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29 Oct. 1957
The Other Van Gogh
A look at the trials and tribulations of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh from the point of view of his brother Theo. This episode of "Telephone Time" depicts Theo Van Gogh's life and how he suffered with his famous brother.
5 Nov. 1957
Arithmetic Sailor
The story of the seasick navigator ridiculed by sailors when he said that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and would get them to where they were going.
19 Nov. 1957
Alice's Wedding Gown
Before her final parole from a prison school, Alice Martin, a shy and reserved young girl, is given a job to see how she adjusts to the outside world. She returns to tell the other girls at the school that she is going to be married.
3 Dec. 1957
Novel Appeal
A famous author sets out to prove that a convicted murderer is innocent of his crimes.
10 Dec. 1957
Sam Houston's Decision
Story of how Sam Houston "retreated to victory" and helped win the war for the Republic of Texas.
24 Dec. 1957
A Picture of the Magi
In 1956, a Hungarian family whose son is a prominent revolutionary leader must flee their country during their abortive revolt against the Soviet Union before the Russians can capture them and use them as hostages to force the son to surrender. The daughter stumbles across a group of smugglers who she confuses with the Three Magi of the Bible and enlists their help in their race to the Austrian border.
31 Dec. 1957
Death of a Nobody
A sad and lonely man, a Bowery bum, dies and the detectives probe his past to reveal he was a real hero of two World Wars.
11 Feb. 1958
Recipe for Success
Renowned chef Henri Charpentier--the man who invented Crepes Suzette--recalls the "good old days" with famed actress Sarah Bernhardt. He recalls for her how he went from being one of the world's most famous--and richest--chefs to his situation now, with his business gone and his once considerable fortune dissipated.
25 Feb. 1958
The Vestris
Troubled Mary Norrich embarks on her first voyage on her sea captain husband Robert Norrich's ship. Mary has a vision of a ghostly apparition who tries to tell her of some kind of impending danger. Alas, Mary can't convince her husband or the other crew members that something is amiss.

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