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24 Jun. 1956
Skits include unlikely endorsements putting Wally Cox in prison, Dane Clark in a bar fight and Vincent Price as a hit and run victim, and later, a gangster scene with Steve and Kim Novak with an educational bent. Jerry Lewis and Bob ope make only cameos. Sammy Davis Jnr. does imitations and is seen with the Will Maston Trio.
1 Jul. 1956
Elvis Presley/Andy Griffith/Imogene Coca/Steve Lawrence/Edye Gorme
Episode features include Elvis Presley, wearing a tuxedo and singing "Hound Dog" to a mournful basset hound; Andy Griffith explaining Shakespeare's Hamlet in a comedy monologue; Imogene Coca starring in a skit where she tries to tell her husband she's pregnant; Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme doing an opera spoof while wearing viking costumes and Imogene Coca, Andy Griffith and Elvis Presley doing a spoof of country music television programs.
2 Sep. 1956
Ann Sheridan/Steve Lawrence/Fats Domino/Georgia Gibbs/Smith and Dale
Skits include Smith and Dale doing their "Still Alarm" routine, with Louis Nye,and Steve, Georgia Gibbs and Steve Lawrence do a takeoff on a 30's band remote.Fats Domino is presented a "Cashbox" magazine award.

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