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See How the Story Ends in this Clip from Salem Episode 2.06 – Ill Met by Moonlight

Mary is taunted by the Countess’ son, Sebastian, in this sneak peek of Sunday night’s Episode 2.06 of “Salem,” entitled “Ill Met by Moonlight.” Will they live happily ever after? Somehow we doubt it! “Salem” Episode 2.06 – “Ill Met… Continue Reading →

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Today, 'Skyrim' Updates to the 1.9 Ver. Patch for Consoles

The big update for "Skyrim" has already hit the PC scene, but starting today console adventurers will get a chance to forget about their loved ones all over again with a new leveling system and a Legendary difficulty mode. The update fixes several common and rare bugs that more often than not plague these huge open world games but arguably the biggest "fix" is the Oghma Infinium glitch. If you're still a greenhorn in the land of Skyrim, you'll have to level up the legit way instead of reading the mythical grimoire over and over.

Other patches smooth out some of the annoying quest item bugs that weigh you down with various "undroppable" flutes, drums, and crystals. The full patch release after the jump.

From Bethesda's Blog

Skyrim 1.9

New Features

Legendary difficulty setting Legendary Skills – Skills of 100 can be made Legendary. This will reset the skill to 15, return its Perks
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Best biographies of 2012

An absorbing portrait of Patrick Leigh Fermor found the man behind the myth, while Edna O'Brien's perfect memoir cherished her many lives and loves

The outstanding achievement in literary biography this year was Artemis Cooper's Patrick Leigh Fermor (Murray £25). Like Dickens (whose life as told by Claire Tomalin was a highlight of 2011), Paddy Leigh Fermor lived life to the limit. Before he was 30, he had not only walked from London to Constantinople, but had fallen in love with a Romanian princess and, famously, abducted a German general in the battle for Crete. Leigh Fermor is a colourful and romantic proposition, but how do you write about a man who has already been mythologised in bestsellers such as Ill Met By Moonlight? Cooper's answer is to find the man behind the myth in a sharp, absorbing portrait of the scholar-gypsy. I was particularly grateful for the news that, until well into old age,
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Christopher Challis

Creative cinematographer and a key member of the Powell-Pressburger movie production team

Although the cinematographer Christopher Challis, who has died aged 93, was an essential member of the Archers production company of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, he joined them as director of photography at the time of their decline. However, he worked on more of the great British writing-directing team's films than any other cinematographer. These eccentric, extravagant, intelligent and witty fantasies went against the British realist tradition, allowing more scope for a creative cinematographer such as Challis. The sensuous use of Technicolor and flamboyant sets and designs made them closer to the MGM world of Vincente Minnelli and of Stanley Donen, who used Challis on six of his films.

Perhaps Challis's finest achievement was on Powell and Pressburger's The Tales of Hoffmann (1951) which, as he explained, had "no optical effects or tricks. It was all edited in
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Ill Met By Moonlight

Reviewer: Craig Phillips

Rating (out of five): *** 1/2

Ill Met By Moonlight (a.k.a. Night Ambush) is about the only Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger collaboration I'd never seen. Why this is important: they are among my favorite filmmakers of all time. At their creative peak, the fruitful collaboration in the 1940s and '50s -- Powell was generally the director/co-writer and Pressburger co-writer/producer, and they dubbed their team “The Archers” -- gave us such lovely gems as The Red Shoes, (my personal favorite) I Know Where I'm Going, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Black Narcissus and A Matter of Life and Death.
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New Release: Ill Met By Moonlight DVD

Hen’s Tooth Video will release the 1957 British war drama-adventure Ill Met By Moonlight (also known as Night Ambush) on DVD on Aug. 16 for the list price of $19.95, marking the film’s DVD premiere in the U.S.

British officers David Oxley (l.) and Dirk Bogarde are Ill Met By Midnight.

Written, produced and directed by the legendary filmmaking team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, the World War II movie follows two British officers (Despair‘s Dirk Bogarde, David Oxley) who are assigned to kidnap a German General (Marius Goring) from the Nazi occupied island of Crete and deliver him to Allied forces in Cairo. Aided by local patriots, the abduction itself goes smoothly, but the Brits’ subsequent action-filled escape across the rocky Cretan landscape proves to be more problematic.

Based on W. Stanley Moss’s autobiographical account of the operation, Ill Met By Moonlight was the last collaboration between Powell and Pressburger,
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