Episode)
A clip of the movie was shown among the list of Bronsan Caves filming location history.
These Amazing Shadows (2011)
Gale Anne Hurd talks about Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Todd's Pop Song Reviews: Bad Romance (2011) (TV Episode)
Clip used in review.
The Untold History of the United States: Chapter 4: The Cold War 1945-1950 (2012) (TV Episode)
Features clips from the film while discussing Secretary James Forrestal's deteriorating health.
The Real History of Science Fiction: Invasion (2014) (TV Episode)
Clips shown
WatchMojo: Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies of the 1950's (2014) (TV Episode)
Clip is shown
WatchMojo: Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies of the 1970s (2014) (TV Episode)
Clip is shown
Leading the Invasion with Art Hindle (2016) (Video)
Scoring the Invasion with Denny Zeitlin (2016) (Video)
WatchMojo: Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Horror Movies (2017) (TV Episode)
Clip is shown
James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction: Alien Life (2018) (TV Episode)
Clips are shown.
Sci-Fi Buzz: Armin Shimerman/David Brin (TV Episode)
Clips shown

Spoofed in 

Totò nella luna (1958)
the aliens send duplicate humanoids via pods looking exactly the same as the ones in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Saturday Night Live: Strother Martin/The Specials (1980) (TV Episode)
Spoofed as Invasion of the Brain Snatchers
SCTV Network: Zontar (1981) (TV Episode)
the plot outline
The NFL TV Follies (1987) (TV Movie)
"Invasion of the Bleacher Creatures" is one of the shows.
Invasion of the Lust Snatchers (1988) (Video)
Video's title is a takeoff on the mainstream film's title.
Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers: Dale Beside Himself (1989) (TV Episode)
alien doubles, humorously used
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers (1989) (TV Episode)
The title spoofs the film.
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: Invasion of the Tomato Snatchers (1990) (TV Episode)
The plot is parodied throughout the episode
Toxic Crusaders: Invasion of the Biddy Snatchers (1991) (TV Episode)
Besides the title reference, the episode is about evil alien duplicates.
Bobby's World: I Want My Mommy (1993) (TV Episode)
Invasion of the Mommy Snatchers film clip
Weird Science: Chett World (1996) (TV Episode)
This episode is a parody of the film.
The Simpsons: The Old Man and the Lisa (1997) (TV Episode)
The scene where Lisa tries to stop the townspeople recycling before jumping on a truck and seeing barrels of Lisa slurry parodies a scene in this film with pod people in place of recyclers and pods in place of the slurry.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Bad Eggs (1998) (TV Episode)
full body snatching, recurrent
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (1999) (Video Game)
one wrestling-themed level is called "Invasion of the Body Slammers"
Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)
Kevin McCarthy cameo based on earlier role
Destroy All Humans! 2 (2006) (Video Game)
You can body snatch someone
The Edwin J. Hill Social Club: Peas in a Pod (2007) (TV Episode)
Pod People trying to abduct and replace humans.
Trail of the Screaming Forehead (2007)
In this parody of 1950s/1960s sci-fi/horror films, alien foreheads gradually take over the minds of people in a small town. Actor Kevin McCarthy has a guest appearance late in the film.
South Park: Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers (2013) (TV Episode)
Parodied with the goths turning into emos
Milo Murphy's Law: Fungus Among Us (2017) (TV Episode)
Premise of the episode.

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